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Found 49 results

  1. Hazard93

    My New Youtube! :d

    My New Youtube!! Hey Everyone, i wanted to share with you guys my new youtube account where i will be recording xbox 360 gameplay with the Roxio HD Pro. Gameplay's will range from tutorials, tips and tricks, funny moments, walkthrough's and much more. Please join me in my quest and hit this link http://www.youtube.com/IronicGamingYT Also i need all the support i can get as this account is new so bare with me and maybe even give me feedback and ideas in what i should do in upcoming videos, it will be highly appreciated! Thanks again guys and i look forward to hearing from you all. - IronicGaming
  2. I have a Roxio HD PRO and I record my 360 gameplay. It records and edits perfectly, but when I try to export and render a 1 hour video, it takes about 3-4 hours no matter what setting I use. Then trying to upload to Youtube it takes an estimated 1700 minutes for a 1 hour video. Any suggestion on what I could try? Could this just be the case of a crappy computer and slow internet. Any help appreciated!
  3. Sparking2

    I Can Stream To Youtube?

    Hello i want know if exist a form to stream on Youtube or i can only use Twitch? (i got a 15 minutes delay using the Roxio Software in streaming)
  4. Hi guys, I uploaded 3 vids last night and noticed a green bar at the bottom of both vids. I also noticed now that the vid isn't playing in full view of the video player....? When I previewed the vids before uploading them the bar was not there. Please can you guys advise on how I can fix this. I'm using a Roxio Game Capture HD to record the vids and then convert them to an MP4 format and then upload it. My Youtube profile name is ashgamingza and one the vids is below showing the green bar: Thanks Ashlee
  5. Ok, so aside from the fact that the software that comes w/ the HD Pro is complete crap (I mean really, how in the hell do you not even have a "fade in, fade out" option?); I seem to constantly be getting this problem whenever I set the capture birate to 10kbps or more.. Whenever I set the video bitrate to 10kbps [720p] or more, and try to edit the capture using the software that comes with the Roxio, its all fine... Until I upload to YouTube. When I upload to YouTube there is ALWAYS a half-inch to inch green bar at the bottom of the video-- only when its on YouTube. Futhermore, if I edit the same file using Sony Vegas; no matter what the bitrate (usually 8 or more tho), the finished render project will always pixalate horrifically at random parts in the video. This is definitely not a system spec problem; nor a cooling problem (I dont think). Any fix suggestions? Like a different, COMPATIBLE editing program? I'm not lowering the bitrate. Less bitrate equals lesser quality. Just want to see if there is a workaround before I sell or smash this pos.
  6. I'm experiencing some problems. A few months ago I posted some video's to test my video quality of my Roxio game Capture HD Pro to make it work in 1080i. It worked and I was excited to post allot more video's on Youtube. Then I put the capture card away since I didn't have time for it. Then today I reopened it because I wanted to make sure if I still remember how it works and everything. I captured in 1080i on 15000 Kbps. When I was done editing it I exported it in a wma file. When I logged into my youtube account and pressed upload the video couldn't be uploaded because it failed to process due to the fact the video wasn't in the right format. It was in Dmsm which the default file. I don't know why it didn't work I tried many things to make it work. The settings were exactly the same I had from a few months ago when it uploaded onto youtube with no problem. I tried to change the settings and the format I was exporting it. I tried different browsers like internet explorer, chrome, firefox, to see if it would work on them and I also tried uploading the video's to different accounts. Then I uninstalled and installed my Roxio game capture card hd pro program again and it STILL DIDN'T WORK!!!!. I give up if this is the type of problems i'm having after spending 120 dollars on this thing then it is a complete waste of money and I want my money back. Please help.
  7. A bit of a noob.... We have a promo video just about done and would like to place a link in the last frame inviting the viewer to click it to open a YouTube video. Have looked thru every line in the index for related info, but no luck. Any help is much appreciated.... Thanks, vinceg
  8. i was wondering if u could get sponsred be cause everyone is sponsred by elgato and i think it would be a good idea for roxio to do it too for people with 300 subscribers or more
  9. Whenever I try to upload a video (the video consists of multiple trimmed clips) using the editing software that came with the roxio game capture hd, the first segment or the first part that has been trimmed will show on the youtube video and then the rest is a white screen. Can anyone help me fix this? Edit: now it's not even letting me upload the clip to youtube...
  10. So I've been trying to post some videos to Youtube but I can never seem to get as high a quality as I see other people manage with the same thing (regular Roxio GameCap) so I'm wondering what the best file type to save as so that I can get the best quality on Youtube. Also,reading on these forums I've run across people mentioning that it's not set to record at 720p. I think I have it set up to that, but could someone just mention which box that option is in so I can check. Thanks.
  11. I just recently starting having an issue with my rendering process completely locking up my computer. Total lockup, where the cursor freezes, keyboard doesn't respond, screen completely locked. It happened while Skyping with my cousin, and I could still talk to and hear him, but absolutely nothing else was responsive. I had to hold the power button to shut down. This problem started when I tried to render a production. I have since troubleshooted it a bit and I think I have narrowed down the issue to rendering anything that requires the iPad (which I THINK is MPEG4) codec. DivX works fine, Windows Media format works fine, but if I try any of the iPad options or if I try to render to send straight to YouTube, it completely locks up. Here are my system specs: Operating System: Windows 7 (64-bit) Premium RAM: 8.00 GB CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 840 3.2 GHz GPU: Powercolor AMD Radeon HD7750 1GB DDR3 I have done an uninstall/reinstall, I have done a repair from the disk, I have made sure all of my hardware drivers/software is updated, I am not running antivirus, I have allowed all exceptions through firewall, I have tried running as and not as administrator, I have done a memory diagnostic test, (which I don't completely trust as my computer has been blue screening randomly with PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA and BAD_POOL_DATA errors for weeks even after replacing everything BUT the RAM, but that's a question for another forum), and I have both defragged the drives and cleaned the registry. It truly seems to be whatever particular codec does the encoding when you format it for iPad devices or YouTube. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  12. So i am making youtube videos of call of duty and when i upload them i get my monitization cancelled because it wants proof that i own the rights to use the audio and video effects, which are all done on video wave, the software that comes with the roxio game capture hd pro. does anyone know where i can find the rights to use the video wave software and post videos. any help will be greatly appreciated/
  13. Hi all, I enjoy making videos with my roxio and have posted several videos, it would be much appreciated if you would check my channel out and maybe let me know what you think of my editing and videos in general any tips to get more views, more entertaining etc. Thanks, Thorno. Heres the link to my channel: www.youtube.com/clanpnr
  14. I'm using Toast 10 right now, and I have to reduce the quality of Youtube videos to 240p in order to download them. Nothing downloads in a higher quality. Can someone tell me if I'll be able to download higher quality versions if I upgrade to Toast 11 titanium? I'm also considering purchasing the Bluray plug-in. Would that help at all? I noticed a knowledgbase article that said the workaround to downloading Youtube videos in Toast 11 is to reduce the quality. That's not acceptable. Any other suggestions or ideas appreciated! Many thanks! tina
  15. When I try to export the video and select YouTube, the program prompts me for the username and password via a popup window, but upon entry the popup window disappears and the prgram hangs, selection of the "next" button is not an option. The YouTube username and password are correct and will work when directly entered into YouTube webpage. Any ideas what could be wrong? Thanks, Mike
  16. when i try to login to youtube in step 2 of uploading process it says that my username and/or password is invalid. i have made sure that i am using the correct username and password when loging in. also i use the same login information on youtube when i am not uploading using the roxio editing software and it logs in fine. please help!!!! ps.i have a roxio gamecap not the new hd version.
  17. Alex Polemis


    Guys i was wondering IF you download a video from youtube ON 720p and you reupload the video you just download on 720p the quallity It will be better;
  18. Hi, I'm enjoying using the capture card but have 2 issues that I'm trying to work out. The first isn't such an issue but the colours do seem very saturated when recording and passing through. In this instance I'm using an xbox and have tried various xbox settings and colour settings. Is there an easy default to getting a good clean image? Oddly the first recording made a file of 0k but after that they seemed fine so I'm hoping that was just a glitch. I am however having issues uploading to youtube. What is the best export format at HD quality that I can save and upload to youtube later? I tried using the export to youtube directly but it's not so great mainly because (if it's working correctly) you just see a spinning icon and no clue or indication as to what it's actually doing. After watching the spinny thing for 6 hours I decided enough is enough. Well ok, I didn't windows did doing an update but still before this point I had no idea and just left it. Is this normal? I have however uploaded 2 youtube videos manually but I want to know if there's a good 720p or 1080 setting that creates a streaming file that's not quite as big as the full blown file. 1.6 gb for 24 minutes takes quite a while to upload to youtube. If anyone has advice on the best setting to save a file for later upload that would be gratefully appreciated. I like the device although do worry about how long the sockets will survive as they do seem over the top loose. Hopefully I have a 1 year warranty that should cover this but I think the socket quality does need to be improved. I really hope that one day a mac driver will be created so I can use the device natively on my mac mini as I'm sure it could handle it. I've not tried it on virtual windows but I will do sometime in the near future just to see if it works ok. Thanks for Reading and any help given.
  19. I have recently purchased the HD pro after using the standard for many years however I have found that directly uploading a 1080p video from videowave to youtube downgrades it to 480p maximum available on youtube. If however I save the file first then manually upload it, it is fine in full glorious 1080p HD. Why can't videowave upload it in the correct quality? This is appaulling for bundled software to reduce the quality. Please help, and advise what i am doing wrong or fix the issue. Win7 64bit, 30fps production setting, video captured 1080p, only modification in videowave is a colour panel at the start for the titles.. .
  20. I bought my Roxio Game Capture back in May, to start my youtube channel. It worked fine on my XBOX360 but when I switched to my PS3 it stopped working. I have watched many youtube videos and did everything step by step... My TV still will go Black and White, and the software will say 'No Signal'. :/ I have the older AV cables (red, white and yellow) as oppose to the new ones (red, blue and green) all of the people on youtube have these newer AV cables. Can any one tell me what colours on the old AV cables match up to? or give me any other solutions (I have attempted but failed many times to change the settings). Hope the problem description helps you try and fix my problem! thanks, ZaksArcade!
  21. I have Toast 11.0.6 and have now found that I cannot convert YouTube clips with Web video. It was working a over a month ago, but now nothing shows up in the bottom right window where streaming video's appear. There's also no downloads shown in the Roxio Converted Items folder. Can someone please advise what's happened (is there a breakdown in communication between Safari & Toast?) and what I need to change/ do to get it working again? Thanks in advance.
  22. Hello, I’m new to Roxio (ex-Nero user) so please bear with me. I’d like to make several videos I can upload to YouTube that contain songs (personal material composed and performed by me). Rather than a static image, I’d like to include a slideshow of images (again, personal images created by me). I have no clue where to begin and would appreciate some advice. I’ve quickly gone through the help files and Learning Center with no success. I’m using Roxio Creator 2012, version: 13.5;, Build 135B90A, R13; 05B86A, R03 And the home page looks like this: Any help to get me started would be appreciated. Thank you…
  23. Hi. I recently bought a Roxio and Im having issues seeing it on my television. I watched this video and followed every step. I used the exact same cables as shown. I also watched this video and used the exact same cables I actually watched this one first and since it didnt work I watched the second and bought the xbox cables to see if that would work. I had the same issue with both. It works perfectly fine on the computer. I can hear it on the tv but the screen stays black. My computer meets alll the system requirements so Im thinking it might be with my tv. I know the yellow output on the tv isnt messed up because as soon as I plug in my xbox like you normally would the screen goes back to normal. What am I doing wrong?