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Found 8 results

  1. Hello! I've been using Roxio for many years, and just purchased NXT5 a few days ago. I created a Videowave project using .MOV files, and when I tried to export the project (in several different formats), they all had the same issue - the audio didn't sync with some of the shorter video clips in my project - it was delayed. The playback, however, on the preview screen in the Videowave project editor has perfect audio. Any ideas? Thank you, Dominique.
  2. I purchased the Easy CD and DVD Burning program yesterday and have used Roxio products in the past without any problems, but I am getting "error code 80004005" when I try to upload my .mov video files into myDVD. Can anyone tell me what this code is? The program shows that .mov is acceptable so I'm really not sure why I cannot load these files to the program. Thanks in advance for all of your assistance!
  3. Hey maybe you guys can help me out or this! I've searched and looked for an answer and can't find anything. I have a .mov file that was captured sd anamorphic widescreen (853x486). This plays correctly in QuickTime and other players. When I open it in Toast is shows in the 4:3 format. Is there anyway to make read the file correctly? Thanks!
  4. I'm trying to create a production by importing .mov files. I was required to buy QuickTime Pro 7.7.5 and it still does not work. Keep getting the same error message. Help please
  5. All my Movies are taken in PAL 25 format and downloaded to iMovie which is also set to PAL 25. I also make slideshows in Aperture which end up in .MOV format. When I go to burn either of them as a DVD Video I get the following message on the screen - 'The TV Standard is currently set to PAL, but all your content is in NTSC format. Do you want to write an NTSC disc or re-encode all content to PAL?" I am using Toast Titanium V 11.1 I don't understand why this is happening as all my imagery is in PAL and the original stills in the Aperture slideshows are in JPG. Any ideas anyone - please? This is so frustrating. I'm also convinced that re-encoding deteriorates the final imagery.
  6. Ragge

    Bad Quality?

    Hello! I have a problem with Toast Titanium 10. I want to burn a DVD, but the quality always gets really bad, which is weird. Toast is usually able to compress huge files and maintain good quality but now it’s not working for me. When I have it set to automatic compression and drag the file into Toast it only takes 341MB of the DVD. The file I want to burn is a .mov file that is 5GB and has a bit rate of 123.12 mbit/s. It’s a full-HD file with a DNxHD codec. How can I get Toast to use all of the disc space? I’m not finding how to do it under the custom settings? I don’t want to compress the original file because it always loses quality when I try to make it in to a H.264 or similar. Many thanks!
  7. I'm trying to burn an imovie on a DVD-R and DVD+R (because I cant get either one to work) that will play on my home dvd player. Is it the format that I am burning it in? Is there a way that I can re-format the .mov so that it will play on a dvd player?
  8. I just got Toast a few days ago, and the first thing I'm doing is burning dvds of .mov files I've transferred to my computer from old VHS tapes and Hi8 tapes. As I'm looking over the footage to edit/ add chapters and such in Toast, I'm noticing that the quality of the video is reduced (and remains this way when burn to a dvd). There are horizontal lines that appear (apparently in conjunction with movement) and create a distorted look to the footage. Here are two examples: I'm concerned because this seems to be consistent with all the footage I've imported (all this VHS/Hi8 footage was imported through a program called Ezcap, using an RCA to USB cable). Also I wanted to note that I don't have these issues when playing back the footage on their original machines (VHS/videocamera), in any programs (such as QuickTime) or anywhere else (one or two clips have been uploaded to YouTube and don't display these imperfections) Can anyone please help me identify what the cause of these imperfections may be, and what I can do to get rid of them when I burn to dvd?
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