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Found 13 results

  1. I have tried burning a project Roxio Creator NXT 7 with MYDVD both to a DVD and ISO image using the AVCHD format and I get the BurnerState_WritingFormat failure. Reason Project_BuildToDevice() AuthorScript call failed. Code 3254845656. I have tried NXT 7 on two of my computers, using 4 different burners all with the same result. I am running Windows 10 64bit on both computers. The Titles for the MYDVD project were created in Videowave and were output as .mpg files. Can anyone give my me some help in what I am doing wrong ? I have attached a Screen Print of the error that is received.
  2. After installing the software onto my new PC the option to render my exporting files in AVCHD 1920x1080/60p option is missing and the list of codecs overall is much smaller. I downloaded SP2 and tried several things but the list is the same. What do I need to get this option back?
  3. I'm having trouble burning an HD video onto a SD disk, though I've done it before and done it easily. Are there only certain limited kind of files that can be burnt under a DVD this way? I get the error code "Could not record the disc because of a Mac OS Error.. Result = - 50" What does that signify? Thank for your help and expertise with this. Paul Petschek
  4. Hi, I have a movie file that's an MKV. Video is H264 - MPEG4 AVC (part 10) (avc1), 704x578, 25 fps. Audio is AC3. The file is 1.43 GB. When I drop it into Toast 12 in the DVD Video window, the program accepts it. But then when I try to burn a DVD, or write a disk image, the program crashes in short order. (Then it won't start up again, and I have to restart the Mac.) I'm using Toast 12, OS X 10.10.3, an i5 iMac with 8 GB of RAM. I have transcoded the file to an MP4 with H264 video, using HandBrake. Toast seems to be happy with that, but it's taking a long time. However, that's not the cleanest procedure. Is there something I'm doing wrong in Toast? Is there a better workaround?
  5. I have been experiencing some problems with the AVCHD functionality on Toast 11 Pro. Previously I have been archiving video as AVCHD and later on burning HD Blu Rays. Everything was working perfectly! All of a sudden, this functionality has stopped working. It seems to have coincided with upgrading to Mountain Lion 10.8.4 (could be unrelated but a bit of a coincidence). Every time I drag and drop an AVCHD file I am told the file is in an unsupported format and cannot be imported. Has anyone experienced the same and/or have a solution? Perhaps I'm missing something obvious, it is like the HD plugin is not recognised? Many Thanks John
  6. I was using Roxio Creators for 8 years or more and I know all the little issues they all have- I adapted to them. But suddenly today videowave stopped recognizing AVCHD/MPEG files! I opened the project I started some time ago, wanted to load it to finish, and got the message that some of the files I was trying to load were either unsupported or corrupt. Turned out ALL of them were (according to the program!) I opened the video files in their folder and they were working fine and were playing in other program with no issues. I decided to check on the other projects- same; I tried starting a new production- same! I didn't change my computer or anything in it recently. Roxio just stopped recognizing those files! AVI works OK, but not AVCHD or MPEG. I tried opening them in burn on DVD and auto edit- same result. Please see the attachment for the exact message I got. Help!
  7. The product I am using is Roxio 2012. I have used it on Windows 7 and Windows 8 PC's. I am still a newbie to using Roxio Video Wave. I don't know a lot about different video files, and need some advice. My camera produces AVCHD files, which I frequently edit mainly to produce animal training demonstration videos. My problems occur in selecting the file type for output. First, if I select the default, which is "AVC better quality", I get the error "unable to build the render graph", and am unable to proceed. I haven't had any success finding a solution to that. Second, I have tried using various different file types for output, and for the most part the results are terrible quality compared to the original, so I must be making the wrong choices. So, since AVCHD does not appear in the list of available file formats for output, what file formats would produce quality similar to that of the original AVDHD files? Let me know if you need more information than I have provided, and thanks for helping out this newbie/wannabe!
  8. usci

    Avchd To Sd Dvd

    Hi, Someone has given me AVCHD video recorded on an SD card and wants to know if I can burn it to a SD DVD. I currently have Toast 10 and I can burn the AVCHD files on DVDs as HD files viewable on a Blu-ray player, but I need to burn discs that are viewable on regular DVD players. Is this something that Toast 11 can do automatically? I'm trying to avoid capturing the AVCHD video onto my computer, converting the clips to SD files, then burning to a SD DVD. Thanks for your help.
  9. I have a copy of a demo disc that appears to be either a BDMV folder or AVCHD that I'd like to make a disc image out of. The file size is approximately 40GB. The files I have are a file called BDMV (no file extension) and folder called CERTIFICATE, which when fooling around with Toast I've decided must have been created as a BDMV using Toast or some other similar program. When I open up BDMV I am able to find multiple .mts files in a subfolder (STREAM), which is why also think it might be an AVCHD file. I don't know enough about these formats to figure it out. I'm trying to create a disc image that can be mounted, whether using Toast or (ideally) Disc Utility on my computer (Macbook Pro). I've tried opening up the BDMV file using Toast and I'm able to see the video files, but when I try to make a disc image I end up with 40+ .toast files of 1.7GB, which is completely useless. I need to mount this as a single disc, not 40 of them! I've tried doing this through both the BDMV and Bluray selections in the dropdown menu, both with the same result. I also tried checking to see what would happen if I tried to burn it as a bluray disc. The file size showed as less than 10GB, which tells me there is a significant loss of data doing this - not acceptable, although it's actually irrelevant since I don't have a bluray burner. So, my questions are: 1. Is this a BDMV or AVCHD (or both?!?) file/folder? 2. How can I create a disc image using it that can be mounted? Can I do this using Toast or do I need some other software? Note: My plan is to mount this when needed and then stream it to my PS3 using Universal Media Server (a fork of PS3 Media Server). Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! brad
  10. Wonder if anyone using Toast Titanium 11 V 11.1 been able to burn DVD-R at 16x?
  11. My Dell computer had a "starter" version of Roxio Creator, but I wanted to upgrade to Roxio NXT. When I did, the install did not go well and I had several different kinds of errors and problems. So I decided to uninstall and reinstall. When I did this, I also uninstalled the Roxio Creator starter version so I could start from scratch. Now I have reinstalled NXT and some of the old problems are gone -- but now I have a new problem. I want to edit videos in VideoWave, but it won't let me. I am trying to open AVCHD files with an .mts extension, and it won't recognize them or let me edit them at all. What now?? This is the entire reason I shelled out the money for this program. I've used Roxio in the past with great success, but since trying this newer version on a new computer, all I've had is headaches and errors.
  12. I use the Archive AVCHD to backup my video files from my sony hdr cx7 camera to DVD so that I can have a backup and be able to play it in my bluray player. I usually backup directly from my memory stick and also copy the AVCHD folder to my hard drive for storage and editing. When I try to do a AVCHD Archive with the files on my hard drive I get an error about 2%-10% into the burn. The error is- invalid duration:Video stream duration is not in an integer of video frames. The DVD is still usable after the error. Can anyone help me? I have done several searches and can find nothing about that error message. I usually just copy the BDMV folder to the hard drive.
  13. Hi Guys, I shot alot of videos but it's all in .MTS format. It's really pain in the &%$ i have to convert it to mac everytimes. Its one of the example of the orginal clip. Video: H.264/AVC,1920 x 1080, 29.97 fps Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1, 48000Hz Now when I go to Convert to convert the video file: Player Setup: Device: H.264 Player Quality: Best. So is that the same setting as my original? ( I'm a beginner) Did I need to make any adjustment for the best setting? thx
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