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Found 5 results


    5.1 Surround Sound Audio Cd

    Hi all, I am new to this forum. I have to burn a 5.1 audio files in ac3 format in audio CD. Is it possible to do? I want only the audio and menu and no video. I use Toast 10.
  2. I have Creator Pro 2010, Windows 7, and until now no problems. I have a old CD I mad LON time a ago& I want to make another one. I made the audio CD, but it won't play on CD player. What do I need to do? Please send me a link and the knowledge base & FAQ from Roxio are no loading. Data disks ok.
  3. My system features followed by problem statement. Computer specs are: PC model: HP p7-1414 Processor: AMD A8-5500 with Radeon HD Graphics 3.20 GHz RAM: 32,0 GB Operating System: Win 8 v6.2.9200, 64 bit operating system Roxio Creator 2012 (Music/Photo/Video/Sharing/Burning): Version 13.5; Serial Number: Lc-V3872-21Zhw-DQ570 iTunes: version Used to play stored cd music Problem: Blue Screen Abend When a music CD is loaded into the CD/DVD drive the system displays a blue screen and reboots. The complete operating system has been reloaded and each program loaded from install downloads or CD. Roxio Power DVD appears to be the cause. When the default Audio CD is set to iTunes, the CD plays okay on the first CD after a message is displayed in the upper right of screen (stating that other options available ) and ignored. After reboot Power DVD is re-established as the default audio CD. This blue screen abend occurs whether or not iTunes is preloaded or not; Roxio was never loaded during this prolonged occurrence. Many attempted fixes by Geek Squad with; reloading the operating system was their final solution; it worked until the final four programs WinZip, Nero 2013, Roxio creator 2012 and Roxio Easy VHS to DVD3 were installed. This problem started to occur after 24 Wind 8 updates. It did not occur with VISTA O/S. iTunes is the preferred music player. Is this a known problem with a fix?

    Audio Cd For Duplication

    I wish to produce a master audio disc of music produced by my daughters group for further generation of copies using a multiple recorder. (no copyright problems). To do this I have produced a mater disc using Toast Titanium 11 and a CD-R. However when I tried to make copies using the recorder and the same type of disc they are rejected. Why is this? Are audio discs made with Toast 11 protected from copying or am I using the wrong media?
  5. I select Audio, then Audio CD, then add songs to the playlist, then Save. Now, if I then change any gains, make a custom crossfade, or change the order of songs, the Save function remains grayed out as though no changes were made. Closing Toast does not initiate a dialog box asking if I want to save changes, it just closes and the changes are lost. However, any other changes (i.e., Pause Setting, Effects, or Preset Crossfades) makes the Save function active and then all changes are saved. I tried this on several playlists (new and previously saved from earlier versions) all with the same result. Obviously I can work around the issue by making a minor change to something else after making changes that aren’t recognized as changes, or I can Save As... and keep the same name overwriting the original, but neither of these options are acceptable long term. Anyone else have this issue? (2008 iMac, 10.8.2, 4GB RAM)