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Found 12 results

  1. Hi, I made an export using iMovie 10.1, using Apple PreRes. The info box says: Size 1920x1080, Colorprofile HD (1-1-1), Codecs: Linear PCM, Apple ProRes 422, Timecode. Additional info from QT-infobox: Framerate 29,97, Bitrate 142.0 bit/sec I want to burn a BluRay-disc (BD), but not waste a lot of discs trying the right settings , so my question is: What quality setting in Toast '11 must I use: ​Best ? or Custom, and if so, what settings?:MPEG-4AVC or MPEG-2 Average Bit Rate and Max Bit Rate Motion estimation? Select Half-PEL? Reencoding? Field dominance progressive I am sure Aspect ratio automatic or 16:9 Audio Format: Dolby Digital or PCM, and at what date rate? I appreciate the effort, sincerely
  2. Hi All, Would you please be able to confirm what the issue is in Toast 14 Titanium, using the Toast 14 Blu-ray Plug-in – ESD? Using the following settings: - Video -> Blu-Ray Video - Title: (BLANK) - Menu Style: Arabesque - Menu Title: (BLANK) - Menu Background: (CUSTOM) - Source (.mkv file) -- Video: AVC/H.264, 1920 x 1080, 23.97 fps -- Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1, 48000 Hz For Burn: - Destination: Matshita BD-MLT UJ272 For Save: - Destination: ~/Desktop/(Disc Image) (10.11.1 Mac OS X El Capitan; Memory: 16 GB) Results in "Waiting..." message for a few minutes displays, while Activity Monitor indicates that Toast is "Not Responding", followed by a Toast application crash. Error Logs: - For Burn: http://pastebin.com/C5xKLYV8 - For Save: http://pastebin.com/PTKz6mvk BurnCrash.txt SaveCrash.txt
  3. I installed Roxio Creator NXT 3 PRO from downloads. Performed install, then removed and re-installed with antivirus disabled. My computer has two (2) SATA Blu-Ray drives - an older LG drive and a new Asus BW-16D1T. Roxio will recognize a BD blank disc, and will burn a data disc to blu-ray. However, when I open MyDVD, the blu-ray option is grayed out and cannot be selected. Also, I cannot play a blu-ray using WinDVD - the software says "Media Not Supported".
  4. Recently, I tried to record an image onto a blank BD but for some reason my NXT 3 Pro reads the BD as a DVD-RAM. I didn't have this problem before. I used to record them just fine but I don't know what happened? I use Windows 8.1 (64 bit) on Toshiba Satellite laptop. 6GB RAM Note: The information on sig line is my desktop info
  5. Where can I buy the HD/BD plugin for NXT2? I recently put a BD-burner intu my PC. But NXT2 doesnt offer me BD-handling. In the shop I only found the plugin for NXT3. I tried it but didnt work. I dont want to upgrade to NXT3, just update my NXT2. Thanks in advance! Regards Uli
  6. I've created 3 HDTV movies (.mov) using iMovie and used Toast 11 to create a top menu to select the desired movie and burn discs. The first time I did this, I experienced no difficulties. Everything worked perfectly. After making a few changes, I went through the process again. This time, the BD discs are not playable in three different players. A Panasonic BD player reports "There are no files in this folder." Yet, visually I can see there is something recorded. I never got any error messages in the burning process. My Mac Disk Utility is not reporting any problems. Any idea what might be wrong with these discs? Used the same stock in both cases.
  7. I bought Toast 11 for making Bluerays. I have had no problems with the workflow, but I can't seem to figure out how to make a menu like IDVD does with its 400 menu choices. THe big problem I had was that I dropped two .mov files into the drop area and it burned the BLueray and it played the first hour, but would not play the 2nd hour, which was a 2nd .mov file and it;s image was there on the screen. Any clues? can you not drag and drop? DO I need to make some chapter marks?
  8. My camera is a Canon Vixia HF M50. The instruction book says it will burn Blu-Ray disks directly from the camera, no computer required. The Canon burner I found in a search burns high density DVD disks that play in a blu ray machine but will not actually burn Blu-Ray disks. What Blu-Ray burner will work with video camera usb cable?
  9. Roxio NXT, WinDVD Win7 Ultimate 64 bit How can I play (view) a BluRay disk in this version of Roxio. I could in Roxio 2012 (CinePLayer w/BD plugi). THX John
  10. Hoping someone can help me here, I have an asus g74s and it came preloaded with Roxio CinePlayer BD. Only just yesterday did I use my laptop to play a movie for the first time, it was The Dark Knight Rises from a Redbox on blu-ray, and it worked perfectly. Today however, I rented Looper, also on blu-ray, but this time cineplayer wouldnt play it. The error message "The application could not read this copy protected disc. Please clean the disc or try another." Both movies are blu-ray, both JUST came out on the redbox and are clean and scratchless. I tried looking through the forums but couldn't find an answer, and I've tried running Check for Updates from the Help button and there are none that it could find.
  11. Howdy, I've just purchased my first blu-ray drive from OWC and purchased the fabulous Toast 11 with the blu-ray plug-in. I noticed that the maximum bit-rate option for authoring blu-ray discs is 26mbps: http://i.imgur.com/TmX4M.png However, I notice that commercial movies typically play at a max of around 32mbps as I've seen with The Avengers and Prometheus. Is there a way to go beyond 26mbps or another piece of software that'll do that? thanks.
  12. Hello, I just tried to burn my inaugural Blu-ray with Toast 11, and while the disc burned successfully (i.e. it plays when I put it into a Blu-ray player), the motion is embarrassingly choppy and not at all smooth. My source file is a 24fps ProRes MOV (1920x1080). I let Toast encode it to what was needed, and burned to a dual-layer Blu-ray disc. I've tested the Blu-ray in two different players, and both show the same effect. Can anyone please help? I'm at my wits' end! By the way, I used the same source file to let Toast burn both dual-layer and standard video DVDs, and they look perfect.
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