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  1. I'm trying to burn 4-5gb .mov files (about 2 hrs long each) to 25gb blu-ray discs. At first, I put about 18gb of files onto one project and Toast showed remaining space. It encoded for hours, then gave me an error that the project didn't fit by a few megabytes... So I removed the files off the project one by one, until I had ONE file that was taking up 16gb on the disc. Why is Toast blowing up a 4gb file to 16gb? I thought a 4gb file should take up exactly 4gb of space on the disc.
  2. Roxio Toast Titanium 17, burning DVD to an external Samsung Blu-ray recorder. iMac i5 with OS X 10.14.6. Burned both HD and standard DVDs and get the same results – it doesn't sound like the audio from the movie I made in iMovie 9, it sounds like a background track, quiet, with like a TV in the background or something. Both times. Play the regular MOV and it works fine. So weird. No clue where the audio is coming from. Might try exporting MP4 if I can. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks!
  3. Upgraded to NXT 6 Pro, still can't play Blu-ray dvd??
  4. Help! I am trying to burn a large video file to a data disc, and when I create a new project Toast thinks that the available space on a blank DVD is only 116.3MB (the disc is 4.7GB). Here's what happened: Midway through burning a large file spanned across 3 DVDs, Toast crashed. When I re-opened the software and tried to burn the project again, it said that it would take the 11.8 GB project would take108 DVDs. I've attached screen shots of a new project as well as the project I am trying to burn. The problem is only with DVDs— CDs still come up as 703MB, so the project could be burned to 19 CDs or 108 DVDs. I've uninstalled, reinstalled, re-booted, restored my computer to the backup before the crash, everything I can think of. I'm on a Late 2011 Macbook Pro running OSX El Capitan 10.11.6, and I have the latest version of Toast Titanium 15. Any ideas? Ryan
  5. I prepared a .disc file with a list of videos captured by ElGato EyeTV. Toast is happy with these files and lets me edit them for start and end times. But when I go to compile the video -- either with Save As Disc Image, or with Burn -- the progress dialog comes up and shows "preparing" and "Multiplexing" for various segments but quickly ends with the message, Could not record the disc because of a Mac OS Error Result Code = -208 The secret here is that Mac OS result code -208 means "invalid file format". What Toast is unable to explain (despite the fact that people were reporting this problem as far back as Toast 7 in 2009!!) is that the video encoding used by EyeTV is not compatible with writing to disc. The solution is to go to the Customize dialog, Disc tab, and change Reencoding from "Automatic" to "Always". This forces Toast into the very time-consuming step of re-encoding each video to the target format (MPEG-4). That eliminates the error. Toast, you could have told us this. Or, you could recognize when re-encoding is needed and done it, instead of making me specify it.
  6. I'm having trouble burning an HD video onto a SD disk, though I've done it before and done it easily. Are there only certain limited kind of files that can be burnt under a DVD this way? I get the error code "Could not record the disc because of a Mac OS Error.. Result = - 50" What does that signify? Thank for your help and expertise with this. Paul Petschek
  7. I put in about 20 WAV audio files. I click BURN and the "scale" on it immediately goes to 99% done, and then just grinds away doing nothing. I figure the Roxio software got corrupted or something, so I uninstall it, log out, log on, and reinstall it. It does the exact same thing.
  8. I am submitting my video to a film festival and it needs to be a blu-ray disk, NTSC region 0 or 1. I have toast 14 Pro. What is the best and/or easiest way to get it done from the finished edit in timeline from Final Cut Pro X (FCPX)? Should I try and burn it using a H264 and a separate audio file exported from Compressor? Or Export/Create a Quicktime (QT) file of my finished timeline video, and import that into Toast to burn the Blu-ray disk?
  9. The problem is simple. I open the Roxio Game Capture shortcut and click the 'Capture' button. The small 'loading' pop-up appears but nothing happens. I wait and click the button a second time and the small 'loading' button pops up again but after another small pop-up opens saying that 'only one instance of mediacapture or plug & burn may be running at one time. I've tried searching for the answer to the problem but can't seem to find it. I have recorded videos on it previously so I know it isn't my computer's specs or it hadn't installed correctly. The video editing part works perfectly and opens up almost straight away. And just an added piece of detail, recently when I start up my computer a window pops up saying that RoxWatchTray9.exe has stopped working so I'm wondering if that is connected to what is going on. I'm also on windows-7 and I'm pretty sure it's 64-bit.
  10. I'm having no luck burning a DVD with no menu. Previous versions had a Burn DVD - No Menu option. I'm not finding it in the latest version. Build
  11. I have created MPEG2 and MPEG4 DVDs using Toast12 Titanium. Neither of these will play on standard DVDPlayers. I have attempted playing both versions on 4 different DVD Players with no success. I used all of the steps for creating and burning DVDs , no luck! Am I missing something?
  12. I have a Surface Pro 3 with everything up to date. Using an outboard DVD burner connected via USB 2. I did a "Direct to DVD" function on a family-recorded VHS cassette that has 2 hours of video (full) on it. I tested by setting up Roxio VHS-to-DVD3+ to record only the 1st 30 minutes...everything went according to expectations up to that point. At 3pm yesterday the 'finalization" (burn?) process started on the 4.7GB DVD-R disc. At 5pm it was still "finalizing", same at midnight last night, same this morning at 8am. Please help me troubleshoot? I cannot stop the process or eject the DVD as I continue to get a message when I try this that "Cannot stop until finalization is complete" What am I doing wrong or what is the software doing wrong & how can I avoid it on my next test. This is one of 3 solutions I am evaluating for the conversion of dozens of hours of family VHS & Hi8 tapes. Unless I can fix this issue, I will soon be evaluating only 2. Please help via this forum or email directly at (e-mail deleted)Thanks & Happy New Year!
  13. Hello, I have a file that is supposed to be turned into a bootable CD. Its a .iso file, memtest86.iso. I only have DVD-R disks at the moment. Can I make a bootable DVD using the .iso file? When I try using Roxio Creator DE, it doesn't have the option to burn .iso files, only .img, .bin, and .ima files. I noticed within the memtest86.iso file there is a file with a .img extension it is EFIBOOT.img and it is 6.3MB in size. I tried selecting the file (it's in the .iso file) but ROXIO wi not start the burn process it does nothing when I click the start button. It also does nothing if I select the memtest86.iso file anyway by changing file type to "all". So, I want to make a bootable DVD from an .iso file, is there a way to do it or do I really need a CD? Thanks, Stephen
  14. atschram

    Mydvd Issues...

    Installed Toast 14 on 10.10 and 10.11 and setup a project in MyDVD. Everything works great until I ask it to burn the disk. If I click the burn icon it will tell me to insert a disk. The disk is inserted and Mac OS sees it, even the Toast 14 Pro program sees the disk. MyDVD acts like there isn't a disk. When I click the "save" button to save the file as a .iso MyDVD crashes, every time. Ran software update on Toast and it says it is the latest version. Happens on both 10.11 and 10.10.
  15. I bought Toast 12 thinking I could burn blu ray from my macbook pro. Find out you need a plug in for more $$ to burn blue rays. Fine. Got the plug in. I imported a iMovie mp4 file on my mac to Toast. Organize the menus screen, which seems a bit unsophisticated. I have been using Nero on my HP for years. It is wonky compared with iMovie editing, but the options for main menu, chapters, is better than Toast. Unless I am missing something from the editing options area? Couple of things: It always says my file is NTSC coded and do I want to change to PALS. I looked it up and its seems i want NTSC since i live in US? Dont know if this is contributing to ultimate burn failure. Which do I choose? It gets through to 100 percent completion, 1-2 hours, and it says "could not record the disc because there are too many files open" I thought this referred to other programs on MY computer open, but have retried burn with a regular def DVD with all programs closed and still no dice. Any suggestions?
  16. I am dealing with a burning issue where Roxio Creator Silver 7 receives the "RITE_InvalidImageFile" error immediately after I click the arrow to burn the files to disc. It allow the user to click retry, which will continue the burning process until the very end. The same error is issued right before the files finish burning. Any suggestion on why this could be happening? It happens with multiple Blu-ray Drives. This issue occurs only with Blu-ray's and not regular DVDs. Any ideas on a solution to this problem
  17. when i burn a cd in toast titanium 11 it gives the wrong cd name and the wrong track names on the disk when i open the disk in itunes it's all wrong. I just burned fifty disks and they are all f#$ked up what kind of Bull is this What the hell is going on can some one please help
  18. Does Creator NXT Pro 3 have ability to copy DVDs that are 130 minutes long, then compress to fit a DVD that is 120 minutes long? If yes, please provide the steps. Thank you Dianem6
  19. Hello, I'm trying to script a DVD burn, what i need is to burn an entire folder automatically. I also need to make some items invisible and other items should only be visible on PC. Right now i can only add all the files to the DVD, not hide or uncheck them. Is there a way to do this? This is the code: set folderSelected to (":Volumes:xxxx:xxxx" as alias) tell application "Finder" to set {folderName, sourceList} to {name of folderSelected, items of folderSelected} tell application "Toast Titanium" set myDisc to make new Data disc set name of disc 1 to "Toast Test" repeat with i in sourceList if {(i as string) contains ".DS_"} then else add to myDisc items (i as alias) end if end repeat activate end tell Thanks.
  20. I have captured video from VHS. With Roxio VideoWave, I have deleted and trimmed scenes, added transitions, added text, etc. My question is how do I burn this to a DVD? I have MyDVD, but if I open it with that, it shows a title screen wtih my movie in the little square. I tried burning to DVD but it actually burns it looking like that title screen with my movie playing in the little box. I can't figure out a way to burn to a DVD through MyDVD any other way. Can someone give me the steps to follow from saving my production in VideoWave (saved as videowave production format) to actually being able to burn it to a DVD? Thanks!!!!
  21. Hello. I need some help with Toast 12 Titanium .. How do I burn a *lossless* data blu-ray disc? I've gone through all the preferences possible, emptied my "Trash", repaired disk permissions, restarted my computer.. everything.. but when I add a folder to the window, it calculates the folder as being a few gigabytes smaller than the original.. I don't see an option anywhere that is allowing me to select render-quality or to avoid using "compression".. Even in the "Options" tab (right next to the "Media" tab) there is no option for compression/no compression.. I've also tried compressing my original data into .zip folder and then adding it to Toast, which still ended up importing a filesize smaller than that of the original.. I am looking to back up very valuable information and need to make sure that every single file is exactly as they were originally (aka no compression whatsoever).. Can anybody help me in how I can go about making an *exact/flawless/no compression* blu-ray data disk in Toast 12 Titanium? Thank you so much!
  22. Shout out to Mr Hardin... Thank you sir for assisting me about a year ago...your answer to my post got me over a hump. I have a Canon HG-10 camcorder (records video to its hard disk in AVCHD format) Prior to my recently reading your response I was unable to burn anything to DVD or BD and ready to write the Roxio 2012, NXT Pro and BluRay Plug-in off as a poor purchasing decision and loss. I did do a Repair to try and address the Menu Encoding Error I had received in past attempts. The trick of adding a VideoWave project as a movie to a MyDVD project and then burning that to folder set allowed me to finally Burn Data Disc and create a playable DVD! So to everyone on the forum, my current issue and question is... I attended a wedding recently and was asked to take the video. As stated above, I was able to use this method to create a DVD by performing a Burn Data Disc, adding the VIDEO_TS folder and burning to blank DVD in optical drive and it played back on player. Now I have created a new BluRay MyDVD project of the same wedding footage (although having performed conversion of the videos within NXT Pro from the camera's native AVCHD .MTS format files to .mp4 files) and in the same manner have burned the MyDVD Blu-Ray project to a Folder set that it created in the path I gave and to a MyDVD folder. Within this folder are BDMV, CERTIFICATE and Roxio sub folders. My first inclination is to "Add Folder" and select the BDMV folder and its contents as what to try and burn to BD-R blank disc in my BluRay burner drive via the Burn Data Disc application. When I do an Add -> Folder within Burn Data Disc program do I select the MyDVD, BDMV or the STREAMS folder? I would think the Menus I created would not function if I were to not include the other sub folders within the BDMV folder. At the end of the day I need to have both DVD and Blu-Ray disc version of the wedding video to ship to the wedded couple for them to be able to play on the respective disc player type. Thanks for any help or hints you all can lend. -kevin
  23. I recently purchased Roxio Creator NXT Pro 2 via download. For some reason the Roxio burn icon does not appear when I insert a disk in my reader. Help!
  24. Hello: I am attempting to copy a tape to a DVD. There are three video clips. I linked the clips. The total playing time is 1:52:13. I am not compressing the video. Previously, where the video was longer than one hour but less than two hours, regardless of the number of clips, I could link the clips and then select the point where I wanted to split the video onto two discs. Why can't I choose the point where to split the video to fit onto just two discs? The program wants to spread the clips across three discs. In the past I could select the point where the video would be split. Now, I can't do that, and I don't understand why.
  25. Hi All, I have created a Data Project > Mac & PC. I've added files and have unchecked files that need to be hidden for Mac and PC. I have saved this project as an image. Instead of burning this to a CD, I want a flash or thumb drive to act as a CD. There is no way to burn to a drive. What I have tried is to erase a thumb drive and format as Fat32 - since both Macs and PCs will read this. Using Disk Utility, I restore from the saved image file to the thumb drive. When I insert the thumb drive into a Mac it works as expected. When I insert into a PC I am told that I need to format the drive. I have verified that the thumb drive is still Fat32. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a way to make this happen? TIA - Vijay
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