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  1. Hi, have connected my VCR via a SCART socket a Roxio capture device using the 3 RCA phono connectors. I get the picture and sound the monitor screen but a red "no signal" comes up. I have plugged the capture device into the rear of my PC and experimented with different capture settings but to no avail. It detects that the protocol is NTSC as the tape was made in the US. Can you suggest what might be the problem and any things I can try. Many thanks
  2. Specs of my computer, copied from the systems property: Hewlett-Packard Company HP Compaq dc 7800p Small Form Intel® Core™2 Duo CPU E6550 @ 2.33GHz 1.98GHz, 1.95GB of RAM (apparently it's over 2, but it doesn't say that) My problem is that when I plug in my Roxio Game Capture HD into to my computer it will work for about a minute and then my computer will crash and restart, it usually crashes when I start loading a game, but it can record the xbox home menu. Does anyone know why this is happening and can help me? Side Note: I also connect my roxio to my computer with a 49ft usb cable because my computer is far away from my xbox.
  3. Hi All, My capture only seems to last for 1 second. Anyone know why? It's not obvious like i've set the capture length to that time. I've tried both captures with a 3 hour limit (box ticked) and no limit (box unticked). Anyone know why? Thanks
  4. here's a 45 second clip of the issue i have an original xbox video cable (yellow plug) into the Y video input on the roxio gamecap hd pro (i know it's black and white, that's okay) the hdmi cable goes to a computer monitor, where it works fine as long as nothing is being captured. if i wait long enough the monitor flickers the message "out of range" that's usually cause by resolution issues (i think?). but i cant change the resolution when there's no signal. And the original xbox doesn't have a built in resolution setting. if someone could point me in the right direction i would appreciate it.
  5. I got a new computer and want to put the Roxio capture card software onto it but i cant find the CD. Is there a way to install it from online? I have the CD key but just not the CD. Please I am desperate as i want to record some stuff and cant.
  6. I wanted to post an issue I recently had, and the solution I found, when the Roxie VHS to DVD 3 Plus device kept showing up as a Dazzle Device in my Device Manager. This all started when I could not receive a video capture after installing the Roxie software and Capture Device. I had just bought a brand new MCI laptop, with Windows 10 x64 bit, Intel i7-7700 processor, a 250gb SSD and 1tb Hard Drive, NVIDIA Graphics Card. My sole intention for the new laptop was to video edit. My only concern at the time was the fact was Windows 10, since I knew some software and devices aren't updated yet for Windows 10. Long story short, I did update the software after installing, still no signal. I made sure all connections to VCR were correct. I had Customer Support send me a copy of the Windows 10 64 bit program update AND the device driver installer package (you will need these). I still could not get it to work. As Customer Support was walking me through the driver install, I notice that the Capture Device kept coming up as Dazzle....not Roxie. After following a couple of Topics on this forum, I had tried uninstalling the Dazzle drivers with the capture unit attached, disconnected it, and then rebooted the laptop. I reinstalled the drivers several times, including downloading them again after turning off my anti-virus/firewall, and then turning off my Wi-Fi. I spent about a week trying to get this sucker to work! I noticed that Dazzle Capture Device was coming up under 'Audio', 'Sound, video, and game controllers', both stating that the device was working properly. But it was also coming up under "Other Devices", but with a yellow warning "no driver for this device". I also noticed that when I went to install the Roxie 64 bit drivers, that the Roxie driver selection was coming up with a Red X after I had selected Modify during the installation process. So here is what I did 1. Installed the Windows 10 64 bit driver again, but changed the Red X to Install on Hard Drive. There is a second driver listed, but that one was already selected to install. 2. Rebooted. 3. Attached the Roxie USB Capture Device to my VCR cables (output), and then to a 2.0 USB port on the laptop. I had a tape in the VCR ready to go. 4. Opened Device Driver, selected the Dazzle USB Capture listed under 'Other Devices', right clicked, selected Update Driver. 5. I chose the options: 'Browse my computer for software drivers' > ' Let me pick from a list of device drivers from my computer'. 6. I then selected the Manufacture: Corel, and the Model: Roxie Video Capture USB, and installed the driver. 7. The device item changed the Dazzle Capture to Roxie Capture, and moved from 'Other Devices' to ' Sound, video, and gamming devices' list, now showing that it was working.. 8. I left the other two Dazzle Video Capture USB Audio Device items alone. So Device Manager still has Dazzle USB Capture under 'Audio' and 'Sound, video, and game controllers'. 9. I then started to play my VCR tape, and opened the Roxie VHS to DVD 3 Plus software, selected either record option, and TADA!!!....I got video (and audio)!!!! I still needed to tweak the video enhancements...but it works! I just wanted to say thanks to the Digital Guru's who support the Roxie VHS to DVD 3 Plus forum. Your suggestions on other posts really helped me a lot!
  7. I have just setup a new Windows 10 PC with nothing else on it except a new Operating system, I have done all the updates and it is running fine NO OTHER SOFTWARE installed AT ALL! I have downloaded the latest Roxio Game Capture HD Pro software (2.0) and installed, I have then run the software and it has updated to 2.1. When ever I connect the Game Capture HD Pro to the unit it seems to be OK, the light appears on the device, I then tell it I want to capture, then once the screen loads I try to select 'Component' from the Input settings and EVERY time I do this the software just hangs, even the selection box is stuck in the selection of Component/HDMI. I would try an HDMI source but I do not have any available so I don't even know if this device works, brand new straight out of the box! Any help would be much appreciated... James
  8. There are a few things. First the Software Update Manager is no longer working since a Windows Update Months ago. Does no difference system is Windows 7 or above. I hope that you can fix this. Than there is a feature missing for capturing gameplay sound and recording a microphone at the same time as mix. There is a Option PAL_720p/1080i that is not useable. Roxio Game Capture always switch back to NTSC_M (i am using PAL Gaming Consoles) OBS - Open Broadcaster Studio can Capture much better Video Quality than the Game Capture Software why is this so ? And can you please tell us the right settings for capturing with best quality ?
  9. When I try to drag files from my JVX GZ-R450 nothing happens. I tried capturing directly from the camera (files show that they are locked) and I've moved the files to my computer and I can't get the "MTS" files to show up in my project. Please help.
  10. Hi there, Recently got my hands on a Roxio Game Capture HD Pro for my PS4. However, even though I disabled HCDP on my PS4, I'm still not getting any signal to my Capture program. Both of my HDMI cables are fine and in the correct position, I've updated to 2.1, the Roxio is lit up, the device is plugged in, but the program doesn't go past "No Signal." I noticed that the Roxio doesn't show up in my computer's devices. Would that mean something? Any suggestions to fix this?
  11. I am using Roxio 2012 Pro on Windows 7. I am also using the Roxio USB adapter that came with the Roxio Easy VHS to DVD software. I like Roxio products. When capturing the video on a resolution other than AVI, it looks good on the preview screen. It looks like the original video. When I play back the video, without editing, it is pixelated where there is action. Is AVI the only capture option that is stable? Is there a capture option or setting that I missed? It would be nice to be able to capture more than 19 or so minutes that my 4g's allow on the AVI setting. What can I do?
  12. I've had my Roxio Game Capture HD Pro now for over 2 years and have had no issues. I recently got a new laptop & tried installing the software from my CD & Key. Everything seems to run smoothly with the installation until it's just about to finish, then I get this message. I have no idea how to fix this issue. I've tried re-installing the software from CD AND from the Game Capture HD Pro Service Pack 2.0 link on the Roxio website and restarting my computer several times and still have had no luck. Any way I can fix this?
  13. Hello, i tried to capture with AVI setting instead of WMV. when i click on start capture it captured for 1sec then froze the Roxio HD then i click on stop capture , it stops but did not record anything. WMV works fine but i want to use AVI can anyone help. removed email just like that it keeps frozen until i click on stop capture then its normal but nothing is recorded using ps3 720/1080i old version of roxio hd AVI was working fine until i upgraded this version it stopped working
  14. Hello, I try to capture my PS4 but i have a problem: When i run roxio game capture hd pro program and i clik on capture, capture window appears and directly "not responding". I have a Roxio game capture HD Pro (recent). I have disabled HDCP in my PS4 but it's don't work anyway. On TV there are image and sound. I plugged the HDMI cable to the console in the roxio (input side) and another HDMI cable is connected to the TV (output side) and of course the usb to my PC. On PS4 the resolution is 1080p. I try with 1080i but the problem is the same. On more thing, if i run roxio game capture hd pro program without anything connected to my pc, the window appears normally. Of course there is written "no signal" and the capture area is empty but the program work, the windows is not "not responding". Any idea ??? Sorry for my english it's not my default language
  15. I'm having trouble with my Roxio standard came capture. After connecting all the wires to the TV and the RGC, the preview screen is flickering and stuttering; also cuts off either the sides or the top and bottom depending on what setting it's in. Don't think it's a hardware issue because none of this happens on the TV. Any advice?
  16. If the capture mode isn't open then my ps4 screen appear fine on my monitor but as soon as I open the capture mode my monitor looses signal and the preview screen on the capture of the Roxio goes haywire ​
  17. I was wondering how i can record the audio of my friends and I in a party whilst playing a game. Equipment i got; Kinect Xbox One Elite Controller Turtle Beach x500 Stealth Laptop Audio splitter cable 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable 2.5mm to 3.5mm cable (for the turtle beach) Xbox One (Obliviously) Roxio Game Capture PRO The headset is wireless, when i use my headset with the splitter, the xbox doesn't recognize the microphone part of the headset.
  18. Hi I've recorded videos before on 360. I recorded a video with 3 other friends and my capture card picked up their voice.But on Xbox one it doesn't record their voice unless i unplug my microphone. And If do that I cant hear them. So i would like to know if there is a way to do both. p.s. This is when their in party chat
  19. I Lost My Cd And I Have My Product Code, I Need The Software
  20. I have a copy of Creator 2009 which I have abandoned, because of the auto detect feature. When it detects loss of signal, it stops recording, which makes it virtually impossible to record old VHS tapes with a significant number of dropouts, due to degradation (loss of content) of the tape over time. Is there any way to override or disable this? I like the product and see no reason to buy a new version, other than this issue. I hope someone can help me here.
  21. Hey guys, So i recently bought a new roxio hd game capture pro card and it doesn't seem to work. I am sure that everything is connected correctly so could you offer me your help? My computer's specification are okay so i dont see the problem. This is how i see my screen... Thanks for your time
  22. Hello, I had recently received a roxio game game capture as a gift but I only had the cables and the device and I don't have/own a game capture software cd. Please help is their something I can download?
  23. Hello there. I hope it's alright to make a topic on this. I went through the posts and they seemed similar but I'm not entirely sure they're the exact same issues. I received a Roxio Game Capture HD PRO as a gift a couple of years ago. I remember I successfully had it working with my Playstation 2 because I had gotten some Devil May Cry footage. Time has passed since then and only recently did I decide to pull out the card again. Previously, I was using a Windows 7 laptop and, though the program seemed taxing, it got the job done. This time, I have a recently constructed Windows 10 desktop. Whenever I start the program while the PS3 is hooked up, the preview window shows picture and audio. However, when I hit capture it turns black and plays no sound. When I stop recording the program crashes. When I start with the PS2, the preview window only has audio for a brief moment, which it quickly cuts off. No picture ever shows and attempting to record crashes the program. I'm not sure what information you might need to help so I'll post what comes to mind for now. Roxio Installed from the disc and then all updates downloaded. Running as Administrator. Computer System Type: 64 bit Processor: Intel i7-5820k RAM: 16.0 GB Graphics Card: EVGA Geforce GTX 980 Hardware The gray component and audio wires are plugged into my tv. The black component cables plug into my PS3/PS2. The USB goes into my computer tower. Any help you can provide would be really appreciated! I've been trying to get this working for two days.
  24. Manufacturer: Alienware Model: Alienware AREA51_R2 Intel i7 Core 5820 CPU NIVIDIA Geforce GTX 960 x2 16GB RAM 64bit OS Win8 Okay, these problems have been going on since I got this new computer. I'd upload screenshots but I have no idea where to do so that is still free and doesn't require an account. I have reinstalled and repaired the program numerous times after looking at some of the topics on the forum and yet it still does not change anything. What happens is when I attempt to run the Roxio through a component cable to my PS3 the device says ready and the buttons are lit up yet there is no preview video or audio. Pressing any of the colored buttons causes it to freeze and crash. The PC problem might be a simpler issue. I can only seem to get footage of the raw desktop and none of the games I try to run. I am connecting the Roxio to my PC via a HDMI cable. Also, I do have it set up so that my TV monitor is the computer screen; also using an HDMI cable. Yet this shouldn't be an issue if they are both coming from the same place; Xsplit does the same thing and it gets footage easily enough. There is no audio from the games either (even though I hear it on the desktop); is it because I am running the games in fullscreen? Then shouldn't it record the whole screen? I will try one of the games in windowed mode to see if it may be that but I don't think it is. This time the device does record, it just records the desktop despite me playing games while it is recording. I played a game and tested it out a few seconds ago and it just shows the desktop, the game's icon running in the taskbar, with none of the game audio.
  25. Hi all, According to this thread: http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/120254-crash-when-click-stop-capture/ I was advised to stop capturing to mp4 file. Allright, I changed it to mt2s, but there's a teeny problem. It does not have any sound! The videos is useless! I now have to replay most of a game for new videos that I can actually use - but first I need to solve this problem. Running win 10 laptop, i5 core, nvidia graphics card. What am I doing wrong? And if you tell me it's just a bug happening from time to time, I'm down to frikking luck if I get a video I can use?
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