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Found 6 results

  1. I am using Roxio Creator NXT4 and would like to make seamless chapter entries just the way movies are sold on DVDs. For example, I have single video clip that is about 64 mintues in length. I want four chapters. I want menus to show "Play entire movie", or the sub menu chapters such as chapter 1: "All about Mary", chapter 2 would be "Mary digs a well", chapter 3 would be "Mary falls from the swing" and finally the last chapter would read "Mary marries Mike" So if I select the second chapter, I would highlight and click on the words stating "Mary digs a well." Then the movie would start from that point and play to the end with out showing the names of the remaining chapters as it played through to the end. Using Creator NXT4, I have found how to make chapters in MyDVD, but I can only make a menu from the screen shot with the menu showing the screen shot. I want to be able to enter text instead of the screen shot. Am I really missing a step? I could do this in NXT2012.
  2. 1. Was wondering if chapters are maintained when converting from DVD format (iso etc). to iPod video format (m4v). 2. Also is it possible to create chapters within an m4v vid using Toast titanium tools Thanks
  3. I've edited my video and added named chapter markers using Final Cut Pro X I burned a test DVD using the Splash Menu Style. The markers show up on the test disc only as numbers, no text Is this the expected behavior? Numbers by themselves is not very useful, I'm hoping there is a way to include the names instead of or in addition to the numbers Thanks in advance
  4. Hy Roxio Forum, I have a question concering the chapter function of DVDit Pro HD for a Blu-ray project. I have a one our long movie with some chapter marks spread over the timeline of the movie. It is a documentary in which the chapters do NOT thematically connect to each other. I have a "Play Movie" button, which plays the movie with all chapters. In addition, I would like to have chapter buttons, that ONLY plays the CHOSEN chapter and then jumps back to the menu which chosen chapter highlighted. Is it possible with DVD it Pro HD to create such an "play only one chapter of the timeline" action? If I create a playlist for example starting witch chapter 3, he continues playing chapter 4, 5, 6... But I want him to stop at the end of chapter 3 and jump back. The only work around for me that I can see is, split my main movie in editing in separet films, one film for each chapter. But it is time consuming and I dont know if DVD it Pro can connect the segments in a playlist without frame dropping, Sound drop outs or interruption for the "Play all" function. Thanks for your help and greetings from Germany, Maik
  5. Trying to create a Blu-Ray disc using MP4 files edited in Video Wave then exported to MyDVD. Works in Video Wave but when I export to MyDVD I can create a title menu and create chapters at 15 min intervals that's as far as I can go. If I attempt to edit chapter names, preview the work, or simply burn to a Blu-Ray disc the program goes into Not Responding. Project Validates with no issues, no error codes, no nothing, program just stops responding. Windows 8 Pro – Roxio Creator NXT Pro – 12 Gig Ram – EVGA GTX560 dual cards with latest NVIDIA drivers in SLI mode – Samsung 830 SSD 256 Gig - Gigabyte Mother Board GA-X58A-UD3R - Intel i7 930 processor - LG Blu-Ray Burner WH10LS30 -
  6. In Creator Nxt Pro I see how to create a slide show but not how to set up multiple chapters, that is, multiple slide shows that can be separately selected when played or just played sequentially. Thank you!
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