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Found 13 results

  1. Hi, I recently installed the NXT6 Pro suite on my Windows 10 desktop. I have had many previous versions of Roxio, so I am very familiar with how this is supposed to work. One of the only reasons I upgraded to NXT6 was for the "motion track editing" feature. However, even after doing updates and repairs, the Editor will force stop Videowave after I select say; blur and then click on the image to paste the blur marker, it will not finish pasting the blur mark, it hangs, and a few moments later I get the dreaded "Roxio" message that the program must close. So far no other portion of this program gives me an issue. Anyone have a fix for this? If I can't get this feature to work, the NXT6 is of no use to me. Thanks,
  2. *Important: Please help me with my problem with the Roxio Program. I really need help from Roxio's Team members/Tech Support! I have the Roxio Game Capture HD PRO. To Start, I bought your Game Capture Device about 2 and a half years and I have had many problems with the program. I will try my hardest to explain in detail, and try to keep my sentences to a minimum. #1 Problem: Crashes - The program has crashed on me so many times from editing and most recently trying to login to my Twitch to stream from Roxio. When I am editing the device can crash to just about anything I do. Examples: a. Putting in game footage b. adding audio c. using some of the editing features d. Sometimes the editor just crashes without me doing anything. e. etc. - Recently, I wanted to try streaming on Twitch using the Capture part of the program. Every time I try to Login, the thing says that "a problem caused by the program caused the stop working." Also, I have tried Re-installing, Repairing, and running as Administrator multiple times before contacting you. This is my first time asking for help and I hope someone can help me solve this issue! Problem #2 - When I am capturing my gameplay from my console, sometimes the capture device glitches or completely ruins the recording. This happens at random, so I don't think something like this can be fixed, but if someone has a solution. Please let me know! Let me know if you need any more information in your reply, and I hope you can help solve my problems! This is a Screenshot of the error message: https://gyazo.com/e73edee1bfd6bf663afc7df98cbb786e
  3. I have just installed Creator NXT4 on a Windows 10 Pro 64 bit machine. After I record sound from an LP or tape and try to create the track breaks and clean the clicks and pops, upon saving the project after making any changes to the .wav file, the program crashes. I have contacted Support, but the only solution proffered so far was to uninstall NXT4, make sure all relevant folders were either deleted or marked .old and re-install. I have done this twice now, with no change in the results. When recording LP's it also does not detect the track breaks, even though that option is selected. My previous version of Creator (12) did detect track breaks and did allow me to edit and clean with no problems saving the projects. Has anyone any idea what is going on? My system is: Intel Core i7-3930K CPU (6-cores, 3.2GHz) 32 GB of RAM Windows 10 Pro 64 bit NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 Cideo Card 2-Samsung SSD 840 Pro Solid State Drives, one is the system disc 2-Seagate ST3000DM001 3-TB conventional hard drives Dual LED monitor display ASUS P9X79 Pro motherboard
  4. It's basically unusable for me and here are the major problems I have with it: 1. Audio that isn't specifically linked to a piece of footage ALWAYS desyncs. 2. Trying to actually link audio to the footage usually results in it coming out completely wrong, for example a 3 second piece of music being only 10 frames long. 3. The software always crashes and/or runs really slow (even on a 6-core pc with 8gb ram) to the point that I can go away and make a cup of tea and then drink it before it has loaded. 4. Barely any codecs of .mp4 footage is accepted. I know that this is specifically for xbox footage of that codec but what if I actually want to put in another clip in from YouTube and didn't know about codecs? If there are any fixes to any of these please let me know because they having been making me smash my head on my desk for a while now. Also if anyone knows how to record footage and audio at the same time while using the device could you let me know. It's a real pain otherwise due to the afore mentioned audio desyncing.
  5. Installation went smoothly. Converted 2 VHS tapes without error. DVD was burned fine. Third tape and subsequent tapes caused a crash with Window's error "Windows experienced a serious error". Computer rebooted. Dumper temp files and cleaned up cache. Still problem. Anyone know of driver incompatibility? Computer is Dell 620 with 4GB and 3,86 MHz. Does Google Chrome drivers cause issues?
  6. dmatlock


    My hd capture pro will launch and record fine, but when i select stop capture it starts acting up, goes to red no signal and most of the time crashes or freezes up when it dosent crash i have to unplug it from my pc to get the signal to come back and evey once in awhile when i do this it will crash my pc to the blue screen. just want to know how to stop it from going to no signal when i stop capture. It does record the video, but it a hassell to restart evey time i want to stop and start capturing. please help
  7. 50% of the time I start Roxio NXT Pro Media Manager (either from short cut or from Roxio Central Tools) it crashes when switching devicee and folder. New installation. Simultaneous running Media Capture USB (never a problem under Creator 11 -- Version 11 USB 2681 device failed so I had to upgrade.) Eventvwr log: Event ID: 1000 Faulting application name: MediaManager14.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x5006c9bd Faulting module name: ntdll.dll, version: 6.1.7601.18247, time stamp: 0x521ea8e7 Exception code: 0xc0000374 Fault offset: 0x000ce753 Faulting process id: 0x804 Faulting application start time: 0x01cf168214c05b28 Faulting application path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Roxio Creator NXT\Media Manager\MediaManager14.exe Faulting module path: C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ntdll.dll Report Id: 65f0aaf8-8275-11e3-b250-2c27d7a9fbb9 Any suggestions? Am I just clicking on the sort by filename column too quickly? P.S. Is there a way to add Media Manage to the Roxio Central home page --> frequent tasks? ---JCN
  8. I have had the software for 2 weeks; having upgraded as suggested from 2012pro as my 2 year old Sony HDD camera would no longer talk to the 2012 software????? Anyway I have just received the new uptodate USB connector from the states (yes ive downloaded the driver)- and the whole lot togther now crashes. despite different combinations of reinstalls etc.etc. Im fed up of navigating through self help, customer unhelp and the no help without paying scenarios so have applied to day for a full refund. Running w7 as W8 should be described as a health hazard. and am throuroughly fed up. to put it mildly. If anyone has a cure that doesnt involve reinstalling it all or calling the £££££££ helpdesk Id be grateful. Or maybe i should buy Pinnacle instead. Yours in close to apoplexy Nick
  9. My version of Roxio 2011 worked fine for a few years....well, since 2011....but a couple of weeks ago it would cause my laptop (Windows 7) to crash every time it got to about 30% through encoding my mp4 files.I had made no changes to my OS or anything else. I tried repairing it through the Control Panel, but that didn't work, so I checked the Roxio site. Roxio no longer supports Roxio 2011, so I bought the upgrade to NXT 2 yesterday. The exact same problem with NXT 2. Help! Thanks!
  10. Sometimes, when recording, the Roxio Game Capture program just freezes. Any attempt to click stop recording and the program fully crashes to the desktop. This appears to happen completely randomly. I found I seem to crash easier if I record for longer than about 20 minutes, my computer is hot, or if I'm using game audio as my line in (instead of my mic) My question is, how do I fix this? Here are my specs: Windows 7 Home Premium (Activated and Genuine) 3 GB's of RAM Intel Core 2 Duo (T8100 @ 2.10 GHz) Intel GMA 965 Made by Dell Is it my specs that are causing the problem? Or is it something else?
  11. Every time I attempt to trim a video or add music in Advance Video Wave using Roxio Creator NXT, I receive a message... "Video Wave Stop Working" The system closes. Here is my computer information: I have attempted to turn off my firewall and protection and repair, however, that did not work... Suggestions: System: Processor: intel® core i5 cpu @ ghz; Memory 8 GB; Graphics: Intel® HD Graphics; Directx version: Direct 11. Running on Windows 8; Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  12. My son just bought this card for a little over $100 and it appears low quality and troublesome. If anyone can provide any advice, we sure would appreciate it. Here's what we did. He watched the connection tutorial, loaded the software (firewall and anti-virus off) and connected the device in-line between his Xbox and LED TV using HDMI cables, then came to me for help. When I arrived, the software initially looked OK as I ran it. I clicked on CAPTURE to move from the initial splash screen to the capture screen, and noticed that on the next screen SOURCE and INPUT populated OK, but settings didn't, and the SETTINGS button to the right of the SETTINGS field was grayed out. We clicked in the menu bar above TOOLS/OPTIONS and the software crashes every time, twice ending in a blue screen. As I looked at the software, I noticed that there was also red text stating "NO SIGNAL". I initially looked on-line and was able to determine that he had the latest software and no additional patches were available. I tried to reload the software - no change. I even tried to REPAIR the software (anti-virus and firewall off) - no change. I had him disconnect the USB from a powered hub and had him connect directly to the PC - no change. We adjusted the resolution on the xbox console down from 1080i to 720 as was recommended with the PS2 instructions just hoping but no difference. We discovered that if we adjust the QUALITY slider on the software to the absolute bare minimum and it initially appeared to be functional, but crashed immediately when we clicked START CAPTURE. He's running a well patched MS Win7 (32b) PC with an AMD Athlon 62 X2 5600+ 2.9Ghz with 2MB Ram and a fairly modern video card.
  13. I just bought this from Wal-mart. Hooked it up for Xbox 360, but now i got some problems. 1 - My 360 comes on but my screen won't display the game until i plug the capture card into my pc, and have my pc running. Is that normal? 2 - I also can't capture anything. I installed the software. Went through the steps, restarted my laptop. But now every time open the program i have to run as admin, and every time it comes up and i press capture it won't display anything until i lower or raise the quality. Then when i hit Start Capture or options it crashes. my pc specs - processor - Pentium Dual - Core CPU 2.10GHz OS - Win 7 pro System type - 32-bit RAM - 3.00 GB Graphics card info - name - Mobile intel 45 Express Chipset Family Manufacture - Intel Chip type - Mobile intel 4 series express chipset family DAC type - Internal Total Memory - 1309 MB Current display mode 1366 x 768 (32bit) (60GHz) Monitor Generic PnP Also: I am hooked up by HDMI cables.
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