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Found 5 results

  1. My hard drive crashed and a bought a new desktop with OS 8.1. I am trying to reload Creator 2011 from the original CD, but I get an error saying that the zip file is damaged or truncated. I cannot resolve the issue. The disk was working fine on my old computer. Can anyone help me Thanks
  2. L Smith

    Transparent Background

    How do I make a new canvas transparent in Photosuite? This was a simple task in Photosuite 4, but that program quit working earlier this month with a Windows update, and I'm having a hard time with the learning curve with this newer version. Photosuite 4 also had a transparent flood-fill that I can't seen to find. The only transparency adjustment I've found in Photosuite 2011 makes the entire image go away, not just the selected color. Thanks for any help you can provide.
  3. RailwayLion

    Winoncd 6Pe And Roxio Creator

    Having been a long time user of WinOnCD, I've just moved to a new Windows 7, X64 computer. I was dismayed - but not entirely surprised - to find that whilt WoC 6PE would install on Win 7, it would not run correctly: specifically, it could not connect to the CD drive. This was because it was using the old Adaptec ASPI DLLs CDRTC, CDRAL, etc. However, having installed Creator 2011, it started working correctly - I assume because it has replaced the legacy CD access DLLs with a more modern way of accessing the CD drive. Now I can re-use all my WOC projects (.cpj) and, more importantly, retain a CD authoring capability that is FAR more convenient than e.g. Music Disc Creator.
  4. Hi, I purchased Roxio Creator in 2011 and made a back up dvd. I then dropped my laptop and the hard drive was toast, had to be replaced. So now I am trying to use the back up dvd I made but it doesn't do anything. I am also trying to reinstall Roxio Creator from my account but as it's been over 30 days it won't let me re-install (I was hoping by reinstalling I could get it to read and transfer the files off that back up dvd). Any tips or suggestions? And what is the point of the back up dvd if I can't use it when I need it! Thanks!
  5. First, I uninstalled my Creator 2011 from Programs and Features, thinking that was the thing to do before attempting to install the NXT. Then, I attempted to install NXT four times. Each time, after the installation was about 80-90% complete, it stopped and rolled back to the beginning. So, because I want and need Creator to open some projects that I'm working on, I attempted, two times, to install/reinstall Creator 2011. Again, I'm getting the same response as I did with NXT (roll back). I've tried to attach a couple LogFiles so that you can see that info. The "...28.zip" is for the NXT, and the "...44.zip" is for the 2011. LogFile 12-11-05 10-28.zip LogFile 12-11-05 13-44.zip There are more files, but they are too large for the allotted 5MB size. Also, the following is my system info, if you need it: Windows Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium System: HP Pavilion Processor: Intel® Core™2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz Installed Memory: 3.00 GB By the way, I had a similar problem a year or two ago that had to do with Creator 2009 and 2011. I contacted you guys and you were able to help me get the 2011 installed. I couldn't find the reply to the topic or I would have referred to that info. Anyway, I'd appreciate your help again. Thank you. Chris