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Found 7 results

  1. My puter crashed and I had to return it to factory settings. When I tried to reinstall Creator 2012 and I got to the point of the program telling me to check for softwhare updates, it came back with,"You are not connected to the internet". Well, I checked, Iwas connected to the internet. I tried to cancel the rquest and everything stopped from there. So I ried everything again, just closing out the request to check for updates. same problem. Everything just stopped. So now what do I do?
  2. I have re-installed creator 2012 and I keep getting a message that says critical registry keys needed. What do I need to do or where do I find the keys.
  3. When burning dual layer disks, the product hangs at 98%. I did a complete uninstall and reinstall, to know avail. There are no firmware updates that I am missing. I have used this before, without incident. Tried another disc mfg...t no avail. Any ideas? Thanks,
  4. Hi, for a couple of years my Roxio 2012 has worked flawlessly until yesterday. I tried to open it up and all I got was a white screen and at the bottom was a link to update to a newer design. I could not get it to work so I removed the program and re loaded it. Same result, white screen only. Any help would be appreciated...Thanks in advance
  5. Computer died and was replaced as we had backups of the important stuff in BOT (BackOnTrack - Roxio Creator 2012 PRO), but as I am seeing on these forums, these may not have offered the protection that was anticipated. We have some 35, 000 pictures that we would really like to get from the backup drive. We can see all the files on the drive, but each file has an associated %%stream file with it, and this seems to mean that the file cannot be copied or read directly. How is it "restored" as the Original creator CD does not a restore program on it - which itself is a tragedy.
  6. Greetings, I am running Creator 2012 on a Win7 Ultimate machine. All too often when I start, or after I am using MyDVD (videowave13) an error dialog pops up that says that "Remote Desktop Connection is not supported by this application". At that point my only apparent option is to crash out of MyDVD and lose any unsaved work. I am using MyDVD strictly locally (not over a remote connection). What is the software looking for that makes it THINK I'm connected remotely? Thanks, Arch
  7. When attempting to bur a large movie to a double density disk, using Creator 12, Windows 7 on a PC, the encoding process gets to about 98% done and then stops and gives the message "An unrecoverable device error occured. Error while encoding Movie 1" I've done a lot to try and run this one down- Creator 12 worked just fine on several other movies of similar length and format, but suddenly just stopped. So far I have uninstalled all other movie and video burning software, uninstalled Creator 12 and then reloaded it, checked for updates and even gone as far as to have a new DVD burner installed... still the same issue. Any suggestions?
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