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Found 12 results

  1. Looking at old threads this appears to be an old and common problem with Creator NXT Videowave audio. I've been looking for workarounds and trying to determine the root cause – The problem – using “Add Background Audio” in Videowave or “Change Menu Audio” in MyDVD the program crashes as soon as it tries to access a folder containing audio files. Background to the problem – It has been getting worse over the past year or so, starting with crashing occasionally to now crashing every time. I think it started, but I'm not sure, when I upgraded my desktop from Windows 8 to 8.1. It was eventually crashing every time with 8.1 and I have since upgraded to windows 10 with no change. First workaround – in Videowave I can of course open file explorer and drag a file into videowave. I can't do that with MyDVD – I used to have to move all required files to a Windows XP or 7 machine to carry out audio work. (Note – I have several disc copies of Creator NXT bought for a photography group – the problem exists with ALL copies when installed on my desktop). Another workaround - I have recently discovered the following - if I remove all my audio files from the folder normally accessed by Videowave and put them elsewhere, then open Videowave or MyDVD, open the required file, then replace the audio file(s) that I require for this session to the normal folder, Videowave and MyDVD can then successfully access these files. Furthermore, if I then close and re-open Videowave or MyDVD and then re-open the required file the program again crashes when attempting to access the files. So, if there are no files in the relevant folder when the Videowave or MyDVD file is opened, any files subsequently added to the folder, while the Videowave or MyDVD file is still open, will be accessed successfully. Has anyone any idea what the root cause might be – NXT frailty? (there are other minor audio and other problems not mentioned here!!!), Windows? (NXT used to work OK with Windows 8 and initially with 8.1 and the same copies work on my other Windows 7 and XP machines), my desktop? (I have no other problem with it although I appreciate NXT is more complex than anything else I use). Would an NXT upgrade to NXT4 help? Cheers Dave
  2. Hi, Does anyone out there yet know whether Creator NXT will work with Windows 10? My experience with Windows 8.1 is that Videowave has more areas where it is flaky. I now have to move everything over to a slower Win7 machine to carry out some audio operations. I expect Win10 to cause more issues!! Any comments? Cheers, Dave
  3. I was having trouble with the video editor so I uninstalled Roxie Creator NXT and deleted all of the Roxio directories I could find on my hard drive. When I reinstalled creator NXT, all of the video tools were gone. They are not on the home screen or in the menus. As far as I know there were only two disks in the box. One for Creator NXT wnd one for paintshop, which I don't want to install. I can't figure out how sections of the program could be missing when the rest of it seems to be fine. Any suggestions? Screenshot and dxdiag are attached. DxDiag20151002.txt
  4. I have Creator NXT and a PC with a Blu Ray burner, but I can't burn Blu Ray discs, as the option is not there. Do I need a different version of Roxio to do this please? Have Lotsof holiday movies created in Roxio, but want to Blu Ray them. Thankyou.
  5. Hi - I have recently bought Creator NXT having used EMC10 and earlier versions successfully for many years. Using EMC10 I created a set of DVDs in which I used a Flat Brush font for the text which I found ideal for my purpose. I now want to create more of the same series of DVDs but I can't find this font in Creator NXT. Does anyone know of any way fonts can be added to those available in Videowave, or know of a font that is very, very similar? If there is no solution I will have to revert to EMC10 for these DVDs. Very annoying, but I really do want to use the Flat Brush font. Why, why, why do software companies do this sort of thing??? Many thanks in anticipation. Dave
  6. In Roxio Label Creator I get no “Radio Button” description in the print menu making it difficult to proceed without guessing. Any hints? System Information: Windows 7 SP 1 Home Premium 64 bit AMD Phenom ™ II XP 1090T Processor 3.20 GHz 12.0 GB RAM AMD Radeon HD 5570
  7. I Have previously installed NXT on external drive 2 months ago and all was great until aweek ago it just stopped working along with paintshop pro x4 which came with my NXT disc I have tried to uninstall both copies and reinstall but I get an error message for NXT, error attempting to read from source install data base D:\EMC_140\roxiocreator.msi, and with my paintshop disc I get system has not been modified message. I Know paintshop is not roxio but as they came together I wondered if one or both would be the source of the problems I am having please help I have an average knowledge of computers so would appreciate simple terms if anyone has any suggestions of solving this problem.
  8. I have been running Creator NXT but when i wnet to copy a CD got a mesage saying Critical registry keys are missing. In the end I totally uninstalled the programme and then tried to reinstal. I get the same error message. If I ignore it and try to proceed with insatllation the Serial Number is not accepted. I cannot carry our the instaruction to "reoair this issue open Add/Remove program from Control panel. Locate the application, double click. the select repair" for two reasons. First the Add/Remove prohgramme is not an option in the Control Panel menu (wWindows 7 fully updtaed) and anyway the programme is not installed. What do I need to do? Please help Thanks
  9. I upgraded from Creator 2012 to NXT Pro and discovered Cinemagic is nolonger available. Is there anyway I can get inside my 2012 installer files to reinstall Cinemagic as a standalone program? I realize it would not be linked to NXT Pro and would not be accessable through the NXT interface but could be used as a seperate program much like the Cineplayer, Photoshow and Facefilter which remained after the NXT upgrade. I know that for a MAC there is an extractor application that you can use to get inside installer files to be able to install parts of an install and was wondering if there was such a program for windows. Or would it be possible to install Creator 2012 onto another hard drive or something so I could use CINEMAGIC? I feel I got a lot with the upgrade to Creator NXT Pro but losing Cinemagic is a bummer .... I liked how it was able to automagically select scenes and combine video with pictures plus you could tweek it to be more selective in it's choosing. Have not found anyother program that can do what Cinemagic was able to do.
  10. I cannot run Video Wave, Video Copy and Convert or My DVD. These have never worked for me in either Creator 2012 and Now Creator NXT either under Windows 7 Pro / Ultimate 64 Bit or Windows 8 Pro 64 Bit. Whenever I run Video Wave, as soon as the splash screen starts I get the "Video Wave has stopped working" error dialog box. If I try to run My DVD, it starts up, but as soon as it finishes loading, I get the same "Video Wave has stopped working" error. These never worked for me in either Creator 2012 Pro and Creator NXT. Trying to use video copy and convert, I cannot use this to download web video as it says I need the latest version of Flash, but windows 8 / IE 10 already has the latest flash installed. Video Copy convert used to work under Windows 7 and Creator 2012, even though it did crash frequently when trying to use the web download option. I will post PC specs, but for some reason, I cannot use the enter key to post, so I cannot start a new line. PC specs: Windows 8 pro, Intel Core I7 3770K 3.5Ghz @ 3.9 Ghz, 32 GB RAM G-Skill Ripjaws 1600 MHz (4 x 8GB), 1 x 512GB OCZ SSD boot drive, 2 x 2TB SATA II Seagte HDD, 2 x 3 TB SATA III HDD, 2 LG BluRay 14x SATA burners, Sounblaster Z soundcard, Zotac NVidia GT640 Graphics with 2GB DDR memory, with NVidia 3D vision setup, 2 flat panels displays (1 3D, both 1920 x 1080 via DVI). How do I get these programs working? I bought a whole new verion because version 12 never offered any updates, and NXT up to now has never offered any software updates either.
  11. Everything I have seen, to include software specifications, suggest that Creator NXT requires an internet connection for activation. I work for Lockheed Martin and have several classified machines I need to load with the product however the machines cannot touch the internet. IS THERE A WORK AROUND? If there is not work around is my NXT license good for older versions of EASY CD CREATOR that do not require internet to activate?...if it is good...any suggestions on the most recent version that would be good to use? Crazy. Any help is appreciated...time is of the essense. Cheers.
  12. When I start the video capture facility in Creator NXT, I get the screen shown below. If I remove the error window, it pops up again so quickly, that I have just about time to close the program, if I hurry up, otherwise the window will open again and block the program. I want to use the Roxio USB Analog Video Capture devise that I very recently bought with the program. I have tried to repair the installation with the firewall and AV off, but to no avail. The problem persists regardless weather the USB devise is plugged in or not. The devise manager shows that the system recognizes the devise. I attach a screen shot of my system specifics, all programs are of course updated. I should be most obliged for your expert help.
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