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Found 6 results

  1. Brand new copy of Toast 15 to replace Toast 12 (at Roxio's tech rep's suggestion) to fix this problem but alas, no solution, just cash lost.
  2. Hello, I'll make this short. I've an HP Pavillion DV6 with Windows 7 I've been burning Photshows DVD for years no issue. My old DVD drive on my HP crapped out so I went on ebay bought the identical same as new replacement and installed it in 2 minutes flat. All was good, it plays DVD's records and burns does everything that a new drive should do. Here's my issue, when trying to burn a DVD Photoshow, PS will not recognize any drive being there when I click the burn DVD button. It says there is no drive, please check drivers or something about an connecting an external drive(that i do not own). I'm not good on REGEDIT stuff that I've seen on youtube, but, on my Computer says drive working correctly (no issue). Why the heck does PS get so fussy, why can't it just see that a drive is there. I've a wedding on SAT and I'm running out of time. Thank you for anything you can point me to. The drive works, it's so frustrating Frank. Reply Report
  3. When doing a burn it gets 97% completed then ejects DVD and says please insert recordable DVD. I know DVD works and disk is good. I have Windows 10 operating system. Help! Please
  4. VF Dave

    Classic Disc Image (.img) Burn To Dvd

    I an trying to take a .img file from the DVD creator of a video not copy guarded and make new DVD's. My boss just bought Toast Titanium Pro 14.
  5. MacAwesome88

    Dvd Burn Fails With Toast 11,12 & Yosemite

    Apple, you owe me for 3 Blank DVDs since I tried burning 3 DVDs... one Movie DVD and Two Data DVDs all failed at 37% or 38% with the Error Shown in the Screen Shot Below...Never had any Problems with Lion, Mountain Lion or Mavericks. I even Tried reinstalling Both versions of Toast 11.2 & 12.1 thinking it was the software.... very frustrating when these were going to be shown for company on Christmas Day. If I had known this I would have purchased $40.00 cable to go from MacBook Pro to LCD TV (DVI out to HDMI). Dam this *****... (MacBook Pro 2012 w/ 16GB Ram 500GB HD • Yosemite 10.10.1) Using Brand New SONY DVD-R up to 16X Blank DVDs Error Dialog (tried to attach the picture but nothing working for me today): SENSE KEY = ILLEGAL REQUEST SENSE CODE = 0X30, 0x05 CANNOT WRITE MEDIUM, INCOMPATIBLE FORMAT Sincerely Disappointed Robert
  6. Hello, I made a slideshow on Windows Movie Maker and finalized it as a .mp4 file. I was looking to burn the movie onto a blank DVD so we could watch it on the TV so I purchased the Roxio Easy CD and DVD Burning Program. However, when I click 'add new movie' on myDVD express and try to add the already finalized .mp4, I am met with an error window stating "The file you are trying to use cannot be edited, and has not been added" sooo frustrating! Can anyone help me out???