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Found 17 results

  1. I have never been able to get a good quality DVD from mydvd. I started with Creator NXT 7 Pro and just upgraded to 9 Pro and I still have the same issue. Any DVDs I burn are of very poor quality--pixelated, jumpy-- while BD-R discs are somewhat better. I'm using videos from a Sony Handycam 4K recorder that are converted to MP4 by sony Play Memories software. I create the movies through Roxio VideoWave. When complete the videos play beautifully through windows media player, but are just trash once burned to DVD. I tried creating ISO files and then burning to disc from the ISO files (saw that suggestion on here) but that made no difference. Blu Ray discs come out looking okay, but are certainly not Blu ray quality. They're more like iffy standard DVDs. Any thoughts? I've tried changing my export settings in videowave and every other setting I can think of. This should not be happening, so there's something going on! Thanks for the help.
  2. I am running into problems trying to burn discs. I am continuously getting an 'out of memory' error when trying to burn a DVD. While being no expert I have seen this before with other programs & it seems to relate to where the temporary files are stored for burning. Unfortunately, I can't change that directory & I suspect it defaults to the system drive (which is largely eaten up by Windows). Any ideas/suggestions? NXT4 is installed on a drive with over 1 TB of free memory.
  3. I run WindowsXP on a desktop PC. I've installed Easy CD & DVD burning from Roxio on it a couple of years ago, and so far it worked great for burning CDs. Now I want some of my movieclips burned on a DVD for a friend who doesn't have a computer. But the program "MyDVDexpress" in Roxio wants MPEG-2 codec(s) activated first. Clicked through that, but then it says "Invalid product key". The key is correct, was recognized in the registration just now. What's wrong? There doesn't seem to be another way to burn DVDs with this program. Any advice (besides getting a different DVD-burner)?
  4. I am constantly getting this error while trying to burn DVDs. I have tried defragmenting hard drives beforehand, tried DirectX updating (all current), uninstalling & reinstalling the software, but the problem persists. It has cost me a great number of DVDs and is becoming most annoying. I have tried searching for update patches for Windows 8.1 to no avail. Any suggestions?
  5. I've just purchased Easy CD & DVD Burning. The program will make a temporary file for burning, but does not recognize a blank DVD when I insert it. It repeatedly says to insert a blank DVD while ejecting the blank DVD that I've inserted. Can you help?
  6. I've just produced my first video with Creator NXT 3. When I burn the video to DVD, it automatically loops (starts over) when it reaches the end. How do I prevent automatic looping of videos when burned to DVD? Can't find any reference to this in Help or Knowledge Base. Suggestions?
  7. HELP! HELP !HELP ! PLEASE #1 15 days ago I bought this product (Toast Pro 12) in hopes that i could burn an iMovie ( of dancers) into a dvd It was filmed in HD on a canon i call myself burning it using the DVD-Video method that is suppose to hold 4 hours of video for playback on a set top DVD player or on Mac and Windows PC's using DVD PLAYBACK SOFTWARE IT WILL PLAY ON MY NEW Macbook pro 13" but not on my desktop mac,or the dvd player at school. I gave a copy to a friend and she said it would not play on her PC computer or dvd player. I am so mad and don't know what to do after spending so much money for this program. #2 - to get tech support you need a support code- but i downloaded toast pro 12 and dot see a support code with 9 digits - i have A order# and costumer number but where is the support code #? YOU'D THINK AFTER PAYING FOR THIS PRODUCT -COSTUMER SERVICE WOULD BE EASIER TO REACH HHHHHHEEEELLLLPPPP ME Somebody Please Thanks a lot....DCGypsy
  8. Hello, I've just started having issues making dvd's with toast. I open a saved project from my movies in Toast. Put in a blank dvd. Click the record button. It seems to be going alright but when it gets to "Filling the ram cache...100%" it just sits there and won't prompt me that it's done and to eject. I've tried repeatedly but it's always the same. It was working fine until now. What am I doing wrong?
  9. Clearaway

    Burning Dvd's

    I use Toast Titanium 9.07 and MacPro (OS 10.9 Maverick). Why is it my created DVD's will play on my mac but NOT on my TV attached Player? Can someone give me step by step solution? I would feel most indebted for a solution. CaptainAlYetman@gmail;.com Al
  10. I just purchased 1DVD and it has failed in an important feature. I want to make sure that Toast has that feature before I invest. I used 1DVD to create a DVD using two .m4v files generated by iMovie. When I play the first file, the DVD stops at the end and I have to press skip to get to the second file. In my Pc life, I used Ulead to create and burn DVDs. The playing of the first file always preceeded into the second and so on through the whole disk. Will DVDs burned by Toast from .m4v files proceed from one file to the next? I am assuming that Toast will take .mov and .m4v files and generate the AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS files needed for the DVD to play on a DVD player?? thanks.
  11. Want to burn a photo slide show to DVD and keep getting this error message: failed to start the image writing operation while burning image. 80004003 error while aborting. Have saved the slideshow in myDVD, I don't understand all the file extensions so if you respond to my dilemma please use novice terms. This slide show is for my son's rehearsal dinner next FRIDAY, 10-4, HELP!
  12. Every time I burn a DVD after about 2-3 minutes of play it starts freezing, skipping, and pixelating. I've tried all the other suggestions; higher quality dvds, slower speed, using an external dvd burner, burn from image, burning in HQ, but nothing has worked. I've only had my computer a few months and I never had this issue on my old laptop with creator 9 and windows vista. Now that Ive switched to windows 8 and creator nxt I seem to be having issues. Has anyone found a way to solve this issue??
  13. When I convert a Tivo video to DVD I get no audio. Even on the preview there is no audio before I burn the DVD.
  14. ​​ I have successfully burned a DVD from a movie that contained video_ts and audio_ts folders with earlier versions of Toast. However, Toast 11 for Mac does not accept the movie folder, nor any subset thereof. The color wheel sits there for many hours and Toast does does nothing. I have had to force close the app because finder says the app is "not responding."
  15. Hi I recently bought copy and convert. I started buy trying to copy a movie onto a DVD-R. The dialog box said the burn was complete and no error message appeared, but the disc has no movie on it. It says it is empty when looked at through explorer but I cannot burn anything new onto it as it says it is not blank Where has the movie gone. It doesn't show up in explorer or play on vlc, window's media or a dvd player. What has happened and can I fix it or at least stop it from happening again so I can continue burning
  16. So I just downloaded Roxio Creator NXT. I went in to try out the DVD Burner and movie maker and this message popped up. "The current display settings do not meet the minimum requirements for this application. Please change the screen resolution to 1024x768 pixels or higher, and the color quality to 16-bit or higher." I checked my settings and I fall well into the "or higher" at: 1920x1080 32-bit. What's the deal?
  17. My EyeTV3 version 3.5.6 (6920) software documentation suggests an easy way to burn a DVD of my program.... use Toast. So, I purchased the current version of Toast Titanium 11.1_1072 and downloaded it. (I had owned Toast 10 and earlier versions.) I was looking for a straightforward, no-frills way to transfer a couple EyeTV programs to DVD. So I launched EyeTV and Toast, dragged the first EyeTV program over to the Toast video pane, verified there would be enough space on a regular size DVR disc and pressed "Burn". The process went way too fast. I had a bad feeling about that. There were no warnings issued by Toast and I ended up with 16 minutes of my two hour show on DVD. I tried the second two hour show and got maybe 30 minutes of it. By the way, I'm running Mac OSX 10.8.2 on a MacBook Pro Retina purchased a few months ago. The first progress message indicates that it is Encoding. It gets up to 13%. Next it indicates that it is multiplexing and gets up to about 13%. Then it starts multiplexing again at 0%, briefly. Then it indicates that it has started writing and that it will be done in a couple minutes... not a good sign. Soon it is done. Yup, 16 minutes, 45 seconds (again). I tried turning off verification, recording at 4x (way reduced speed), etc. Finally, I figured out how to move iDVD from another computer, Exported in iDVD format from EyeTV, launched with iDVD, set up the menu screen and burned it. No fuss, no muss. The second two hour show was equally successful via iDVD. This appears to be a software problem, perhaps in EyeTV, but more likely in Toast. I'm not optimistic that there is an easy solution. I suspect that Toast 11 has serious flaws. Keep in mind that it did not give me any error message. I'm not too keen on a lot more experimenting. The whole reason I got the new version of Toast was to make the process very simple.
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