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Found 4 results

  1. So as the title suggests, I am trying to set up a capture from a gaming console to my PC. I can get the image to show in OBS on the PC (albeit without sound, though that's another issue for another time) but not on my monitor. The specifics of how I have this set up are listed below: Console: Nintendo Switch -> Roxio HD Pro - > Laptop & Monitor (Acer G205H) The cable being used from Roxio to the monitor is an HDMI - DVI cable. The monitor should have HDCP support (This link claims it does: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/720993-REG/Acer_ET_DG5HP_001_G205H_Special_Edition_20.html). If going directly from the Switch to the monitor, the video shows perfectly fine. From Roxio to the monitor, however, the screen is generally black. I say "generally" because a couple of times it flashed an "Input not Supported" message before turning black. From what research into this message I've done as it relates to Capture Cards, it seems that this is due to a resolution issue. I've changed the native resolution of the Switch to test all three of its options (1080p, 720p, and 480p) yet none of them worked, and considering that going directly from the Switch to the monitor works, I do not believe that this is a resolution issue (though I could be wrong). Not sure what the cause is here, so I would really appreciate some guidance/help before going out to buy different wires or HDMI Splitters or w/e else comes to mind to test this and end up just wasting money. Thank you. ~Dys
  2. Hello folks , I want to capture footage from older pc games. For this reason I've hooked up my Game Capture HD Pro to an separate PC. The desktop resolution is 1280x1024 60hz. I've tried two variants. 1. Via an DVI to HDMI adapter: The image in the preview window is shown to be zoomed in, so only a small area is visible. 2. Via an VGA to HDMI converter (1:1, no scaling): The image seems to have the correct size, but is split in the middle, like it has problems with the vertical synchronisation. I don't know if this is a problem with the converter, but the datasheets says, that it support the given resolution. Do you have any ideas how I can solve this problem? PS: Which input resolutions does the Game Capture HD Pro actually support? Many thanks in advance!
  3. Hello! I have trouble getting image on my Benq monitor. Setup is: From monitor to RGC: DVI to HDMI into the output of RGC From RGC to PS4: HDMI to HDMI from input of RGC I get image to the capturing software (HDCP disabled on PS4), but the image doesn't show up on my monitor screen. It works just fine on my old screen where there is a HDMI input, but not with my new monitor without HDMI input. Monitor is Benq Senseye 3 (Benq 27" GW2760 VA LED)
  4. Greetings from Germany at all! first of all my system: Intel Core i5 @3.40GHz Radeon HD 7800 Series, PCI Express 2.0 x16 with 1024 MB GDDR 5 with 2x DVI and 1x HDMI connections 8 GB Win 8.1 x64 various HDD's /SSD's my problem is: I connected 2 monitors via DVI with my graphic card and connected "Roxio Game Capture HD Pro" via HDMI. (HDMI cable is connected below to Roxio, above is nothing connected) Is it possible to duplicate for example Monitor 1 screen with Roxio, So that the signal is captured from the screen 1 through Roxio? In short, it is possible to use two screens simultaneously and Roxio? :-D monitor #1 for playing, monitor #2 for desctop and another stuff AND capture monitor #1 with Roxio! Desctop properties -> screen resolutions, I have all tried without success :-( Thanks!!! Danke and Aufwiedersehen! ;-)
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