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Found 25 results

  1. Bought the Creator NXT4 Pro upgrade package that was on offer (and still is) Just loaded on a new machine and it downloaded Creator plus Content then fired off an install for Corel Aftershot 2 but not sure where to pickup the other additional products that were included in the offer i.e. HDR Express/Izotope Music and Speech and Painshop Pro v7 Anyone know where to get the downloads from a Roxio supported link or do you just google then use the keys provide when you install? Many thanks for any guidance offered Regards Leslie
  2. How come there is no Trial Download for Toast 14?
  3. Soooo... I Dont have a cd or dvd drive and I need to download the product to use my roxio. I have the cd with me and even the "IMPORTATN - serial number" (key) with me soo I dont know what to do. Can someone help.
  4. I bought a Game capture (not hd) used from a guy and he wasn't able to supply a disc with the unit. He said I'd be able to download the software online and I can't seem to find it anywhere.
  5. I have a license of NTX 2 and can't find a place to download the program again. Where is it?
  6. Hello all, I have misplaced/lost my CD's to my VHS to DVD 3 Plus. I have the product key is there anyway that I can download the software on line? Am I going to ahve to buy the whole thing again? Thanks
  7. Yesterday I bought Creator nxt3 online. I started downloading and put in the product code. The code was accepted but the installation failed. I tried downloading again to install but when I put the product code in it said product code can not be verified. I have a project I need to finish and would like to get the program working. I sent an email through support but did not get a response. Does anyone have a phone number or solution for me. I really appreciate it.
  8. Hello, I created a Photoshow last week. I have a premium account. When I click the "Save as MP4 video" link, I get this message: Status: We're processing your request... We will send an email to mikeymo1741@yahoo.com when your video is ready. It seems to me a "few hours" should be less than a week. Am I doing something incorrectly, or should I open a tech ticket?
  9. Where do I download Toast 12? I have purchased it and have registration. I've also purchased a number of other versions in the past. Just need to install it on my new Mac.
  10. I have an iMAC that is about a year old. I purchased the easy VHS to DVD at a store and thought I could find a downloadable version of the software online, but now I see there is very little customer support available. Is a download available or should I return the product to the store! I have a pile of VHS home movies to convert and was looking for an EASY solution! Thanks.
  11. Does anyone have a link to download just the drivers for this? For some reason, I think the drivers on my disc are outdated, 'cause no matter how many times I uninstall roxio and reinstall it, whenever I plug the USB in, my laptop doesn't recognize the device (it comes up as Unknown Device in device manager).
  12. I have to install on my new Mac Toast Titanium Pro that I bought on August 2011. Unfortunately, I did not save the installer downloaded at the time of purchase. Is there a way to download the file "Toast_11_Pro_1100_669.dmg", without buying another copy of Toast 11 PRO? Thank you for your help. Giovanni Gardin Order Date: 30/08/2011 Order Code: 13672821145
  13. Cant find it. All I see is the Download Manger. Where's download NXT 2 Pro?
  14. I've purchased a Roxio Game Capture Pro HD, but i need a downloadable version of the software as i don't have a disc drive in my laptop. Please help i really want to get it up and running.
  15. Hello, the 11th déc. I buyed NXT2, the download crashed and I can't download NXT2 anymore (Roxio sayed, 3 times used). My mail to the CostumerService don't have un answer. With the older version 10 downloads are permissed, with NXT2 only 3 times. This is not a very good solution by Roxia (I think when you buyed a programm, It's yours forever!) Can you help me? I can send you the Confirmation-Infos of Roxio. I want use the programm with the promised new version! Many Thanks. Alfons L Reiter
  16. I've just re-installed Easy CD Creator Basic on an old XP machine that needed re-installing. The version is I can find various links to update files on the Roxio site, but those links go to the corel.force.com site and I can't find them there. Where are the updates?
  17. Hey Guys, I just bought my Roxio game capture hd pro today and my computer doesn't have a disc tray, so I went on this website to try to use the serial number to download, but how do you download it?
  18. Hello, recently my Roxio Game Capture HD Pro recording software has malfunctioned and stopped working. When I launch the software via the launchpad, I try to select the capture option. The screen opens momentarily and then crashes immediately. I have read elsewhere on the forum that I would just need to re-install my software, but unfortunately, I seem to have misplaced my disk and box. I believe I have accidentally thrown the disk out along with the box because it is in a paper pocket and not an actual case. Therefore I would like the help of a Guru to pass this on to Roxio support because my Support Code has expired. I require a software installation download so I can re-install/repair the software already on my PC. To verify I own the device, I will send an image of it, along with my name on my Debit Card to verify that it is not an image taken from the internet, on request. (I don't want to post that sensitive information for anyone to see. On a side note, I find it disgraceful that we only receive a one time use support code and it has to be used within 14 days of registration. What if, like myself, we do not require support for the first 14 days? What if it is a couple of months before something happens and we require support, which we rightfully deserve, yet we are forced to pay an outrageous fee of $25 for, again, one time usage. Thankyou for your time and I would appreciate it if a Guru or Roxio support could help me out *Edit* I forgot to say, if it matters, that my product has been registered to my email address and I could send you the registration/product code if needed.
  19. i change out my defective hard drive which had roxio creator 2011 on it that i upgraded to from starter online i have the serial numbers but i cant find out where i can download. any thoughts?
  20. Hi everybody. After working fine for a little while, my Game Capture HD software now crashes every time I select the "Capture" option after launching, I cannot get it to start at all. Nothing changed on the PC, no patches etc, it just randomly stopped. This happens with the capture unit plugged in or not, it doesn't make a difference. I have tried running as a different (admin) user, removed the capture device from device manager, plugged it in to different USB ports, etc. Nothing works. Compounding this, I was unaware of Corel's absolutely archaic (and frankly more than a little shady) practice of not allowing customers to download software or drivers from their site, so - like a lot of other users - the CD has already been binned, leaving me with no method of re-installing to fix the issue. I'm going through their support at the moment to see if I can get anybody to let me download the software (which seems like the minimum amount of customer service for a £130+ product), but as they've not replied for days and I'm reading it's likely they'll just ask me to buy a new unit anyway, has anybody got any experience of fixing crash errors on selecting the capture option? I'm running Windows 8 64-bit if that helps at all. Thanks for any advice.
  21. I recently reformatted my computer and I forgot to save a copy of the installer. I kept the keys, but I didn't have the actual installer binary. I went through the proper channels to re-download the software from Digital River. They sent me an email telling me its been over 30 days since I bought it and I could pay to extend the download period. It's 2013 and a software company charges registered user to re-download the software that they paid for. Please tell me that I am misunderstanding something. I hope so.
  22. Okay question? Now I was wondering how would someone go about downloading a replacemnt copy of Toast 11, if the medit has been lost, but stil have the licence and it had been purchased from a retail shop.
  23. just installed snow leopard 10.6.8 onto my imac. and would like the update for Toast 8. Need 8.0.3 Can't find it anywhere. Can anyone help? Thanks!
  24. I downloaded and registered products to a computer that was stolen from me. How can I download them again to the new computer I have bought to replace the stolen computer? I did not buy the DVD, but hope I can download them again like I did 2 months ago. Roxio MYDVD 10 Premier Roxio MyDVD Video Lab 10 Roxio Creator NXT ​Thanks for your assistance. ​Dougbeyer
  25. I purchased Roxio Easy CD and DVD Burning in August 2010. I had to replace the hard drive in my computer and therefore I needed to reinstall the program. I have lost the disk. On your support page, there is search option to find the order details: order number: 9130759517 date: 8/10/2010 Billing and Shipping Address: William Owens Bergara 2, 6A San Sebastián 20005 ES Product key:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Quantity shipped: 1 There is supposed to be a pop-up to download the software --OR-- I am supposed to write Digital River directly. I have written them twice on the little pop-up page but have not gotten a reply. Is there someway I can download the software so I can install it on my new harddrive? thank you. William Owens Removed product Key
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