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  1. Is there a way to save the multi-camera project and continuing working on it (selecting cameras, keeping the sync of the video streams) etc? I have an hour long video that I did on two cameras and the amount of time to go completely through it will exceed the length of the videos by several multiples, plus I found syncing by audio very difficult with the two files and had to visually sync based on an easy to see event that's visible in both videos.
  2. I've been having this problem for a while and I want it to stop since it makes editing the Videos hell. Everytime I click a button or try to cut the video or do anything for that matter it crashes or freezes alot. I used this on a older computer without this issue and now I have it on a better computer. I wanna know what I can do to fix it or something th ecompany can do to solve it.
  3. I've been using Roxio HD Pro for quite some time and haven't been having too much trouble with it. When it comes to recording actual game footage it works perfectly. However, I get a TON of issues when trying to edit my videos. For some reason the program always seems to crash at random. Sometimes it crashes when i click on split, sometimes it crashes when i try to save, it is absolutely random and i have to constantly be saving my work so that i dont have to do too much if it crashes again. I got used to the problem but now it has gotten even worse. It's incredibly slow now when I'm editing and recently when i was trying to export a video it just got stuck on one frame and continued to export (What i mean by this is that the video itself froze, but the program continued to export. As a result, the finished video stops at one frame but all audio continues, i dont know why). I was already getting frustrated at this point but tried my best to be patient. Then at one point when i tried to split the video again is just took FOREVER to do it. I waited about 15-20 minutes until i decided to just use task manager to force it to stop. Doing this caused yet another issue to arise however, as I cannot open that video file anymore. I click on it to edit it, but the video wave just gets stuck there and refuses to open up the video. I have no idea what to do now and I even did the repair option that I see is reccommended everywhere. It still doesnt work... The specs on my computer are: Processor: IntelĀ® Core i5-3230M CPU @2.60GHz. Installed Memory (RAM): 4.00 GB System Type: 64-bit operating system PLEASE if anyone can help please do so. I have been so patient with this program, but now I cannot no longer be.....
  4. Every time I open up the Roxio program the capturing works great! but i can no longer edit because the second the editor opens... it crashes and I have tried everything. I have tried to repair the software, but not un install because I dont have my product key anymore. help me please?
  5. Hello all, i need some help with live streaming using both OBS and the Roxio game capture HD pro. When I start OBS i make the sources and everything but when i try to stream i get either a black screen or colored lines. I was wanting to know if anyone could help me Thanks all, Rocketman2798
  6. I want to take a TIVO video file commercials, when I take out the first then go to the next, How do you do this? RichNet
  7. Hi I am planning on recording a splitscreen game with my friend to upload on my upcoming youtube channel. I have not yet purchased the Roxio hd pro,but it looks like a nice game recorder for a beginner like me. For it to be convenient for those who chose to watch it, I was wondering is it possible for me to cut my video. When I mean cut it, I mean only recording my prospective cutting out the other screen so it would look as if I was playing Single player. If this is possible, can my friend also record their screen no matter if it's bottom/top or left/right? If this is not possible, what device can or program because I would be glad to use it. Btw here's an example of what I want: The 1st is regular and the 2nd is what I want( I want it less ugly looking and more Youtube acceptable than the screenshot shown) Note: This screenshot is a random ugly screenshot I found
  8. Sorry I am just now trying to use this buggy program. Simple question in videowave editing a video. How can I select a background color for the player? I found it once and now can't find it again. Thanks.
  9. I have been editing in videowave and the preview box shows the videos like this http://prntscr.com/2fj91u That link is a screenshot of the preview box. Also, when recording the preview box is black, but that's a separate problem and not as 'serious'. How can I fix that horrible pixelated effect it's giving in the preview box in VideoWave? Is there anything I can use to convert the m2ts to mp4 or something? Won't that downgrade my quality though? My computer isn't crappy or anything and can run anything else I guess.
  10. I have recorded some gameplay with my Roxio Game Capture HD Pro, however when I edit it in the Roxio Videowave it is very slow and comes up with them pixelated things on the video. It is horrible to edit in. My computer isn't crappy or anything like that. I would prefer to edit in sony vegas however when I import my videos they have no audio? If anyone could help me with the sony vegas audio when I import the roxio gameplay that'd be awesome. Roxio records it in 'M2TS' file format. This is a screenshot of the pixelated thing in Roxio Videowave: http://prntscr.com/2fiu66 I also have a problem with the preview box in Roxio capture when recording. It records fine but the preview box is black while recording, it's not a huge problem but is a shame really since it was working earlier.
  11. I've tried to export the same video through VideoWave five times now. The editing goes fine: I make my cuts, add transitions, insert music, etc. But when the time comes to export it as a useable MP4 video file, it crashes my PC. I'm running Windows 7, it gets about halfway through the exporting process, then the computer freezes and I get the blue screen of death. Any ideas why, and how to fix it?
  12. Hi all, I am using VideoWave in Creator NXT Pro. I have a 40 minute video I want to edit. What is the easiest method for splitting the move into 2 or more videos? also, I want to remove a scene in the middle of a video. What is the best way to do this? All I can find is how to trim the beginning and end of a video. Thanks
  13. Hello, I have been experiencing issues with my game recording software lately. The quality of the videos are fantastic, and the audio is great, although the audio is ten seconds behind. So I've looked up the problem and no one seems to have the same problem. Also I do gameplay and in the beginning it's seems fine and then everything goes bad, like in the beginning is fine and then let's say I'm play call of duty or something like that and I shoot my gun and the animation will be shown but the sound of the gun comes a couple seconds later. I really car about the quality of my videos I provide to my viewers and would really love some help, Thank You.
  14. I have just installed Creator NXT Pro, I find that if I open Videowave projects from Creator 2011 Pro, it cannot recognise Transitions, text or effects, only images on video track, in the past I had no problems importing from previous versions, Corel inform me that NXT won't be able to, has anyone experienced this problem? I find it very strange if that is the case, other editing software will allow you to use projects from previous versions, Roxio certainly did in the past.
  15. (excuse my fail on the topic title, i was meant to put beginning) When I was editing a video the other day, every time I tried to move my audio just a little bit at a time so i could align it...it crashed and said not responding...i ended up closing the programme after waiting half an hour for it to unfreeze...so it takes even longer to edit a short video. Also when i was trying to edit a montage im working on, it keeps lagging and the little black bar that moves while playing, just stops and the video audio keeps playing but the video has froze...so i cant split anything or delete any bits because i dont know where ive got to delete and when i try and put the cursor on part and click play to see if that helps...its till lags and doesn't work....What's going on?! i'm so close to selling it
  16. I'm not sure where this thread belongs but here will do for now. I have captured footage using my HD pro and it plays fine in VLC and windows media player as well as roxio's supplied media player, so the capture itself isn't the problem! I can use the provided software to edit the footage perfectly but the software is; slow and overly complicated and i would prefer to use premiere pro. When I go to edit my footage in CS6 Premiere Pro the audio gradually becomes more and more out of sync the longer the video goes for. For example at 1 minute the audio is synced perfectly however as the video plays through by the 30 minute mark it is out of sync by 2 seconds and by the end of the video its about 2.5 seconds out. There is NO finite point where the audio and video loose sync. Does any one have a fix for this? On a side note, I have research the problem and some have said it could be because of the videos bitrates'.
  17. I would like to sugest an update for videowave that alows the format to be 16:10. My computer monitor has an aspect ratio of 16:10 and it makes my videos after editing in 16:9 have a black border and lowers the quality. suport for less common aspect ratios would be verry helpfull. To make thing a bit clear it dose make the videos in the right aspect ratio. The format for editing is just not the same aspect ratio as the video. It makes the video the right size but in the fotage in the video slightly smaller and adds a black border to the edges. I can post a before and after of the video file to help show the issue.
  18. I'm experiencing some problems. A few months ago I posted some video's to test my video quality of my Roxio game Capture HD Pro to make it work in 1080i. It worked and I was excited to post allot more video's on Youtube. Then I put the capture card away since I didn't have time for it. Then today I reopened it because I wanted to make sure if I still remember how it works and everything. I captured in 1080i on 15000 Kbps. When I was done editing it I exported it in a wma file. When I logged into my youtube account and pressed upload the video couldn't be uploaded because it failed to process due to the fact the video wasn't in the right format. It was in Dmsm which the default file. I don't know why it didn't work I tried many things to make it work. The settings were exactly the same I had from a few months ago when it uploaded onto youtube with no problem. I tried to change the settings and the format I was exporting it. I tried different browsers like internet explorer, chrome, firefox, to see if it would work on them and I also tried uploading the video's to different accounts. Then I uninstalled and installed my Roxio game capture card hd pro program again and it STILL DIDN'T WORK!!!!. I give up if this is the type of problems i'm having after spending 120 dollars on this thing then it is a complete waste of money and I want my money back. Please help.
  19. Hi I've got some home videos recorded from my Sony Handycam that I wanted to convert from the Video_TS folder so that I can edit the videos in iMovie or any other editing software. I've tried using Toast and Handbrake etc but I'm not getting the same quality as the original source. The videos are of sporting action with a ball moving at high speeds, which plays fine with the original Video_TS files but when I convert it doesn't result in the same smooth movement of the ball as it did in the original and is a little bit patchy. The conversion is decent but not quite good enough. Would appreciate any help with the issue and is there any way I can convert those videos for editing with perfect quality? Thanks
  20. How can I add text onto my video and have long duration? For example, I want to put the names of my friend and I on our respective sides of the screen, but the times I have tried, the duration of the text is only ten seconds and I can't change it. Help would be much appreciated.
  21. So a friend and I recorded a gameplay video using the Roxio HD Pro and commentary with Audacity. When I went to start editing, I exported the Audacity file to a .wav file. Then, when I added it the gameplay on Videowave, the audio recording was cut short by about six minutes. Does anyone know of a way to remedy this?
  22. So in the picture below I have a very strange preview issue while editing, the video plays at like half speed, very glitchy and always has those weird lines. But after exporting it the actual video is perfectly normal. Any help with this issue?
  23. It's such a simple feature to have, so why doesn't videowave have it? Come on...
  24. When i load a clip to edit it is in black and white and lines all through it. film is also off center in the editor as well. more focused to the left. using hdmi cables.
  25. Hi all, new to using Roxio. I'm trying to make FIFA videos and edit them to show only the highlights of games, any help with this? It only seems to be able to set start and end!
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