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Found 7 results

  1. I am running a Toshiba Portage with plenty of memory (work computer). I am capturing 2 hour videos from my camcorder and am trying to export via MP4 format to an external 500g hard drive (new and empty). Progress is about 3 minutes for each 1% complete, which is horribly slow (@5 hrs). Worse is that have to monitor the work because if anything happens like screen saver or system pause, the program aborts and I have to start over. MPG goes fairly quickly, but I would rather do MP4. On a side note, if the MP4 aborts and I instead try to use the same project to do an MPEG, it aborts. Every time the program aborts I have to restart my computer in order to access the program. Any ideas ? This is getting frustrating.
  2. Hello! I've been using Roxio for many years, and just purchased NXT5 a few days ago. I created a Videowave project using .MOV files, and when I tried to export the project (in several different formats), they all had the same issue - the audio didn't sync with some of the shorter video clips in my project - it was delayed. The playback, however, on the preview screen in the Videowave project editor has perfect audio. Any ideas? Thank you, Dominique.
  3. After installing the software onto my new PC the option to render my exporting files in AVCHD 1920x1080/60p option is missing and the list of codecs overall is much smaller. I downloaded SP2 and tried several things but the list is the same. What do I need to get this option back?
  4. Hi, I've captured and authored some footage in Final Cut Pro at 25fps. I'm in the UK and 25fps matches up to the PAL standard. Anyway, after editing everything, I'm now ready to burn this to a blu ray to try and preserve as much quality of the footage as possible. I exported a master file (.mov) from Final Cut Pro and loaded this in to Toast Pro 14, and set it off burning. I then tested the Blu Ray disc in my PS4 and there appears to be an issue relating to the frame rate. It seems like the footage has been slightly sped up, so I can assume that Toast has re-encoded the .mov file and increased the frame rate. I have tried to set the custom encoding options and set 're-encode' to 'never', however it just re-encodes the file anyway. Can anyone advise a way that I can keep my footage at 25fps and burn on to a blu ray disc? Thanks
  5. Since the update i cant find a good quality for me to export my videos from 1080p
  6. After editing a video, I click OUTPUT, then EXPORT AS, filling in the blanks. I then click CREATE VIDEO. Another pop up shows the size, time length, etc of the project. The progress indicator never starts. Then, one of two things happens: after a short interval, a message pops up "cannot render" the project (or something like that) OR nothing at all happens (no pop up,en). Now what?
  7. I want my annual Mix CD to become an annual Mix Drive. Lots of individual audio files. • Using Toast 12, can I export these audio files to a flash drive (so that both Mac and PC people can read them)? • Is there any way to create a nice menu on the drive instead of just having a plain folder containing the song files? Thank you.
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