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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I've captured and authored some footage in Final Cut Pro at 25fps. I'm in the UK and 25fps matches up to the PAL standard. Anyway, after editing everything, I'm now ready to burn this to a blu ray to try and preserve as much quality of the footage as possible. I exported a master file (.mov) from Final Cut Pro and loaded this in to Toast Pro 14, and set it off burning. I then tested the Blu Ray disc in my PS4 and there appears to be an issue relating to the frame rate. It seems like the footage has been slightly sped up, so I can assume that Toast has re-encoded the .mov file and increased the frame rate. I have tried to set the custom encoding options and set 're-encode' to 'never', however it just re-encodes the file anyway. Can anyone advise a way that I can keep my footage at 25fps and burn on to a blu ray disc? Thanks
  2. I have set up my game capture correctly, and I'm trying to record my 360 footage. When I record, the fps drops drastically, and there is a few seconds delay from when it happens on the xbox to on the computer. when I play it back, the visuals go at 20 times speed, but the audio plays only t about 1.5. Help?
  3. Hi, I am using a camera with a bnc video output. I'm able to use a bnc to av cable adapter to connect my camera to a Roxio vhs to dvd capture for mac (Version 2.0.1). My camera can record with a field rate of 60fps. However, when I flip frame by frame with Roxio, I'm coming up with 30fps. I do not know if this is a recording issue, or a play back issue. Can the Roxio vhs to dvd capture for mac record 60fps? Thank you and have a good day. -REC.
  4. I posted a thread a week ago or so, and It kinda just died. But I think it is FPS I am having problems with. When I do a video I record the video and record my commentary in Audacity at the same time. When i go into editting, I just match them up correctly in the panels. I do use Videowave. But for soem reason, and this has been happening for about a week now, towards the end of my video I notice that my commentary is WAY ahead of the video. It starts off right where it needs to be, and by the end of teh video my commentary is up like 7-10 seconds. My PC: Acer AspireM3470G Processor: AMD A6-3620 APU with Radeon Graphics 2.20 Ghz 4GB RAM 64 Bit OS w/ Windows 7 What I have done to try and fix it myself: - "repaired" the software about 7 times using my Roxio disk - Re-installed the software twice - Switched from Hardware to software in the editting options - made sure I was in 720p while recording, as well as my Xbox to match - tried doing commentary once I am in videowave rather than a live one. I have tried both Audacity and videwave recordings. To say the least I am aggrevated. I am trying to be patient, and learn more about my problem before I just give up and MAYBE buy a different product. Honeslty I don't want to give up, I have been at this for days now. I hope someone knows whats going on!!!! Example here on my YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RoM01gN0IZ0
  5. I recently just bought the Roxio (first one) and noticed the video can only record in 30 fps but when i render in 60 fps DiVx it only puts in duplicate frames.I also have USB 3.0 on the back of my computer and have the Roxio Game Capture's USB running down to my pc.I edit gameplays with Sony Vegas 12 And After Effects CS5.5 so i used effects like Slow motion E.T.C.
  6. It seems once you start recording, the preview and final video tears, pixilates, and lags severely during intense action. This gradually lessens the longer the recording goes on, and seems to lessen the more you record in that session, even if you stop and start a different recording. I haven't been able to get it to not do it all for a single recording yet, though. Anyway around this? Maybe if I have it record a few seconds of nothing before the action starts to prep it so it will be gone by the time the thing I want to record starts? Then I run into the problem of having to crop out that part of the video, which will reduce the quality, unless there is a way to render it as uncompressed?
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