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Found 4 results

  1. I'm not sure if this is exactly the right sub-forum because I'm using Roxio Creator Silver 10 which didn't show up in any of the sub-forums, and this was the closest I could guess. I burned a couple files onto a CD-R just using the built in Windows 7 drag and drop functionality where just drag the files into your CD/DVD drive. The files were burnt on just fine. The only problem is that per some of my company's security requirements, I need the disk to be finalized (not just the session closed). Windows doesn't provide a way to finalize your disks, so I tried with Roxio Creator Silver 10. I inserted my disk, opened Roxio, clicked on Tools, then "Finalize Disk" I click the big button and it tells me: "Please insert an appendable data disc that is CD media or DVD write-once media." Is there a way to finalize my disk, or do I just need to get rid of this disk and write a new one? (I don't have another disk handy, so I'd really rather make this one work).
  2. I have a Surface Pro 3 with everything up to date. Using an outboard DVD burner connected via USB 2. I did a "Direct to DVD" function on a family-recorded VHS cassette that has 2 hours of video (full) on it. I tested by setting up Roxio VHS-to-DVD3+ to record only the 1st 30 minutes...everything went according to expectations up to that point. At 3pm yesterday the 'finalization" (burn?) process started on the 4.7GB DVD-R disc. At 5pm it was still "finalizing", same at midnight last night, same this morning at 8am. Please help me troubleshoot? I cannot stop the process or eject the DVD as I continue to get a message when I try this that "Cannot stop until finalization is complete" What am I doing wrong or what is the software doing wrong & how can I avoid it on my next test. This is one of 3 solutions I am evaluating for the conversion of dozens of hours of family VHS & Hi8 tapes. Unless I can fix this issue, I will soon be evaluating only 2. Please help via this forum or email directly at (e-mail deleted)Thanks & Happy New Year!
  3. I used to be able to finalize DVD's. Now I get the error message "There is a problem finalizing the disk", the disk will then eject. I can not find any information on how to over come this problem. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.
  4. I have always burned music and downloaded YouTube videos onto CD-RW. When the disc gets nearly fill a pop-up asks if I want to finalize and make readable only. That is fine but often I have a disc of videos and not enough room to add another but it isn't really full and I can't find any way of finalizing it. I have Roxio Creator Classic 9. I would appreciate any feedback as I don't want to have to convert everything and burn onto DVD.
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