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Found 10 results

  1. I have my roxio game capture plugged in but when I pull up the capture program it keeps telling me it has no signal. What do I do?
  2. SSNova

    Game Capture Ending

    I have my game capture hooked up through HDMI to my monitor. I've been trying to use it to record my desktop just as a test but it will start capturing, wont load in the game capture window, and then stop capturing. the file will be saved as a 1 second recording. My computer has a Intel i7 haswell, and a Nvidia Geforce 750M, 8 gigabytes of ram, but Iv'e checked and that isn't being overused, CPU heat is fine, and Iv'e tried reinstalling the software multiple times.
  3. Hi, apologies if my problem has been resolved before however I'd had a search through the forum and the only threads about it have either gone unanswered because the author never responded to a question or the resolution hasn't worked for me. What has happened is that I was recommended by Windows Support to do a Clean Boot to help fix problems I was having with Windows Media Player however when I tried to use my Roxio Game Capture later on, I clicked the big 'Capture' button and instead of opening the capture software, the orange loading pop-up appeared for less than a second and disappeared and nothing happened. I tried restarting my laptop a couple of times, running capture as an administrator and even going through the repair process but it still isn't opening. I don't know whether the Clean Boot had anything to do with the software not working however it's been working fine since March of this year so it would be odd for it not of been from it. Thanks!
  4. Greetings, Just bought the Roxio HD Pro game capture card for my son, set up the hardware and installed the software from the CD/DVD. All seemed to go smoothly until we tried to launch the application. I window opens (the process is listed as LaunchPad.exe in Task Manager) but, other than a message stating something like 'Connecting to our servers, please wait', there really is not much to this window and it generally looks broken. There are two buttons, 'Next' and 'Cancel' but, clicking on any of these causes an error modal to pop up stating "Attempted an unsupported operation". The only way to close the application is to kill it using task manager We have also uninstalled the application, download the service pack 2 version from the Roxio website, installed that but, exactly the same problem. This is the laptop it is being installed on. This particular one runs Windows 7 64bit - http://h10010.www1.hp.com/wwpc/pscmisc/vac/us/product_pdfs/HP_250_G2_Notebook_PC_DS.pdf Any and all help will be mcuh appreciated. He has been waiting for this card for a looong time and it sucks to be so close, but yet so far to being able to use it. Thank you in advance for your assistance.
  5. Hi, I recently purchased a Roxio Gamecapture HD Pro and after over 7 hours of trying to set it up, I am really wondering why I didn't just pay the extra for an Elgato. After installing the software, downloading the service pack updates and rebooting the machine, whenever I try to capture gameplay footage the program crashes immediately. My machine has more than the recommended specification requirements so I know that isn't an issue. I have attached a screen grab below to illustrate my problem. I don't understand how Roxio can justify charging what they do for this when I see this problem happening to a lot of people and they offer NO customer support at all - OR they charge you for it. If anyone can help, I would hugely appreciate it. Jim
  6. Whenever I try to update my software for my game capture HD pro it gives me an error message. I've attached a screenshot. I'm really confused what I'm supposed to do. Repairing the program through "programs and features" on my computer didn't work either. In fact, it gave me the same message when I tried to repair it.
  7. I'm having issues with the preview window when capturing footage. the image seems to split and the top part of image is repeated at the bottom of the screen, underneath the original picture. any fixes or reasons this may be happening
  8. My cousin gave me his roxio but he had lost the software disc is there anyway of getting it back or a download online.
  9. We are trying to set up the Standard Game Capture. We have an Xbox 360E ( not the slim). We have hooked it up in what we believe is the correct way with the correct cords. We have a component cable plugged into the the HDMI port of the Xbox. The other end is plugged in to the Game Capture box using the 5 audio and visual ports. Then we have a cable connected to the back of the Game Capture box to the back of the TV. A USB cable runs from the back of the Game Capture to our computer. It is the same hookup as illustrated in the Quick Set up Guide. When we do this, nothing happens. The screen on the TV is black and there is nothing on the computer. We have tried it in several openings on the back of the TV, No sound either. Does anyone have experience with this? Maybe its not compatible with the Xbox 360E (not slim)?
  10. I've noticed the GCHD Pro only records voice from my mic when I stream, and not when I record. Does anyone know of a way I could remedy this? I've been looking forward to playing games for YouTube again, but I kinda need voiceover to keep it entertaining (and legal). Also, I've noticed my program only allows for logging into Justin.tv (which has long been shut down), and not to Twitch or to YouTube. I updated it just a few hours ago, so is there something else I'm missing? Answers are appreciated greatly. I'd really love to get back into entertaining you guys ASAP. TL;DR: need use mic for record. How do? Justin.tv broke. Want use Twitch. How do? YouTube fun. You watch. Many laugh.
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