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Found 14 results

  1. First off, my laptop is at least a couple of years old now and it's entirely possible that I'm simply not running powerful enough hardware. However, I've compared my specs with the minimum requirements for the Game Capture HD Pro and I believe I meet those. My processor is an i3-2330M CPU @ 2.20 GHz, and I have 4.0 GB RAM. Hard drive space is not an issue, I still have more than 200 GB worth of hard drive space to access. This is the error I see upon start up: It does not detect any input, and additionally gives me an "Unknown capture error." In this case I am attempting to record video from my Wii U, which I have currently set to 480p in an attempt to see if the video resolution was a problem. The component cable pass-through works, as I have output from the capture device going into my TV with audio and video displaying properly. Additionally, the light on the capture device is lit up, and I have not had any issues with these component cables before. Initially when I tried to install the software, I didn't realize the disc was inside the cardboard packaging (doh!) and attempted to allow Windows to install the drivers for me. When that didn't work, I downloaded the software from Roxio's support website and it successfully installed. That was when I first encountered this error, and I tried various combinations of repairing the software, updating the software, uninstalling the software and drivers and reinstalling from the disc, etc. I have also looked on here for potential solutions and all of the ones I have attempted have not worked for me. At this point I'm beginning to wonder if my laptop simply isn't going to cut it. I am looking into upgrading to something beefier so I can run PC games, so I'll hang on to my capture device for the time being, but I won't be able to upgrade anytime soon and I really would like to use it with my current hardware, even if it means recording in non-HD resolutions.
  2. My Game Capture HD Pro has worked fine for two years with the Component on my PS3. But I have wanted to record on my PS4 and when I do, the screen fails to intact. It continously rotates between the game screen, a black screen and a blue screen and always goes from Ready to No Signal and back again. Why is this happening with the HDMI and not the Component?
  3. I'm having trouble capturing in mp4 format. When I finished recording the video to stop, not processed and automatically deleted. With the M2TS format not have that problem.
  4. Hi guys, Sony has already released an update for PS4. The system update 1.70 patch has capabilities of disabling HDCP for PS4, so capturing HD content using capture programs will now be possible. No more "Signal Protected" issues for PS4. Articles: http://www.gamespot....p/1100-6419203/ http://www.ign.com/a...d-turn-hdcp-off So basically, PS4 is now compatible with RGC HD Pro & RGC.
  5. Hello guys. When I was recording some gameplay with my friend for a YouTube series, my Roxio recorded about 16 minutes then just stopped. When I looked at my P.C. screen it said it was still capturing, but the final video only came out at 16 minutes. I've only been having this problem since I started using the actual Roxio software to record instead of a third party program. Any help/advice would be awesome! Thanks.
  6. I have not been able to stream from my Game Capture HD Pro since mid-December. When I have tried to all I get is a black screen on Twitch (even though it says it is "Live", however the stream is still recorded by Twitch, but no actual live stream). According to posts I have seen on this forum and on Hauppauge's it was something to do with Twitch.TV changing something meaning Roxio and Hauppauge had to patch their software to fix their streaming. Hauppauge seem to have patched theirs, but Roxio have yet to. This also seems to be affecting every owner of this capture card. Some of the messages on here seem to have been suspiciously deleted when suggesting people should contact Roxio via social media to complain about the problem, is Roxio going to actually be patching their streaming software, and if not then why is it still advertising that the Game Capture HD Pro can still live stream to Twitch when it cannot?
  7. Hi there, I just received my Roxio Game Capture HD Pro the other day and I was going to test it out today on my Xbox 360, the xbox 360 that I own is not, NOT, a xbox 360 SLIM... The issue I have is for my xbox I am trying to use the HDMI cables for input and output. There`s no signal going through the TV nor the computer. Thing is if I just plug in the hdmi from my xbox to the TV (Instead of the xbox to the game cap, to the tv, and to the computer) It works fine. So in general my question is to use the HDMI for input and output on the Roxio GameCapture HD Pro, do I need to use an Xbox 360 SLIM? and my second question is, for me to be able to use my regular white Xbox 360 (non slim) do I need to use component cables for the input? Hope one of you can help me out! Thanks in advance
  8. Okay so Yesterday I ordered the Game cap pro hd. I was excited so I spent the extra money for next day shipping. I come home from school today and there she is. Brand new game cap device I open the box get all the wires hooked up and finally plug in the Usb cable to the Usb port. Yes its a usb 2.0 port direct connect , not hub. Well nothing happens. No device found sounds. No little pop up nothing. I change cables and same issue. That was on my i7 windows 7 desktop. Frustrated I get out my school laptop and plug it in. Also running windows 7. And again no device found jingle or anything. At this point I am extremely frustrated. I already filed a report with roxio since i did manage to register the software, oh yeah thats all i could do register the software. I might just cancel or retract payment since I did pay with pay pal. And send back the device at their cost. I am not willing to pay to return something defective. And the fact that I spent the extra 17-20 $ on next day shipping. Anyone have had this issue? Only thing i see going on is I do get video from ps3 to tv with wires connected to the Game cap Once usb is plugged in the blue purpleish light turns on. But that is all Device manager does not even twitch. Please help ... tHANKS
  9. Hello, Fellow Mac OS X user here. Was looking into purchasing a Roxio Game Capture HD Pro but I noticed a lack of any mention about mac users. The specs are written for PC users. Since the device itself is just hardware, would I be able to just plug the badboy into my Mac and use it with 3rd party software? Or does the included software work on Mac aswell? Just wondering before I purchase, Thanks.
  10. I've noticed that when I run a direct HDMI line from my Xbox 360 to my TV, the volume is considerably louder than when I have it run through the Game Capture HD Pro. Does anybody else have this issue? Is this normal because it's splitting the HDMI feed? I appreciate any input.
  11. I have a Game Capture HD Pro installation DVD which I purchased this past Christmas 2012. I am considering getting a new laptop which will likely come with Window 8. I am wondering if I will be able to install on Windows 8 with the DVD that I have. I reviewed the information on the Roxio web site but it was not clear to me. Can anyone tell me if I will be able to run Game Capture Pro on Windows 8 without having to pay any additional upgrade costs? Thanks!
  12. I've been streaming with no problems the past couple of weeks using my PS2, Xbox 360, and Wii (well, with relatively FEW problems since I started using xsplit). Last night I tried for the first time to hook up my GC HD Pro to my PS3 and quickly became frustrated. I didn't realize it was going to be such a hassle until I couldn't even get a picture on my TV. Up until this time, I had been using HDMI for the PS3. After I hooked up the offiicial Sony component cables and changed the display settings I was able to get the picture on my TV. BUT I was still getting no signal from the PS3 in the Roxio Capture program on my laptop. I spent hours messing with it and looking at tutorials on youtube and on these message boards with no success but I got a few ideas but it was like midnight by then. Then I tried something new this morning. I went into the display settings on my PS3, unchecked the 1080p output and checked 1080i instead and the PS3 signal appeared in the Roxio program. Looks like problem is solved. So even though my TV can handle all the outputs of 480, 720, and 1080, Roxio can't decipher 1080p, only i. Hopefully, if you are getting a no signal redline like me, my experience might help you. Good luck.
  13. Today, I received my Roxio Game Capture HD Pro. I'm very happy to have it and finally do something with it, but there is a problem with that. Every time I try to install the program and content from the installation DVD, I get stopped at the end and met with a message saying, "Roxio Game Capture HD Pro Wizard was interrupted." Here's the message I'm getting: http://i.imgur.com/8wngj.png After that happened, I went online to look for some resolutions to my problem. I found a support page for Roxio and did everything they said that was there: If installing from disc, try copying all files from the disc to a folder on the hard drive then installing from hard drive. If the installation rolls back at .Net Framework or has error 0643, uninstall .Net Framework 3.5 SP1 from Control Panel If the installation rolls back at DirectX, install DirectX from DIRECTX_FEB10 folder on the disc then reinstall. Disable Startup items from msconfig. If installing from disc, try copying all files from the disc to a folder on the hard drive then installing from hard drive. I tried all of these, and the installation was still not completed (it kept stopping at the same part - this is the part that it stops at: http://i.imgur.com/2Ifxo.png). If anybody can help me figure out what is going wrong (or what I'm doing wrong), I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your time. Edited to get rid of the log files since it is zipped properly, in the next post.
  14. I just purchased a roxio game capture hd pro. Set it up everything seems to be working fine. I edited my footage but when I go to load to you tube that is where the problems start. First of all I am not logged in to you tube on the computer or anywhere else for that matter. I click to load it says uploaded but I cant seem to find them. In the past 2 day I have uploaded (attempted) 12 videos only 2 posted to my channel. Videos range in length from 2 mintutes to 6 minutes. Any ideas what may be going wrong?
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