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Found 13 results

  1. Hello everyone, After i read nearly every Post about Install Interruptions with the Roxio HD PRO Software, I am still clueless what to do. I already did everything mentioned in other Posts, thats why i start a new one in the hope someone already solved this Problem. I will also submit my Log Files as a ZIP if possible. What I have done so far: Downloaded it to the desktop (save file) then run it from the desktop! Install it without checking for updates install it and let it check for updates at the beginning. Create a New User Account with Administrator Privileges. Downloaded Servicepack 2 and tried to install it. My System is an MSI ge60 i7 3630Qm GTX660M 2Gb 16Gb Ram I mainly want the Roxio to capture the Signal from a PC and use the Laptop for streaming. If someone has an Idea i would be super happy, if something is missing just ask me i will try to provide you with more informations! Edit i can´t upload the Zip file i always get an Error: No file selected after it uploaded them. And the single Files won´t work. So i´ll provide you with a Dropbox Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/b6qgmlpkdmbqp9w/LogFile%2017-06-21%2016-26.zip?dl=0 Greetings Lord
  2. Hello community, I have had the ROXIO GameCapture HD Pro for around 2 1/2 months. It was working great and I was capturing some pretty cool footage. However, when I finally started it up after not using it for a long time, it tells me "Select video device failed." when I start up the Capture software. I have all the correct cords plugged into the correct places in the TV and my PS3, and I have plugged in the USB cord into the ROXIO GameCap and the USB Drive on my computer. I am out of possible thoughts as to what could be causing the problem, and I would really like some help so that I can get my YT Channel going! If it's okay, here's a video I posted demonstrating the problem (somewhat): Does anyone have any thoughts on the origin of this problem?
  3. Scorcio

    Lost Cd

    I lost the box of the product, i have only the product, cables and the account with the product registered and the serial number (i think). How can i get the software? (sorry for my english )
  4. I bought a Game capture (not hd) used from a guy and he wasn't able to supply a disc with the unit. He said I'd be able to download the software online and I can't seem to find it anywhere.
  5. Hello, So i have been trying to set up sounds so that my roxio game capture records it. So basically i have this setup. I have a Asus G750JS-T4064H Gaming Notebook (HDMI Wire Output from Capture Card) Acer G246HL Abd 24-Inch Screen LED-Lit Monitor (HDMI wire from monitor to capture card imput)Acer Aspire V5 Touch Notebook Turtle Beach Headset X12 Roxio Game Capture HD PRO Do note that my monitor does not have any speakers at the back. I am trying to record my Gaming notebook. However I have no idea how to set it up despite looking at the manual countless of times. Also, audio seems to not function even though i can record the screen. I want it so i can record it on my acer aspire v5 touch notebook, and able to play the game on my notebook. (with sound) Please help! Thank you.
  6. I do not have a computer with a disc drive and it doesn't work on my mac. I have the CD key so I was wondering if I could just download it of this website somewhere Ive bought the product and I just want the software. thanks
  7. Hi, I started up my xbox and started up my laptop to broadcast a session of new vegas over twitch using xsplit but when I started up xsplit I found that my Roxio Game Capture is not working anymore, All I get is this: Any Ideas? or is it just broken and thats that? Jaywaka
  8. So! I have a Roxio gamecapture HD PRO and it used to work perfectly well and suddenly everything goes wrong! I haven't change anything on my computer since I have my Roxio, I removed and re installed the program several time and still can't fixed it I tried all the tips that were suggested to me in the FAQ, but still not working.... So if anybody have the answer, please post it so I can see it I'll put a picture of my problem so you see what i'm dealing with.... THANKS! When I watch what i recorded, the clip goes in slow motion, sometimes it goes really fast to really slow, there is a lot of lags [green bars like the colour bars while i record] and more! I don't think it's my computer because it was working fine, maybe it's a wire (even if they're in perfect conditions) or it's just the roxio itself... anyway thats it
  9. ok so i got a new computer it was supposed to be windows 7, but its not its XP and i installed everything from the software, but after that it said corrupted file, i then downloaded repair license 2011 and its fixed it but now everytime it starts up the tutorial vids wont load up and when i start to record theres no image of what i am recording just sound PLEASE HELP ME! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BmxvaxFRmfY&feature=youtu.be THERE YOU GO GO WATCH IT!
  10. I have had the roxio game capture for about a year now and it has worked flawlessly up until yesterday, while trying to edit some game footage I've had built up for a while I noticed that the videowave editing software won't let me import any video files not even old productions I have a script error popped up once (I hadn't gotten a screenshot of it) I was wondering if anyone had any solution to this
  11. please help me! I have tried everything, from making sure it's all setup, ( it is ) too going into Display settings on my xbox 360 and making it 1080i ! Me and my friend Hunter have made a YouTube Channel ( KnightsOfWarden ) want want too make Minecraft XB0X 360 EDITION videos, BUT WE CAN'T !
  12. Hey guys, i lost my Rioxio game capture setup for my pc... so now i've got my rioxio but i can't record my games at all.. how can i get my rioxio progam on my pc? Greetings Evilskyx3
  13. i need a new roxio game cap disk because i put it on my dads poo laptop and its dosent run it so i want to put it on my mums because its qwicker and has windows 7 sooplease relese a disk by its self so i dont have to buy a whole new roxio or 2012 package! thanks.
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