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Found 8 results

  1. I have something to say regarding the streaming. In the last 3 years that I've owned this product I've tried to use it for it's intended purpose upwards of 40 times. The only time it ever worked (barely) was when recording directly to my computer and nowadays it can't even be depended on to do that. The twitch streaming worked once ever for less than 5 minutes and to this day it is advertised as able to stream to twitch on the sales site. Even at this very moment the capture program is frozen on my screen because I tried to load the program in a moment of hopeful enthusiasm. Because of how poorly it's programmed you can't simply end the process and retry. It will not let you try again without restarting. Today it's the 3rd time restarting my computer, 4th time reinstalling, last time I'll ever trying to use it. This is a story I've relived countless times and the disappointment and frustration I feel is overwhelming. I've sent reports in to the company through the program (when it worked) and I've never once received a reply or an explanation and my only thoughts on this are that they have my money and don't care. I will never buy another Roxio product again, I will tell everyone I know to avoid everything Roxio. I tried to support them and enjoy the product but in the end I spent 160$ on a paperweight that lights up when plugged into a USB. They should be ashamed to have it on the market with their name attached to it. The quality of the product is parallel to the quality of the customer support and anyone looking to purchase it should invest in another product. I'm gonna just run over mine with the car now and try to forget I ever owned it. Funny thing is I'm not even angry, just sad that I was duped.
  2. azazeallavey

    Help Please

    my capture card wont display in source ive done the repair step ive done it all and it wont show up. the driver is installed correctly and is running correctly. its only on the actually roxio gamecap application it wont show.
  3. This topic is deprecated as it is no longer relevant to the issue. Check here for the latest statement on the issue.
  4. Hi, I've just gotten Roxio Gamecap HD Pro, and I've been try to see it up so I can play my PS3 on my TV screen while capturing on my computer. My TV only has one HDMI socket, so I got a HDMI splitter cable plug so I could capture from my TV while my PS3 is connected to the TV via HDMI cable, but the plug won't let me have more than one device (a.k.a. my PS3 and Gamecap) on at once. My PS3 connects straight to Roxio Gamecapture fine, but I can't handle the 2 second delay in playback. I've tried various things like connecting the splitter cable plug from the gamecap and the PS3 instead of the TV but nothing works. And my monitor doesn't have a HDMI input, otherwise I'd be playing it on there. Please, is there anyway around this problem? I'm beginning to think I should have just gotten the SD gamecap.
  5. I've been using it for a short time without any problems, then halfway through a recording session, the program froze Since then whenever I have the device plugged in to the usb port non of the options or buttons show in the recording software (like this) When it isn't plugged in or is unplugged all the buttons reappear as such No Idea what the %02d %02d %02d means. I can't re-install or repair the software either as I had to borrow an external CD drive to install it in the first place (unless their is anywhere I can redownload the installation software from from) Any help would be appreciated - Robin
  6. Hi, I recently have purchased the Gamecap HD Pro, and short after that, my computer crashed. I don't know if there is any relation between the 2 events (?), but since over 2 weeks I'm trying to instal the HD Pro onto another laptop. That won't work !!!!!!! I have tried a miljon "good" advices, I found in a miljon place on the internet, but I'm getting tired and VERY ANGRY, because nothing, I repeat NOTHING works !!! All the time a popup (C attachment, witch is in Frence because I live in France) tells me; Roxio stopped !! Last link I followed was ; http://corel.force.com/roxio/articles/en_US/Master_Article/000013790-How-to-manually-install-from-the-disc-Bad-disc?&page=1&topicCategory=INS&keyWords=installation%20faillure&sb=new&source=kba and that didn't help at all, but at the end it says ; **If you get an error when copying the disc, you may need to have it replaced. Corel will replace software for the most current release of their product offerings and in most cases, one version back. Requests for replacement CD's require validation of ownership and there is a small fee for ordering replacements. Please call Corel Customer Support Services with your product serial number and proof of purchase (a receipt or credit card statement) and a representative would be happy to assist you in your request. You can contact them at 1-877-582-6735 (Mon-Fri, 9:00am – 7:00pm EST) So please people make me HAPPY, because I gett sick and tired of Roxio ! Frah (La Grange)
  7. I recently purchased several Roxio GameCap HD Pro's, all of which worked wonderfully up until about a day or so ago. After days of working flawlessly, I am now unable to open up the Roxio Media Capture. After selecting the blue "CAPTURE" button, it loads the background elements of the Roxio Media Capture then immediate brings up a "This program has stopped working error" and closes. I have tried several fixes, Including uninstalling the program with Revo, and even manually deleting the drivers. But nothing is working. I even restored my computer to factory settings and re-installed the program, which only worked briefly before begining to crash every time I launch it again. I really need to know what's going on here and how to fix it if anyone knows.
  8. I publish gaming videos to YouTube using the Roxio GameCap HD Pro. A lot of my peers on YT use a different brand of capture device. Many of them use an intro to their videos endorsing said capture device. It's just a 3 second clip with "powered by product name" - My question is: Is there a Roxio intro video I can use to endorse the product? And if so where can I get it? I'm not sure what it would take to be a Roxio partner or if a sponsorship is needed, I am just a proud Roxio customer wanting to do some free advertising.
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