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Found 4 results

  1. Just purchased v.17.4 for use with Mojave 10.14, and have been informed by technical support that Gracenote is no longer supported in Toast 17 Titanium. Any suggestions for a workaround to another service?
  2. I just downloaded Creator NXT 2 to replace NXT 2013 and now I receive an error I've never seen before when downloading track info through Gracenote. The first two tracks download properly, but all the remaining tracks return a "NO Match". This error happens every time. Any suggestions? It's very frustrating to enter all the missing information manually.
  3. I am a long time user (going back to Adaptec in the year 2000). I am using this for work. We have a CD with 59 tracks (which is not unusual in my line of work). First, when trying to submit disc info to Gracenote after popping the disc in for audio creator, it got to where I could not type into the track fields (but could in the artist and title fields). I could paste in there, so I typed the tracks into Word and copied and pasted into the box for Gracenote. That was well and good until about half way through when it wouldn't let me go any further (I ran out of room on the screen, there was no scroll bar and it wouldn't move down any further),. I could move the box downwards, but not upwards to see any more tracks or to hit submit even for what I had. Then, I tried doing it through advanced rip. I entered the artist and title, but it would not let me choose the language (there were not choices) to even get to the tracks. This is absolutely ridiculous. I also find it sad that the company offers such a complex program with so many features and modules to it, but offer so little support. 14 days? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Most sofware companies support well past that. With a program like this, and the fact I use it only off and on at work, 14 days isn't even enough time to open the hood, and as I recall even within that is only being able to ask one question. That is inexcusable. And from what I can tell that is for activation or installation only. Even that is sad. I am not sure what they offer as far as tech support on using the program or bugs etc. I also hate how they make each version pretty much not work with previous things. I do seem to be able to open previous versions of labels (thank God), but other things are no longer true, I also hate how if you have a project, but move the media that it doesn't allow you to give it the new path or at least keep the titles on the screen to where you can find them and fix them yourself. That would make re-making CDs easier. I would like to ask if there is a way to get the program to get the title information from the track titles themselves and not the tags or at least an easy way to edit the tags. So much of what I have doesn't have tag info for MP3s and this too is a pain. I believe the issue happens in label creator, but can't recall. I just know I have had to edit and retype. This could well end my relationship with Roxio. I love some of the added features, but the older versions were a lot more easy to use. I might continue both at work and home if they could find a way to add the features and powers, give us control over them, but not make things so difficult, and actually have them work.
  4. Hi, After upgrading to Mavericks on my Power Mac Pro, Toast 11.1 cannot read discs I want to copy my purchased music CD as backup. Once I insert the disc, it tries to identify the disc (which has worked fine until 10.9) and it gives me Gracenote error: CDDB error ox947A431c. Above it is an active box with Gracenote trying to start initializing. If I click OK, on the error, Roxio quits. The workaround: I start up iTunes. Let it identify the disc, then I boot up Roxio Toast. Is there a solution to this? I have attached a screen shot. Also, the response to clicking on the copy button is about 6 secs. and when trying to eject the CD, no response for at least 5-7 secs. Gracenote error.tiff
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