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Found 1 result

  1. I saw a post similar to mine, but let me explain my situation in full detail. Also let me clarify that I am not real computer savvy, so this may be a minor issue that I can't solve. But here's what happened in full detail.. it took me a good while to actually set this up despite how easy it claimed to be. Now that's probably because I am an idiot when it comes to these things, but basically after a few YouTube videos I finally got it to work. It was capturing fine, and I was testing the settings out. Now, I currently use my PS Eye as a web/mic device to communicate to the stream and, of course, for them to see me as a stream. Roxio recognized my PS Eye as a mic, but didn't read it as a webcam. I expected that as much, but that's not the thing. The few people in the stream couldn't hear me talking but could hear the PS3 fine (The sound of the XMB). I decided I'd worry about getting the mic to work later and wanted to test the quality on a video game so I booted up PS Allstars (Beta) everything was fine when all the sudden my TV went black, and so did the PS3 image on the dashboard of the software. I restarted my PS3 and nothing happened.. by this time it was late, so I just decided to dick with it later. Well I never got around to it since I had went out of town for thanksgiving. I left everything as is.. Now when I was out of town.. My friend/ old roommate came back from college. He unplugged the HDMI to the Roxio and plugged in the HDMI cord from my cable box back into the TV, and he also unplugged the component cable from the PS3 and moved it into the living room to play PS3 on the bigger TV. Now, nothing else was unplugged. The Roxio stay plugged in to the back of my PC (that I shutdown completely) and only thing he really did was just move the PS3 which I don't see as doing any harm. Now that brings me to right now.. I got back Sunday, but I decided now to see if I could get this thing up and running. I plugged everything back in which took all of 2 seconds, and booted my PS3 up. Now both on the TV, and the dashboard of the Roxio, display a blue screen. I held the PS3 button down to try and reset the settings and nothing happened. I reset the PS3.. and Nothing happened. I reset the PC.. nothing.. the screen stays blue. I saw a thread with a situation like mine, but he was having a problem from start up. I wasn't have the same issue as him since I was capturing and streaming my test settings. I'm gonna unplug the Roxio from the back of the PC because that just occurred to me and I haven't done that yet. Now I use wirecast as a streaming software when playing PC games. I know Wirecast can detect a BMI because a lot of my friends use it when streaming their consoles, so is there a way I can bypass using the Roxio that way, or is it something I need to run at the same time I run wirecast (ASSUMING Roxio and Wirecast are compatible)? Using wirecast seems to be the only way I can use my Webcam/mic as a way of communication to my stream until my headset comes in. Sorry for the long post.. I just want to be as thorough as possible to better help anyone understand so they can explain to me what my issue might be. Remember, I am not a computer wiz, so the easiest explanation would be great, lol.
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