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Found 2 results

  1. I spent 16 hours converting 3.6 GB of video recovered from a corrupted disc, over to DVD Image file to enable burning to a DVD, and now it won't do anything. It created the image file ok, but it won't burn it to DVD, and since it is not in proper DVD format, my other burning software programs won't pick it up at all. I get no error messages, I press the big gold button on the bottom, it goes grey for about 5 seconds, and comes back to gold again and sits there doing nothing. I had installed a blank DVD and asked that it convert directly to the DVD drive but it wouldn't do that either. Now how do I get this file back on a DVD. This is the information from my software Easy DVD Copy 4 Version: 10.1.133 Build: 111B33A, DVD Serial Number: Copyright: Sonic Solutions 2007 Module Name: PX Engine Build: 4.4.49b, 26 Copyright: Sonic Solutions 2007 Module Name: Roxio Central Core Version: 3.7.0 Build: 370B96A, DVD Copyright: Sonic Solutions 2007 Module Name: Roxio Central Tools Version: 3.7.0 Build: 370B21A, C10 Copyright: Sonic Solutions 2007 Module Name: Roxio Central Data Version: 3.7.0 Build: 370B29A, C10 Copyright: Sonic Solutions 2007 Module Name: Roxio Central Copy Version: 3.7.0 Build: 370B33A, C10 Copyright: Sonic Solutions 2007 Thanks for any help you can offer.
  2. DrDanDDS

    Image File Not Recognized

    I just upgraded my Toast 10 Titanium to Toast 11 Titanium and also downloaded the Blu-Ray HD plug in. I have a new Mac Mini quad core i7 with 16 gigs of RAM, and an external USB3.0 LG 14X BluRay writer. I sometimes copy TV shows using EyeTV or my DVR that my cable company provides, and want to archive them on BluRay. My first attempt involved a couple of Christmas movies I had recorded using EyeTV. EyeTV will export to Toast seamlessly either an m4p file or Quicktime movie in HD. I understand that it's a good idea to have Toast create an Image file first, then burn from that in case something goes wrong...so that's what I did. I named the 2 movies I planned to put on a single BluRay disc as "Christmas Movies". The resultant file as seen in Finder is labeled "Christmas Movies.toast".....and the label beneath the name in Finder is "Master Image File". For whatever reason.....when I tried to drag and drop this Image file that Toast created back into Toast so I could burn the BluRay disc....I get an error message telling me it's an unrecognized format! How is that possible? I tried a work around by switching from the "Video" tab up top to "Copy". That screen accepted the image file, and sure enough....it burned the disc for me. However......the menu screens were okay.....but when you selected either movie.....there was sound but NO video. Obviously something didn't work. Any suggestions? Dan