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  1. Hello everyone, After i read nearly every Post about Install Interruptions with the Roxio HD PRO Software, I am still clueless what to do. I already did everything mentioned in other Posts, thats why i start a new one in the hope someone already solved this Problem. I will also submit my Log Files as a ZIP if possible. What I have done so far: Downloaded it to the desktop (save file) then run it from the desktop! Install it without checking for updates install it and let it check for updates at the beginning. Create a New User Account with Administrator Privileges. Downloaded Servicepack 2 and tried to install it. My System is an MSI ge60 i7 3630Qm GTX660M 2Gb 16Gb Ram I mainly want the Roxio to capture the Signal from a PC and use the Laptop for streaming. If someone has an Idea i would be super happy, if something is missing just ask me i will try to provide you with more informations! Edit i can´t upload the Zip file i always get an Error: No file selected after it uploaded them. And the single Files won´t work. So i´ll provide you with a Dropbox Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/b6qgmlpkdmbqp9w/LogFile%2017-06-21%2016-26.zip?dl=0 Greetings Lord
  2. I am running Windows 7 SP1. My first attempt to install NXT Pro 5 did not finish. It got stuck while installing AfterShot 3 and locked up my desktop. My second attempt gave me the Install Error 0652. When I clicked the "OK" button, it then said "Another installation is in progress". I would appreciate some help. Thanks.
  3. I have a new HP high-end desktop running Win 10 Home 64-bit...lot's of speed, memory & storage. I have tried multiple times to load my new Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus software from CD. It seems to load ok, says I have to reboot, and I then download the software patch from Corel/Roxio which says it is for Win 10 compatibility. It is the only update shown. I do another reboot. When I then try to start the software, two squares appear with one pulsing in the other saying words about "rendering", and ultimately the blue Roxio box comes up. (That box notes it is build 301B91B VH3.) Then nothing else happens....spinning circle forever. A ctrl-alt-delete shows Roxio as unresponsive so I close it out after maybe 10 minutes. As I said, I've loaded this twice now, using Revo to uninstall as suggested in other postings on this subject. Other posts have said to only download two updates from within the application, but since the application never starts for me, that is impossible....and I only see one update at the Roxio site. I have a request for help into Corel/Roxio....wish I felt that would be a timely response. Meanwhile, any thoughts???? Thanks.
  4. Bridgit


    Hi. My computer is very new, and I don't have a DVD-R drive for it. Most of the programs we own we download from secure servers, so there hasn't been much use for a DVD-R drive in my family for a while. I was surprised that Creator NXT came with a DVD and nothing more. I haven't been able to find a page where I can download the program (which I've registered) either. Does anyone have a solution for me? Brid.
  5. Last March (2015) I decided to upgrade from Creator10 to NXT3. In June (2015), I upgraded to Win10. It quickly became obvious that there was a compatibility issue. I tried uninstalling/reinstalling I checked online and discovered that the issue was not unique. I also discovered that in order to uninstall I needed to work in the REGISTER. This became annoying and a royal pain I contacted CS, they had me uninstall/reinstall, download a fresh version, download an uninstaller which worked no better. THEY HAD ME WASTE HOURS AND HOURS doing all this crap. IN THE END, THEY ADMITTED THAT THEY WERE AWARE THAT THERE WAS AN ISSUE. The solution I was given today when I requested a free upgrade was NO. I could purchase the program at a discount from their website. Thanks Roxio for a total waste of time and money, this is no way to treat customers.
  6. I just purchased NXT4 and while attempting to install it hangs calculating required space. I am not sure what the issue is, but the install windows doesn't seem to be displaying correctly. I am unable to click on any of the buttons displayed and the only option is to close the window from the task bar. PC Specs Quad Core 3.4Ghz Intel 3770 16GB Mem Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit GeForce GTX 750 Ti 2GB 128-Bit Not sure where to go from here....
  7. Hello from Australia, I am brand new to the Easy VHS To DVD program. I have read lots of posts on this site getting ready to do some conversion of VHS tapes but would appreciate some advice on the following::. What affect does the Data Rate have on the finished (converted) file? Would some kind person to suggest the settings that will give the optimum quality that the tape is capable of? Currently the settings are: Frame Rate = Pal(25 fps) - Resolution = 720x576(Pal) - Data Rate = 10000 Regarding the Resolution setting - is there a way to determine what is the resolution the video tape? For setup/export purposes. Many thanks in anticipation. Operating System : Windows 7 Home 64 Bit Make : ASUS Processor speed : 3.40GHz RAM : 8GB Free hard drive space : 860 GB on Drive C :.6TB on external drive
  8. I got a new computer using windows 8.1. I had been using photosuite III previously on windows vista and before that on windows me. I have numerous pzp files. Is there any way to install photosuite on a windows 8.1 system? If not, is there another program that will let me view and edit the pzp files?
  9. I've just bought a new system, having previously installing RGC software successfully on my two previous systems i seem to be having this error message during the installation not long after entering my registration key. Any Ideas? Thankyou!
  10. As the title says. I keep trying to install the recording software but every time I try it comes with with a message saying " " I've tried downloading the update and not downloading the update but it still doesnt work. I have a laptop that has windows 7 on it but continues to run out of RAMM and crashes. So I lose all of my recordings. Please help.
  11. Trying to install from a packaged version of Easy CD and DVD burning and getting several errors, but first one is Error attempting to read from the source install database: D:\EMC_Content 140\Roxio Content 14.msi. What do I need to do.
  12. hi. I bought toast 2011 and installed in a mac book pro but i have now a imac and i want to know how to install my license in that new imac.
  13. Hey guys I haven't been on in awhile, I would really love to be able to install the video wave software on my newer better pc but when i try it is saying it can only be installed on 1 pc. I would really appreciate some help hear as my laptop is in no shape to handle the capture card. I also have a problem with recording with the capture card and my turtle beaches at the same time, as my mic audio comes out terrible, (turtle beach blame the capture card)
  14. Trying to install creator nxt2 on a windows 8.1 sytsem getting install interrupted try again message. Have tried 3 times. Help please,
  15. Hi I recently purchased and received the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro and have no idea how to install it onto my MacBook Air because this laptop doesn't have a disc drive/cd-rom with it. Is there a link or certain website to go to to download the program? Please help!? I want to use this right away!
  16. Roxio NXT2; Win 8.1 64bit I built a DVD but during the tasks I kept getting a windows installer window that said installing a feature but could not locate MSI file. I kept cancelling and the DVD build went through. The installer keeps looking at a temp directory (obviously files gone). I pointed to .exe to install Roxio but that did not work because it was a exe not MSI. Why is it doing this and how do I stop it (or let it go to completion)?
  17. Hello, I am having a bit of an issue with the ability to use my Roxio Game Cap HD PRO due to the Software I had installed allowing me to record and edit captured Gameplay (VideoWave I believe it is called) being removed after updating to windows 8.1 and I wanted to know if I could get A link to download the same software that's on the disc that came with the Device so I may Re-Install it. Additional notes that may or may not assisst my case are as follows: I can provide photographic proof of ownership of the Roxio Game Cap HD Pro Device and can also provide the Serial Number for the device as well in order to prove I have ownership. I do not have a receipt or order info because my Aunt got it for me on my Birthday last Year on August 7th, Please help me Roxio Support, Sincerely, Angel Zupan (Username:ShadowArchAngel)
  18. Hi All: I just installed Toast 11 Titanium. I do professional audio work, and just wanted the basic CD/DVD burning functions, not all the TIVo, etc., stuff. I thought the installer would ask me what to install as a "custom" install (it says that I will get to choose in the manual) but there was no choice and the installer installed everything. There's also no uninstaller. I could just erase all the "extra" apps, but I don't want to screw things up, and I would probably leave all the extra bloat like artwork files for CD-covers, etc. I looked around for said artwork and couldn't find it anywhere. Any problems erasing this extra stuff (is any of it inter-linked with Toast? Any idea where the CD-cover artwork hides? Thanks, Robert
  19. HI I just installed a new hard drive to a better laptop that would support my game capture device. I uninstalled it from my old computer hoping that would allow to install on my newer one I was wrong it say product key is invalid. is there a way can do it??? thanks
  20. I was wondering is there a way to download the Roxio Game capture standard software with out a CD? i'm trying to install it onto my laptop which doesn't have a Disk drive
  21. I recently purchased the Roxio Video Capture USB device and downloaded the Windows Driver from the associated “Download Now” link on Oct 25. I installed the driver on my pc (Windows 8.1), connected the capture device, started Roxio NXT software and was able to import some old analog video without any problem. The next day however my pc no longer recognized the Video Capture USB device. Under “ Device Manager” there is an exclamation in front of the Roxio Video Capture Device. Looking up the properties for the device tells me that there is no driver installed for the device! Under “Programs and Features” I could see the Roxio Video Capture Device. I uninstalled it, restarted my pc, reinstalled the driver from the previously downloaded (and saved) file and reconnected the capture device. Incidentally, in the process of reinstalling the driver, I received a conflicting message telling me that a driver was already installed. Anway, reinstalling the driver did not solve the problem . The capture device does not seem to be recognized and Device Manager tell me there is no driver installed for the device. Need help solving this problem. Thanks.
  22. On trying to install NXT on a Windows 8 Pro 64-bit system, I receive the following message : ERROR--"Setup has determined that your configuration does not support any of the included products". I purchased this this product on December 1, 2012 replacing Creator 2012. It downloaded properly when first purchased, but, due to a system failure resulting in re-installing from factory disks, it will not get past that error message. Has anyone had this problem, or know what I can possibly do to correct it ?
  23. Purchased new retail box version of Roxio Easy VHS to DVD3 from Wal Mart today. Cashier scanned box twice to activate " I was told". Started installation-entered product key- dialogue box pops up " Product not Activated". Returned to Wal Mart returned product for new copy of same product and asked cashier with management to please make sure product is scanned twice and activated. Returned home with same results. Registered product online but still can not install because of " Product not Activated" when product key is entered. Computer is homebuilt - AMD Phenom II X6 Processor 3.30 Ghz- 8 gig Ram- Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit . Do we really need to jump this many hurdles to use a purchased product?
  24. I had Purchased a Roxio Game Capture Pro HD in December for my son for Christmas. He has had Hard Drive problems on his computer since then and had not been able to use the product. Now that he has had his computer fix he would like to use the product but unfortunately he has lost he install CD. The product was never registered due to the inability to use it. I can provide the order number,order date, and S/N on the back of the product, i am just unaware of who to talk to and how to reach them in order to get help. Thank you in advance.
  25. Please help. I have been trying to install VHS to DVD 3 Plus on my brand new HP Pavillion g6 it has more than enough processing power and HD space. After initial agreement is marked "agreed" the setup begins by making the active controls, this is is where it fails and gives me my error. Is is a firewall issue? I have turn the firewall off and even allowed the install program to pass through.
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