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Found 4 results

  1. Am I missing something here? I just installed Roxio NXT 7 Platinum and there seems to be no Label Creator installed?
  2. Following is a re-post of a reply I made to a post created under NXT Pro 3. It addresses an erroneous message issued for hardware with high screen resolutions. I am running Roxio Creator NXT Pro 5 under Windows 10 Pro 64-bit. My hardware screen resolution is set to the recommended size of 1920 X 1080. (I have been experiencing this problem since NXT Pro 3 so I have few illusions that Roxio Support will address or fix it.) Every time I start the 'Create Labels - Advanced' application I receive the following error message and am forced to change my resolution to 1024 X 768: It is possible to live with annoyance but switching screen resolution hoses up the sizing of all windows that are open when Label Creator is launched. In this forum I have seen several posts recommending that the user change his screen resolution (DPI). I refuse to try any of them. Even if I could find a setting that worked for Roxio it would screw up the GUIs of every other application on my PC. It is the job of the software to adapt to the hardware, not the other way around. I suggest the following work-around: Open the Start Menu and locate the Shortcut for Label Creator. Right click on it then select Open file location under More. Right click on the Label Creator Shortcut then select Properties. Select the Compatibility option at the top of the screen. Click the check-box for Disable display scaling on high DPI settings. Click Apply and OK to save the setting as seen here: The next time you launch the Label Creator application you will receive the following GUI instead of the screen resolution error message: While this display is not overly attractive, it offers all of the Advanced Label Creator functionality. The primary virtue of this work-around is that it ONLY affects the Advanced Label Creator GUI - nothing else on the PC is impacted. Note that the VideoWave application has the same problem with screen resolution. It can be fixed by adapting the above approach.
  3. I am using the label make application in Easy CD and DVD (build number 140B49C) and I am not able to save existing files. I can open them and edit them just fine but they will not save. I can try to save-as and no save window will pop up either. I can also create a new file and these will also not save as previously described. All software is up to date and was just installed on an HP windows 7 machine just under a year old. I have tried the software on 2 similar machines and had the same result of not being able to save. I read in another forum that someone had a similar problem with an older version of label creator and that the solution had something to do with their video card driver. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. -Matt
  4. Error windows 8.1 DCOM Config Warning CLSID (6A85F4D6-DE83-4D79-B4F9-8BECB3079381) item "C\ProgramFiles\Roxio Creator NXTPro3\Label Creator\LCTaskAssistant15.exe" and title RXLTaskAssistClass has the same value AppId, but is not recorded under \\HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\AppId Do you wish to record it? Answer Yes or No Answering yes even after changing permissions for launch and access makes no difference. Fails silently. Windows recycles the DCOM Config Warning. I am unable to figure what is blocking the record.
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