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Found 7 results

  1. So I have been searching everywhere for the past 2 hours and still have found no answers. I have my roxio hooked up as I type. My laptop is connected to the roxio through a hdmi cord and then another hdmi cord from the roxio into my tv. As you can see I am trying to record pc games (amnesia right now). I have a turtle beach px3 hooked to my laptop and just for giggles I put the red and white audio piece into the "output" port on the roxio. I can't hear anything. No sound from my tv and nothing on the recording. I can hear myself talk to myself through my mic and headphones but nothing else. I'm starting to think you can't record live commentary while playing a pc game. I can see everything perfectly fine and it records the picture nicely but I can't hear anything.
  2. Will we ever get a live commentary (that is being able to record our commentary while we record our game play, at the same time) feature in an update anytime soon? I've been patiently waiting for it ever since the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro came out. Other capture cards (such as the Elgato) already have this feature so what is taking Roxio so long? Roxio, step your game up! And please don't take offense by this post. This is just constructive critism and will greatly improve your product: The Roxio Game Capture HD Pro.
  3. *UPDATE* can any questions you have please be directed to my YouTube account (where the video is) please as i have my email set up to it and i can get very quick replies back.. i do not regularly check this forums post. Apologies to Bossmanbank21 for not stating this earlier. Hey guys, like many people who are on this forum or just people who use the roxio to put out youtube videos the issue of how to record live commentaries has always been a big one but through various videos and web surfing i have found a way to do this. it is all explained in the video which i have linked down below, i have tested this method myself on any gameplays and i am currently deciding which one to upload to my linked youtube channel to show as proof that this method does work... more information will be in the video description and in the video itself.. if you do have any questions or queries please can you post them on to the youtube video as i have the account linked to my phone and it will be much easier for me to answer them.. i hope this method works for you watch the video for the full explanation. Happy recording Heres my twitter: @GnG_Productions [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JHpna4SexZ0[/media]
  4. hello everyone. about a week ago i bought the roxio game capture hd pro and at first i was extremely happy with it. although i use fraps to record live commentary with my roxio. and what it does is fraps records my voice with the preview of my game on the roxio game capture hd. although where i run in to a problem. is that the preview of my game has an average of 2 seconds of lag. as where my headset is plugged derectly into my computer. thus having no lag at all. and i was wanting to know if anyone knows of a way to either make the preview on roxio game capture hd pro not lag at all(prefurred) or if they know of a way to make fraps lag by around 2 seconds. im heavily considering returning my 100 doller product for 2 seconds of lag. sound kinda funny huh? and i know a good number of people who want to do exactly what i want to do with it. and if the lag is never fixed. then that will make the difference between me advising buying this. as aposed to advising aginst buying it. so if you have a solution my problem please let me know ASAP
  5. Please Roxio, put in a live commentary button. Please and thank you. I don't want to use sound recorder becasue I don't want my voice to early or delayed.
  6. Hi, I recently bought the PC game capture software for my birthday and I'm wondering if you can record Live commentaries instead of adding a narration afterwards? If not then I'll just buy Fraps Any reply would be appreciated
  7. Hey dudes and dudettes, could really use some help with my Roxio game capture. I am having problems with doing a live recording. I have been using the method outlined in the forum page, http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/75592-how-to-record-live-commentary-with-roxio-gamecap-software-work-in-progress/ everything seems to be going fine, until I select the studio mixer, in order to have both my voice and game audio run at the same time. A this point I loose the video signal And I am unable to capture anything. There is a pop p window that stats a capture card error. What Can do to fix this problem? I really would like to avoid having to create one file for the audio/video signal from the games console, and another with my voice and sync the two in the edit. Any solutions would be appreciated. thanks.
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