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Found 22 results

  1. Originally after signing into my Twitch account on the Roxio Game Capture HD software, I pressed the livestream button and it claimed that I was now live. It then opened up the link to my livestream where it said that I was offline. I made sure that everything was setup right and I am signed in on the right account. I also updated my software so that everything was up to date which it was. The same problem still arose. Then I tried signing out of my twitch account on the software and then signing back in. Now when I click 'authorize' to add my twitch account I get an "error" message. If anyone has any information on how to fix this problem, and use Roxio on Twitch and/or Streamlabs please respond. I used it before in the past with the Non HD Roxio Game Capture but now with the Roxio HD I havent been able to figure it out. Please contact me! Thank you!
  2. I lost my disc a long time ago, but I downloaded the software with the service pack. Everything works fine, but when I try to log into twitch to stream, it just says "Roxio HD Pro has stopped working". I try to repair it, cause everything i've looked at online says you should repair it, but when I do, it says i'm missing CDCP.msi and i'm not sure what that is. I'd like to use my software to stream, because OBS won't run properly on my computer without glitching up. Help would be appreciated
  3. Hey here Roxio community, I'm having a repeated issue of my capture software being unable to login to my Twitch account nor can I do anything with the Youtube account for it due to it crashing every single time I attempt to login. I am running on windows 10, I don't want to be forced to downgrade back to windows 8 just to livestream like I used to be able to, is there a fix for this? Perhaps a specific file that I can download and replace with the existing file used for the livestreaming components? Anything that will solve this issue or anything to suggest doing other than reverting my OS is welcome. Thank you for reading!
  4. Hello. Whenever I click the livestream button in the Roxio Application it asks me to login to my Twitch.tv account. After clicking "log in" it says that something went wrong or something like that then closes the program. Help?
  5. Roxio software is broken that was why there has been 2 or 3 updates since the release of this capture card. The only way to get tech support is through email not over the the phone just plain email. I wish some one would sue you for lying about the card's ablitity to livestream. This card is crap I wish I saved up more for a elgato hd60. You guys hide Obs because it because it's better than what you guys offer and try to stop people from using
  6. When I switch to 720 it defaults to 1500 kbps, but when I try to change the bitrate to anything higher or anything lower it jumps to 7500 kbps and the only way for me to change it back from 7500 kbps is by changing from 720p to a different resolution and then back to 720p.
  7. i have only done one livestream to twitch before and it worked but was quite laggy. i decided i wanted to stream today but whenever i click the livestream it works but shows me offline. is this twitch, mine or roxio's problem and whatever it is do u know how to fix it? i put screenshots up cause not good at explaining
  8. I'm not sure what this justin.tv thing is, but it's not giving me an option to log in to my twitch.tv channel, and when I try to use my twitch.tv log in there it crashes.
  9. So everytime I livestream it works for a couple a seconds then the whole entire software crashes and the livestream ends im tired of the happening i want to livetream and it does this ever since the update
  10. Okay so I just noticed that lovely staff at roxio had finally sorted out the whole justin.tv not being a part of twitch anymore deal thanks for that but.... I have an issue whenever I stream and would like to fix it. Whenever I either go to options and select the livestream tab or start livestreaming I get a pop up saying something along the lines of "Microsoft Visual C++ Error" and it then says there was an issue with the application and it requested to be terminated if this continues contact application support. Which is what I will do but I dont have a total grasp on what the problem really is. Please help :x
  11. I find the capture software from Roxio is flawed as heck, and before i used OBS with a cheap easycap and it seems somethings that easycap and obs threw out some better stuff then the Roxio default and only capture software...
  12. Here are some things that need to be fixed with the roxio hd pro. First off I use a roxio hd pro and have grown very fond of it, its just that this capture card software needs alot of work. Here are my reason that the roxio hd pro gives me a headache: Reason 1: No mic recording feature while using the capture feature, This is usually available in all high grade capture card softwares like the elgato. THIS IS THE REASON MOST PEOPLE DONT LIKE THIS CAPTURE CARD. Reason 2: The software can be very glitchy while stopping a recording, staring a recording, and also starting and stopping livestreams. Reason 3: No option to record livestreams. Reason 5: No option to use a camera in livestreams and while recording. These features need to be added because they give me and probably most people a headache and make us want to switch to a different capture card so PLEASE FIX THESE!!!
  13. Every time I try to stream Wii U content to Twitch, the software just stops within a few seconds and when I try to stop the livestream, it crashes. Is there something I'm doing wrong here?
  14. So i understand a patch was released to finally be able to stream to twitch but after setting this up i found my footage was ridiculously choppy/laggy. (im playing Xbox 360) I really dont know enough about computers to figure out what the problem is, so hopefully you guys can help here are my system specs my down speed is 27 and up is 3 have been told my CPU is junk but again, I really have no idea Thanks in advance
  15. hey im having an isue with my roxio HD PRO capture card, for some reason any time I try to get it in obs, xsplit, or even a screen shot it shows the actual game capture as just a purple screen, as seen in this photo. but to game capture its self was not purple, this is what it actually looked like. I had to take that one with a cell phone, but you can see there is actually a game in the game capture. I have tried it with disabled aero and enabled, so that doesent seem to be the issue. my graphics card is the gtx geforce 750 ti if that matters, I had a cheaper MSI card in before did the same thing so i dont think thats the issue. As much as i would love to use the build in streaming for roxio HD Pro, im pretty sure we all know the issue with that, trying to stream to twitch.
  16. Hello! I was wondering if at ANY time soon we will be able to hook this "livestreaming option" on Twitch, Youtube, and Justin.tv. I do most of my recording on Youtube. And alot of times do a lot of streaming on Youtube. In the next update of the software. I'm thinking that if you are NOT a partner. The software will detect that and allow you to register for a partner. You are able to choose 1 or 2 live streaming options. Depending on the specifications of your computer/internet. You will be able to record all 3 at the same time! So I am wondering. Will this be available soon?
  17. Hey all. First time posting on Roxio's forums Basically im just alittle baffled with the roxio hd pro software. I can be livestreaming or recording and randomly 1/5 of the time the software will stop responding for no reason. Now i am unsure if this is a known issue and it just happens randomly or its something im doing wrong. What i can say is i completely reinstalled my pc and installed the software on SSD to help read and write, I still 'sometimes' get this issue. My pc spec is an I5 3570 3.4 ghz, Gigabyte h61m-s2pv Motherboard with 4gb memory, Gtx 660, 2 agility 3 60GB SSD, 500GB WD Caviar blue. Like i say its a fresh install with windows and the software onto seperate ssd's so im not sure whats causing these random crashes. Otherwise the device and software is great when it doesnt crash i can pull out full 1080p videos and 720p livestreams no problem . File size is stunning. My suggestion would be to include having the option to add a camera device into recording and livestreaming, not like anyone has suggested it before ;s but i find myself messing around using other software to record camera seperate and messing around editing/syncing both clips.
  18. NOTE - watch this video in 720p+ and full screen for best results Hey guys! This video is a tutorial on how to live stream xbox or ps3 gameplay from the roxio game capture on to websites such as twitch tv and justin tv This is exactly how i have my set up and this is what gets me HD quality on my streams. *warning* the level of HD and lag you get depends on your upload speed. I will provide all the links to the programs below as well as my twitter and facebook page. A like favorite and subscribe would be really helpful and only takes a second in comparison to the work it took to make this! If you have any problems feel free to ask any amount of questions or even send in a video response and i will get back to you with help asap Happy live streaming guys and gals! Thank you for watching!! Note! - can all questions please be directed to the comment section on the video on YouTube if you need help as that's where i am most likely to see your questions. thank you! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7_F8p53YbAM
  19. Is there any plan to release drivers so that I can use the Capture device as a camera in external streaming programs? As many of you know you can select it as a device but it doesnt register any video or audio. The gamecap software isn't very taxing on my PC but whenever I'm streaming it just randomly will stop and I have to quit the program and start over (This happens on 240 all the way to 720p, its not a bandwith issue). It doesn't seem like it is my PC causing the problem either. Anyway is there any idea how I can use the Roxio as a capture device for streaming software or any plans to update the drivers for 3rd party livestream programs? Also, I know there is a forum for it... but is there a way I can redownload my software if I get a new PC? I can't track my order because it was given to me as a gift.
  20. How can add time delay to the livestream???? i want to livestream but i have to delay the stream from the actual game ! who can i do that ?????
  21. OK EVERYONE I HAVE HAD THE ROXIO STANDARD EDITION FOR QUITE SOME TIME NOW.. AFTER 6 MONTHS OF STREAMING AND RECORDING FROM MY PS3 I FIND IT IS A GREAT DEVICE AND VERY EASY TO USE.. HERES HOW TO STREAM AND/OR RECORD USING A FREE ADOBE PROGRAM.. FIRST GO TO ADOBE.COM AND DOWNLOAD THE FREE ENCODER. THE NAME OF THE FREE PROGRAM YOU WANT TO DOWNLOAD IS "ADOBE FLASH MEDIA LIVE ENCODER 3.2" ONCE YOU HAVE DOWNLOADED THE PROGRAM OPEN IT UP AND CHECK IT OUT. IT IS VERY SIMPLE TO USE. YOU HAVE 3 OPTIONS. STREAM TO A SITE, SAVE TO YOUR HARD DRIVE, OR BOTH. IF YOU WANT TO STREAM YOUR LIVE GAMEPLAY AND NOT RECORD IT TO YOUR HARD DRIVE FOR LATER VIEWING, EDITING OR UPLOADING TO YOUTUBE, SELECT JUST "STREAM TO FLASH MEDIA SERVER". IF YOU WANT TO RECORD YOUR GAMEPLAY AND STREAM IT AT THE SAME TIME, SELECT "SAVE TO FILE" ALSO. IF YOU ONLY WANT TO RECORD TO YOUR COMPUTERS HD FOR LATER VIEWING, EDITING OR UPLOADING TO YOUTUBE SELECT ONLY SAVE TO FILE. IF YOU ARE GOING TO STREAM, YOU NEED TO GET THE STREAMKEY AND PASSWORD FROM THE STREAMING SITE OF YOUR CHOICE. THE SITES I KNOW OF THAT SUPPORT REMOTE BROADCASTING ENCODERS, SUCH AS THE ADOBE ARE: www.blogTV.com www.livestream.com www.ustream.com On the streaming site of your choice make an account and look for REMOTE BROADCAST options in your account settings and follow the easy instructions.. You wil create a PROFILE on the ADOBE LIVE FLASH ENCODER for each site you wish to broadcast on, then to start your stream you just select the proper profile for the site you want to stream to. As far as recording and uploading to youtube, which is what I do about 75% of the time, thats alot easier.. All you need to do is SAVE TO FILE the game you want to upload. Then go to your youtube page, select UPLOAD and upload the video file to your channel. A 40 minute game video takes approximately 12 minutes to upload and another 15 minutes to complete processing before it is available for viewing. This is is DEFINITELY the best way to use the ROXIO GAME CAP STANDARD EDITION with the PS3 System, and if you have a slower or less than ideal processing ability computer, ITS 100% THE WAY TO GO.. While the ROXIO SOFTWARE included with the GAME CAP is very powerful and full of options, it requires a VERY FAST CPU, with great processing speed and lots of RAM memory.. Many computers dont have this. So give it a try.. Download the ADOBE program, make an account on blogTV.com ; LIVESTREAM.com & ustream.com and mess around with the settings in the flash encoder till you figure em all out... Its really quite simple.. And works GREAT. Here are the links to my channels.. http://www.blogtv.com/People/Capricorn-777 http://www.youtube.com/user/capricornphoto2?feature=mhee im actually going live now at 2:45pm est 1/21/2013 and i will demonstrate some streaming with the ROXIO GAME CAP on my blogTV Channel, capricorn-777 I will also answer any questions I can in the TEXT CHAT ROOM to the right of the video feed.. You can either make a free account on blogTV to chat, or you can type a guest name in the yellow box at the bottom of the TEXT CHAT window.. Come on over I will be streaming MADDEN12, Madden13, NCAA13, Gran Turismo5, Call of Duty: BLACK OPS2, MAG, Battlefield3 and more!! Tune in now!!!
  22. I just started using the HD Pro card yesterday and I could not find anything in the game capture window that would let me title the livestream. For instance, I was test streaming with the PS2 game Way of the Samurai, but there was no way to title my livestream so viewers on Twitch would know what game I was playing. It would seem like there would be some sort of option so I could title the stream "Way of the Samurai PS2". Does anyone know how to put a title on the livestream?
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