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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, Today i've update my Toast 11.04 into 11.1 This is the problem: (I translate the voice menu because i've the italian version) - Select the Tab "Audio" - Add the audio tracks - Save as image commad+D - enter the filename and press Save Now a pop up message told me that it's impossible to save the .sd2f file format. Therfore i need to save with .toast extension. Then the operation works properly and the file image is saved. - From Utility menĂ¹ i select "Mount disc image" or UPPERCASE+command+M The first time that a press this command i need to enter my username password and then my Toast 11.1 freeze.... I can try to kill the process but also Mountain Lion doesn't work properly...infact when i try to reboot Mountain Lion freeze in a gray screen! Anyone have this problem? Is there a solution? thanks Steno77
  2. Hello, I am using Easy VHS to DVD for Mac since some years and it was always very reliable. Since the release of Mountain Lion (10.8) there is a new problem: when I'm recording and doing (minor) work on that Mac, I sometimes need to hide the application. Typing Command-H will hide the app, but then the small screen where you can follow the recording, freezes. Audio keeps running. The recording is sometimes is okay, sometimes not. As I said, I never ever had this problems with Pre-Mountain Lion MacOS versions. Since ML is out since I while now, I wonder if this bug will be fixed. I get it on a MacBook Air 11,6 2012 (i7 version) and on all ML versions yet x.0, x.1, x.2. Anyone else saw this problem?
  3. Hi All, With some trouble updating from Toast 11 Titanium 11.0.4 using updater 11.0.6, I was pleased to find updater 11.1 just today. The update went just as expected, and I thought all was well. It is NOT. Each time I click "Burn" in Toast, the application crashes, having failed to recognize the new, unformatted CD-R in the CD drive. I've tried new Toast .disc files made with 11.1 and earlier .disc files made with 11.0.4, multiple unformatted CD-R's, Mac restarts, etc. etc. The update 11.1 ain't ready yet for primetime.
  4. Has anyone tried using Toast 11 Pro with the new Apple Mac OS 10.8 Mountain Lion? Are they compatible?
  5. Hi all, Since updating my system to OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) when I insert a Blu-ray disk the computer does not recognize the external drive (Matshita BD-MLT UJ240AS). On insertion of a Blu-ray disk Toast reverts to the internal drive (Optiarc DVD), clicks and does not mount. When the Blu-ray disk is ejected the drive once again is displayed in Destination within Toast. This may not be the fault of the new system, I haven't tried to burn a Blu-ray for some time. Also getting hardware issues being displayed on the Matshita BD when trying to burn a DVD (Interface Error: 4). Are the above problems symptomatic of a failing drive or possibly 10.8? thanx da5id.
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