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Found 13 results

  1. It is with a heavy heart that I have to reach out to the Roxio user community for a last-ditch effort at resolving an issue that, unfortunately, I think I already know the answer to. I know the members here are fans of informative question posts, so I will explain my setup and situation as best as I am able. My intention was to record and stream gameplay from my Nintendo Gamecube. I have an old 64 bit PC with a fresh install of Windows XP. This PC works beautifully, no hiccups and plenty of CPU power and RAM to run the Roxio software. I installed the Roxio software and all of its updates properly. Once that was done, and I mean ONLY after it was done, I plugged in my Roxio device and everything worked properly. I am able to capture my Gamecube! Woo! Following directions from this forum works! A bit of an aside, in case you were wondering, I am connecting the Gamecube to the Roxio via HDMI using a HD converter device for the GC known as the "Carby". It takes the digital out port intended for the (extremely expensive and rare) component cables and converts it to a 480p60 HDMI signal, complete with a female HDMI port. I plug an HDMI cable from the Carby into the Roxio, another HDMI cable from the Roxio output to my monitor, and the USB is connected of course to my PC. So, with the above setup, everything was working beautifully! (except for a weird error with authorizing my twitch account for streaming, but that's for another thread). I was able to record some hours of my gameplay successfully at 480p60. However, I noticed that my "monitoring" output was a bit blurry. Well, not blurry, but more like a very subtle "VHS" kind of distortion. I figured this is just some signal loss that is occurring during the pass-through of the HDMI signal. Nothing devastating, but since I had everything working I figured "I better try to fine-tune this to get it perfect". So I came back here to the forums searching for anyone else with this blur problem, and I found the following thread: This user, in case you don't feel like clicking, claimed that he fixed his blurry tv output issue by simply switching the input and output HDMI cables around. Nobody stepped in to tell him he was wrong or insane, so I figured I would give it a shot. Well, unfortunately from that point forward, I never got an HDMI signal from my gamecube->roxio again. This is where it got fun. I have repaired and also reinstalled Roxio. I used Revo uninstaller to clear out any traces. No go. Reinstalled windows XP and all of its updates. No go. Tried reinstalling Roxio again, nope. It's worth mentioning that I also get no signal through my monitor. If I turn on the gamecube I have blackness. I have tested both cables directly from my Cube to the TV, and they both work perfectly (They are brand new high end cables) Just when attempting to pass the HDMI signal through the Roxio to the TV OR the PC, both do not work. Also, no audio. Keep that noted. I am getting a red "No Signal" status, and something strange occurs in my preview window: When my Cube is powered off, I usually get a blue screen in my preview window. Ever since the "HDMI switch trick", it instead displays just the left 1/3rd of the blue screen with a black horizontal stripe in the middle. So, a broken image. When I power on the Cube, the preview window turns black. Every once in a while, there are little multicolored static pixels that pop in here and there, scarcely. The pixels popping in and out seems to correlate with what is happening in the game (i.e. me shuffling through the game menus blindly with my controller while monitoring through the Software). So, as the red "No Signal" message implies, there IS a signal, but something is gravely wrong. Oh yeah, if I switch to "Component" in the software, the broken blue preview becomes a perfect rectangle like it used to on HDMI before I did that stupid, stupid trick. This got me to thinking...does component still work? For the final test, I tried to plug my COMPOSITE cable's audio plugs into the red/white component audio inputs, just to see if the audio signal would come through. Sure enough, I got audio. Unfortunately I dont have any true component cables or devices to test the component video signal on, but I can pretty much confirm that JUST the HDMI is broken. I have tried with multiple devices, dvd players, raspberry pi's..no signal. To reiterate: -My x64 WinXP PC is capable of running the software and hardware -I had it working beautifully via the HDMI, despite some blurriness -In an attempt to fix the blur, I followed a thread here to try to fix it -My HDMI stopped working completely when passing through the Roxio -After all uninstalls, XP reinstalls, Roxio Reinstall, the result is the same: -Broken blue screen on preview, black screen when the Cube is powered on, no sound, red "No Signal" status -Component mode has a normal looking blue standby screen, and audio passes through properly. I am hoping beyond hope that it might be possible to fix. I noticed in this thread (even though his problem might be a bit different), a fellow posted a screenshot of his preview window, and it is behaving exactly like mine: Take a look at that screenshot he provided, my preview window does EXACTLY the same thing! A weird broken blue box, and the red "No signal" status. This is when I have the Gamecube off. When I power it on, this goes black. Powering off the cube gives this broken blue screen again. Component mode shows an unbroken blue rectangle like it should, and signal passes through fine. Did I ruin my Roxio by switching the HDMI cables around? Is that possible? Did I really just irresponsibly take some totally horrible advice from the support forums and screw myself over after days and days of configuration? Or did I, despite my hours of digging through these forums, miss the answer to this? I anxiously await your replies. Thank you for taking the time to read this thread.
  2. Windows 10 on Chillblast OC used for video editing and photoshop cc / lightroom cc. Approx 7TB space available Software installed. Opens ok VHS player and cables checked via separate monitor Cables switched to Video Capture USB box, plugged into USB 2 (USB 3 also tried) No signal Ran win 10 update patch just in case, error message Roxio software not found Unplug USB and get BSOD with error message Bad Pool Header Stumped, help appreciated
  4. Hello folks, I have an issue when i am trying to connect my game capture (HD PRO) card to PS4. For more details you can see it on that video in order to make it clear. http://rgho.st/private/8YVyMzBsP/6ffb2f7648771e6316432fa17eea7f91 Some times i can see clear image and sound but in a while it again disappears and "no signal" error arises. But hdmi cable is ok and video and sound work perfectly on my gaming monitor. I have tested it on three different laptops (Asus ROG JY751 - Windows 10, Sony Vaio (Windows 10), Asus (dont remember the exact model - Windows 7) and everywhere issue is reproducible. I have installed the 1.1 and 2.0, 2.1 driver packs but it has not solved the issue. How do you think is really it broken and should i ask return it or could it be fixed somehow? Thanks.
  5. I recently just bought a RGC HD Pro and set everything up correctly yet my tv isn't receiving signal from my xbox and the video in the roxio software is split and the bottom half of the video is on top and the top half is on bottom. Someone please help
  6. korbyn

    Roxio Game Capture

    when i connect my roxio game capture to xbox one on the screen i have the output connected but comes up status no signal why is that
  7. I've used the Roxio game capture before on other Pc's and this one, but I had to reinstall it and now it just says no signal. The spects are the same too. Please help.
  8. Hi. It's been nearly a year since I've purchased this and am unsatisfied but today I decided to try it out again after seeing a video to reverse the In and Out cables which... kind of worked. Everything is plugged in correctly(well, besides the reversal) but there's no signal. But if I click "Capture Screen", my xbox screen actually pops up in the display picture with movement and all with better quality than I've ever had before with no... mixing of colors or just extremely bad quality(which I had with the normal setup before). The catch is that when I hit "Capture Screen", it stays in the black and gray "pushed in" position and I can't do anything. The capture storage size does increase though but to close this, I have to go into Task Manager and end the task. The file is there in my library but won't go into the editor or any editor really. I have tried reinstalling with a new cable but that didn't solve anything. Here is a picture that I just found on google images of what my screen looked like before I tried any of this:
  9. So i have a 2 screen setup (AOC 23 inch screens, both of them) And they both do run. I'm using them right now for livestreaming through an Open Broadcast Program. The hookup i had going was the standard. Computer <--HDMI and power cable -- > Roxio <---HDMI to DVI-D ---> Second Screen (AOC 23 inch screens are DVI D or VGA, not HDMI so i needed to get a "X to Y" cable for it. i have both an "HDMI to VGA" and "HDMI to DVI-D" and tried both.... to no avail. The graphics card i use is an Nvidia 970 GTX GEForce graphics card if this involves anything since some programs have problems with Nvidia. Also it is an I7 - 4790 Intel quad core 3.6 GHz processor 16gb ram SSD hard drive w/ 1 TB storage. The light on the roxio shows up blue for the HDMI and a purple roxio arrow light to show power. when hooked up, but doesn't show signal to the screen. (It's almost like the signal is 'lost' upon contacting the Roxio to go to the second screen.) Can someone assist me in figuring out this problem? I bought this bloody thing back in December in preparation for this computer (a custom built gaming rig purchased for almost 2 grand) And figured Roxio would be perfect for it. This really bothers me
  10. I am getting a problem like I first encountered with my PS4. The screen is flickering or giving no signal at all as my Roxio Game Capture Pro on my PC. It did the same thing on my PS4. I disabled the PS4 HDCP and the capture is great. I am just wondering if there is a setting on my PC that is preventing me from capturing. It was easy on the PS4 to find HDCP, but I can't seem to find the problem on my PC. I can stream PS3 and PS4, I am just having trouble streaming PC. I would like to capture, Guild Wars 2 and Elder Scrolls Online on my PC. Any help with this would be much appreciated. I have an Intel hd 4200 graphics card, it's 4000 series anyways. I have a Samsung series 5 Ultra laptop is the PC. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.
  11. Hello i really need some help here. I have a Roxio Game Capture that doesn't seem to be working. I have tried uninstalling it, then re-installing it. I have tried to repair the device, and i have even tried the update on the Roxio web page. Nothing seems to work. If you have any ideas or things i could try PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know, I'm desperate to get this thing working again. Thanks and BTW I have a window 7- 64 bit computer
  12. Hi guys.It's my first time posting my issues regarding RGC HD PRO which I've been facing for a while now and they Only seem to be increasing as I often try to use my deivce for capturing.I purchased this device about 2 months ago and for the First month,it worked perfefctly fine allowing me to record gameplays without any issues.But then it started giving me some issues but they seemed to fix after I unplug and replug the device but now none of that works.The issues are " Capture deivce Has been lost","No signal" and before receiving these errors I hear a USB disconnection sound and then My laptop screen turns blue and it gives me this blue screen error" APC_INDEX_MISMATCH" or "KERNEL_SECURITY_CHECK_FAILURE". After restarting my PC and removing USB cable and reconnecting for like 8-9 times it let me capture for about 1 minute or 2 minute and then it start giving the same USB connection/disconnection sounds and blue sreen errors "APC_INDEX_MISMATCH" or " KERNEL_SECURITY_CHECK_FAILURE". I feel like I've wasted my money on the device and I'm disappointed. Some Points to consider: -All My cables are perfectly fine. -My software is also up-to-date. -I've already done proper repair,re-installing the software after uninstalling it. -All my USB drivers and windows drivers are up-to-date and I've checked it already before posting it. -As I get the errors,my TV screen turns black for 2 seconds and then it returns to normal and I hear the sound and see the gameplay on my TV screen perfectly fine and it let me continue to play but doesn't ever let me capture.Sometimes if it does,it only lasts for a maximum of about 2 minutes :l -I've already done lowering my video bitrate from 15,000 down to 11,000 kbps but it didn't help. -My laptop Specs are: Dell Inspiron 15,3000 series. 4 GB DDR3 Ram, Intel Core i3-4005U CPU @ 1.7GHz.(No. of cores=2,Logical processors=4),500GB Hard drive,Windows 8.1OS, 2x USB 2.0,1x USB 3.0 Port,Intel HD graphics 4400 integrated Intel HD Integrated Graphics, Intel HD 4400 Integrated- See more at: http://laptoping.com/specs/product/dell-inspiron-15-3000-3542/#sthash.lnm90LK2.dpuf -Videowave software works fine without any rendering or editing issues. -Only " Capturing software" is what that is giving me this problem. -I was able to capture gameplays perfectly fine in 720p,1080i,480p for the first three weeks after I purchased RGC HD PRO. After,I started getting these errors. Any help or fix would be greatly appreciated.Can I use any other software to capture my gameplay? Is it my laptop specs causing issues ? And if so why it didn't gave any such errors for the first three weeks?
  13. I have my ps4 hdmi cable plugged into the input side of the HD Pro and the hdmi from the TV plugged into the output side. However when I plug the USB in and open the recording software my TV says no signal and the recording software shows a red no signal. I have my PS4 on 1080p and I have HDCP disabled and my TV is a LG 32 inch 1080p TV. What do I do to get it working? Also I have used the HD Pro for my Ps3 with component cables all year but it won't work for the PS4 with HDMI. What to do? My playstation has 2.03 update too.
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