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Found 7 results

  1. Hey guys, I just recently got a new tv and attemped to hook up my Roxio game capture hd pro today. I got all the cables set up correctly with my xbox and the light glowed when i put the usb into my computer. However, although everything worked just fine, there was one problem. The capture window said "No input" even though the usb was plugged in, and the capture was glowing. I tried all the different ports, re-downlaoding the software, and have looked over all the forums. Yet nothing has worked. My youtube channel is down until i can fix this :/ Any help would be nice guys. Thanks Apache
  2. I have an issue with my game cap card, I have had to buy a hdmi converter as i do not have component slots on my tv. Everything is plugged in correctly and my xbox works fine. The issue is with the capture program. The USB is recognised by my computer. However when i click on capture, the opened capture window says 'input: no input' and 'Status: No signal' i simply cannot figure out why this is. I have tried rebooting, reinstalling and repairing to no avail. I am unable to click on anything to change any options or settings. The Converter i have purchased is a 'Portta HDMI Converter'. The LED on the Converter also lights up and says it has signal. So everything must be wired correctly. I Just cannot get the capture to work in any way.
  3. Hello! I would like some help regarding the lack of signal and input on the Roxio Game Capture Software; On the recording software, no source shows up whatsoever (I have it conected to my computer by HDMI) though it reads my HDD just fine... I feel like this may have to do something with the drivers, seeing as my computer doesn't recognize the device and just lists it as a "transcoder" (I have windows 7 ultimate)... Any ideas in terms of this matter? Honestly I don't even know how to set it up... Most people here use the Roxio for console game capture, but I'm trying to record my PC gameplay. Thanks for your time and consideration! Sincerely, SuperSGogeta25
  4. Hi, I recently bought my Roxio Game Capture HD pro, it was delivered to me around Nov 2012. I used it on and off since then, but since yesterday Jan 18th. It has stopped working completely. My usb cable is plugged into my laptop providing the Roxio Game Capture HD pro power the -> lights up which is why I know it is getting power. The led lights indicating hdmi or YPbPr do not light up. I had the Roxio Game Capture HD pro installed on my laptop and whenever I used it would plug it into any usb port. All of a sudden after a reboot of the laptop its not working, I uninstalled the program, reinstalled it, repaired it but still i get No input and No signal. The Roxio Game Capture HD pro is NOT showing up in my device manager like I have seen in a few posts around here. I figured something was wrong with my laptop and it was not recognizing it so I connected it to my desktop (which did not have the device installed before) I installed the software, did the restart, plugged in the device. The ( -->) lights up but the other led indicating input do not light up. So it is not working on my second computer either. Hoping someone can help me out here or show me how to get a possible replacement as it seems that my Roxio Game Capture HD pro has become defective (not working on 2 computers) Also I did the upgrade for the software.
  5. Hello. I've had my roxio game capture HD pro for a few months and only occured slight problems. I've been using the device on the same computer, same tv, and same everything for the past month, and it's been working. However I encountered a problem. A couple days ago I went along my same business but when Ion the xbox turned plugged in Roxio's USB, the capture device lit up, but there was no input.... I tried uninstalling and re-installing the software, and reparing, but to no avail. The USB also didn't appear in the device manager. Any help would be GREAT. Thanks, Apache
  6. I recently got the Roxio Game Capture HD pro, and I was very excited to get started. I watched the tutorials of many Youtube users as well as the Roxio channel itself, but I'm still having issues. Long story short, when I go to record, I can see the preview in the computer software, but I'm not getting anything on my tv screen. Occasionally the "No Input" (Picture 5 through imgur link below) goes away for a few seconds, but it always comes back. That tells me that its trying to work, but something is stopping it. By the way, I'm using an Xbox 360 with HDMI cables. I've read through the forum and saw people with similar issues resolved by switching HDMI inputs, but I only have one on my TV. Any help would be appreciated. I've included a gallery of pictures for anyone who'd like to help : http://imgur.com/a/gsjsl#0 I also have this: My original post was yesterday, but I woke this morning to find it was gone. If I did something wrong, please let me know before of deleting my post.
  7. Hi, saw other threads but I need to specify my hardware here. I have tried with two notebooks but cannot see the device in the Sound, video and game controllers. The Device does power up through the USB cord. 1) Current version of PS3, 2) Using Component inputs, 3) Can see the game on the TV using the Device as a pass through, 4) Both PCs are running Win 7 Pro SP1, 5) The Game Capture software was installed on both computer (Device not registered yet), 6) One is a Lenovo W520 (1 year old so hardware S/B no problem), 7) Other is a Dell Inspiron 1120, AMD Athlon II Neo K325 Dual-Core, 4 GB Ram Got the Device for Christmas for my son but cannot get it to work. Any help is appreciated. Happy New Year.
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