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Found 5 results

  1. I have been experimenting from time to time with various software to burn VHS tapes to DVD. I recently tried it with Roxio Creator 2011, and now upgraded to Roxio Creator Nxt 2. I have several editing/creation questions; I hope protocol here allows me to ask them in one post. It should be obvious I don’t have much experience burning videos. I seem to recall some had the option to take multiple recordings and break them into titles, by putting a title marker in. As far as I can tell, the only way to make a single video into a number of titles is to edit the full tape, save each title as its own project, then import each project separately into MyDVD. I can then name the title for each one. (I accomplished this by saving one full project for the whole tape.. with a storyline for each title, then save one additional one for each storyline (deleting all the others)… then importing the individual ones into MyDVD. Is all that necessary, or does one of the components allow insertion of titles as it does allow insertion of chapters? Separately, I found it annoying with small titles, to have to page through many menus (I think it put about 3 or 4 on one screen, then found a pretty empty menu background, moved so that I could fit about a dozen titles on the screen. Would this work? (I created a list of titles by moving them around which got rid of the empty levels.) Finally, this may be a player option rather than a disk option, but is there a way to have separate titles BUT play them continuously? I think I was able to advance chapters to a chapter in the next or previous title, but when playing through it went back to the menu when one title ended. (It looks like I can drag the preview window anywhere I want, but the box that is in the background doesn’t move, so I needed a menu style that had that box mostly out of the way of a list of titles. Hmmm, have a clue but it is only selectable from DVD mode. The project settings has two “movie buttons: “Play movie only” and “Play movie and all remaining movies in project”. That’d work, ‘cept that it doesn’t seem to be available for Blu-Ray. Just as the aspect ratio, which is only changeable in DVD mode. Yes, the help text shows that as exactly what I wanted – it also says “The options available may vary depending on the project type”. Why would this not be selectable for Blu-Ray?
  2. Hi, I'm not sure if this topic has already been posted, but I have recently purchased the roxio game capture HD pro and was wondering how I change the editing frame rate in the videowave "productions settings" as it is currently greyed out. I wanted to change it to 30fps, however it is currently at 25fps. Is this due to my computer/graphics card not being powerful enough; mine isn't very powerful, or is there something i need to change in other settings? My system: Intel® Pentium(® D Cpu 2.66GHz 2.66Ghz 2.00GB RAM 32-bit operating system - Windows Vista SP2 Please help!
  3. I have 3 problems with roxio 1.when i click options in the capture window the program stops working. 2.when i check for updates for the SP1 update it is not found nor is it not available at the main site 3. I am unable to change the input source from HDMI to component as it is grayed out. any help will be greatly appreciated
  4. I am learning Toast 11 Titanium for Mac from a video tutorial and while following along, I notice that in the tutorial, there's a Player Setup dialog, and in there is a Preview Options pane. I cannot find the Preview Options pane for my program. Am I missing something? Thanks for any help you can give.
  5. Hi, I am using Roxio 2011 and its been working great for a long time... recently I have stated to use the Copy & Convert function and I am having a problem with the Options | Audio & Subtitle |Subtitle feature. I am unable to turn it off! The "None" selection does not hold. When I press "Ok" it will default back to "English Bigger..." This happens to 80% 0f the movies I am trying to convert How can I turn subtitles set to NONE or OFF... Using Roxio 2011 Copy & Convert feature Convert to Zune - From (original) Audio_TS/Video_TS folder/file format to MPEG4 I have tried selecting ALL files to only the Movie_1 file and nothing seems to make any difference to solve this issue. Anyone got any suggestions how I can resolve this issue? Thanks in advance Phill
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