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Found 4 results

  1. Video encoding (.mkv to DVD) is really slow. I let it run for 8 hours and it was only 40% done. I have an iMac (3.5GHZ quad core i7, 32GB RAM) with an NVIDIA 4GB 780M video card, and found that the Mac Cuda driver would help with performance. So I installed the latest Cuda driver from NVIDIA and verified it was installed in System Preferences. I restarted restarted my computer, but the VideoBoost option is still greyed out. I thought I'd try another encode (.mkv to DVD), so I let it run for an hour, but it only was 4% done. So the conversion is still really slow. Is this slow performance normal? Why can't I enable VideoBoost after installing the Cuda driver? This is new iMac and Toast 12 Pro is a new install (not an upgrade) with the latest Toast 12 update (12.0.1). Also, I've already experienced a couple of crashes during encoding attempts. Hope someone can help. I miss iDVD and was hoping this would replace it. But if it's normally this slow and crashes a lot.... Thanks!! Brian
  2. Dinky

    Toast 11 Using A Single Cpu ?

    Any suggestions would be welcomed on this I am trying to burn an 8GB MKV file to either DVD or Bluray using Toast 11.2 My machine is an iMac, 16GB 3,4GHz I7, so not really a small machine. Yet it takes forever to encode a file this size. Looking in Activity Monitor, CPU usage is stuck at a miserable 100% or so (often less), where a program like Handbrake will use all 8 cores of the I7 Support by Roxio or Corel really does not deserve to be called like that, because they will only accept questions when you enter a "support code". (This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen), so I cannot ask them if there is a way to have Toast use all cores. So, does anybody of you know a way to boost Toast a little ? Thanks
  3. I am running Creator 2011 on a Win-7 Professional on Core i5-2500 The program loads, I see the main window. After I make a selection, the whole program freezes and goes into "Not Responding" mode. The software has been running fine since installed in May 2012, make Audio discs and DVD's no problem. Now, it doesn't want to work. Been scratching my head trying to figure out what else might have been installed that might be affecting the program. I deleted the only other new program I added, and it had no effect. Other than that, it's just been the windoze updates. I've uninstalled and re-installed twice. No change. Any ideas?
  4. stephhallows

    Mac Spec Comparison For Use With Toast 10

    Hi there, I work for a business that uses Toast 10 very heavily on a daily basis. At the moment we use the following machine: Apple 21" iMac Processor 3.06GHz Intel Core i3 Memory 4GB 1333 MHz DDR3 ATI Radeon HD 4670 256MB OS X Mountain Lion My question is whether there would be significantly reduced processing time burning data to discs using Toast 10 if we upgraded to the soon to be released Mac pro desktop (I'm assuming I won't be allowed to post the link so I've summarised a few points below). It's a little difficult to give exact stats to compare to, as the machine hasn't been released yet, but the promo is suggesting some of the following: - New gen xeon processors (12 core) - up to 60gb memory bandwidth - up to 40gb pci express bandwidth Basically, I'm just wondering if there is a point at which upgrading the hardware will no longer bring much benefit to the performance of Toast as I have no doubt this new Mac will cost a fortune. The investment will be worth it though if it means that Toast will perform significantly faster. Thank you in advance for your advice.