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Found 15 results

  1. caliber

    Blu-ray player

    Upgraded to NXT 6 Pro, still can't play Blu-ray dvd??
  2. Hey there. I have burned several DVDs from VHS Videotapes using the Roxio "Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus" hardware/software. The DVDs play on my laptop, but they do not play on our Kosch DVD Player. The files are saved as .mpg. What did I miss? Is there a trick to getting these to play on DVD players? Thanks
  3. Someone

    No Sound In Playback.

    Hi, When a recorded video is exported -using compression MPEG2/saving to the computer- there is no sound when the exported file is played. Anyone have an idea why? The original file have sound during playback though. Also exporting the recording as a WMV file works. __
  4. Is there a way to speed up the playback of the VHS? The tapes are 4hrs and I have to play them at the speed before I can burn them to a DVD. Is there a better or easier way? I am also doing individual files, like a 2hr clip and then another 2hr clip, because the VHS is bigger than a single DVD. Is there a better way? I haven't been able to find any information regarding this or the best way to transfer from VHS to DVD. Thanks
  5. Please help! I am trying to transfer a collection of home videos from VHS to DVD for my mother for Mother's Day. I am using the record and edit feature, in order to have each separate event (party, holiday, etc) available to select on the menu screen. I have chosen 4 clips, totalling 45 minutes in length and burned them to a DVD. The quality is set at "best" and I have not selected either autofit or span. I get this message when I try to play it in my Samsung Blu-Ray/DVD player - "The disc cannot be played. Please check the TV system."; I get the same error when I try it on our other player which is a Sony. I have used both a memorex DVD+R, and a Verbatim DVD-R and gotten the same result. All of these discs play on my computer without any issues, but will not do ANYTHING on a DVD player. The ONLY way that I have had success playing on a DVD player was when I did not use the edit feature, and only pushed play and transferred the whole tape to one disc.
  6. GabrielH

    Film Plays Dark And Jagged

    After I installed toast 11 I had to shut down in order to get rid of all the errors. Now I use a master file from FCPX it's 69GB mov file. 1920x1080 Apple prores 422, Linear PCM, Timecode. Color Profile HD(1-1-1). It plays wonderful both in FCPX and in Quicktime. When I burned this to a DVD+R DL using toast 11 the movie is too dark when played on my TV and it plays jagged when there is any movement. I tried using compressor to export a MPEG-2 file but I get the same result. Please help.
  7. I am able to burn DVD-R's fine, but occasionally certain ones will not play back on my DVD Player. I'm using Verbatim DVD-R and my player is a Sony DVP-S315. Most work OK, but then, BINGO, one will not work. None of them are over one hour. The message on the DVD player is "Playback Prohibited by Area Limitations".
  8. Arcadian Forest

    Audio Difficulties

    Alright so i've kind of managed to get the device to record in my own roundabout way but when i go to windows media player to view my recorded gameplay, the audio will fast-forward quickly then slow down and return to normal in about 10 seconds. I'm not sure whats causing it and any feedback would be appreciated.

    Recording Gameplay Sound

    When I record using the roxio pc game capture software there is no gameplay audio when i play it back ive looked for solutions on the box and disk and cant find anything its on a disk for the computer anybody know how to solve it.
  10. ChristinaRose

    Playback Issue

    I used the software and recorded for the first time last night and it appeared to work perfectly. However, when it finished, I received the message that there was a problem with the media player. I ejected the DVD and tried to play it and all I got was the Title Page with intro music. I used a DVD-RW. Is that the problem?
  11. I'm likely asking a question from some other forum, but I'm not really a forum guy, so navigating them is not intuitive to me. I just installed Easy (a bit of a laughable title to my way of thinking) VHS to DVD3 software. Started a VHS video, it played back fine on the program's screen, but when I hit the record button, the playback screen goes black while the timer continues on. Problem is, I cannot see what is recording or when to stop it with a black screen. Is this a common issue and is there a solution?
  12. After burning downloaded movies (Standard Format, not HD) from TIVO, when I try to view them on disc, they all become distorted and hung up around the 50-minute mark. Here are the steps I have taken to try to isolate the problem: 1. After playing the movie on my DVD player, and seeing it get distored and hung-up around 50 minutes into the film, I go back to my DVR and replay the movie to see if the original taping had any distortions. RESULTS: No distortions, films play cleanly on my television. 2. I then re-download the film to my two computers and play them there to see if there are any distortions that result from my downloading them from my TIVO DVR to my computer. RESULTS: No distortions, films play cleanly on my computer. 3. Since all films were coming out distorted, and at the same mark, I then installed Roxio Creator 2012 on my second computer, burned copies of these films on this computer as well. RESULTS: Same as the first computer, images of films get distored and the movies get hung up around the 50-minute mark. 4. I tried uninstalling, then reinstalling the program into the two computers. RESULTS: Same distortions occur at the same place as before. When ready to burn a movie, I always choose the 2-D/DVD/Standard Definition option, and I've used different DVD brands, though always get the same problem. I used to have an old version of a Roxio DVD burining software, and didn't have this problem on either computer, but the program was old and "wore out," the reason for my switch to Roxio Creator 2012. What would be creating this problem? It definitely has to do something with the software. If I need to reinstall the program and customize the download, what should I look for to resolve the problem? What other options should I consider when getting ready to burn a new DVD? It's been very, very frustrating, to say the least.. Thanks in advance for your attention and help to this matter.
  13. I'm trying to burn a photoshow with 137 pictures and 3 songs. When I burn a dvd, it goes through the whole process and I get a notification that it was successful. When I play in the dvd player, it only plays 3/4 through and stops. It plays a little longer in my laptop. When I check the dvd in the computer, it shows that the disc is full at 547MB but the disc capacity is 8.5GB. What am I doing wrong.
  14. brucelee1982

    Vhs Playback No Signal

    when i am recording the VHS to save onto my computer, sometimes it displays no signal and it will not record. While that is happening i can still hear the audio but it will not display and i cannot record it. Why is this happening? is it my RCA cables is it bc the VHS tape has bad sectors? I want to transfer all these vhs videos to dvd but it seems like its not working.
  15. Nerdy-N-Proud

    Preview Is Unlike The Export

    I am fairly new to Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus. When I record from my VCR I sometimes see the weird diagonal lines at the top. I use the "tracking" on my VCR to get rid of these lines. I then preview my recording before I go to export. During this preview there are no lines; the quality is perfect. When I export, however, the annoying lines end up in the final product. I have tried it in low quality, medium quality, and high quality, all having the same result. I do not think it is my VCR because I am getting a nice result in my preview, but I could be wrong. Does anyone know what is causing this and how I may fix it? Attached are snapshots of what I see with the preview and what I see with the export. I thank you in advance.