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Found 1 result

  1. I could not find the answer to my question in any of the other NXT forums, so I guess I'll start a new topic. Forgive my ignorance, but I am trying to understand Video formats (containers, codecs, bitrate, resolution, aspect ratio, etc.) and the impact these settings have on creating a DVD with Roxio NXT MyDVD. I have several old DVD's that were created with a DVD recorder connected to a conventional TV (late 90's). The video files on these DVD's are in a 4:3 aspect ratio. I would like to create new DVD's with menus and improved video but keep the same Aspect Ratio. I can rip the original video file from the DVD (using WinXDVD Ripper) and create an MPEG file that has a resolution of 720x540 (4:3) at a bitrate of 3000kbps. I imported the original file into Videowave to edit out commercials, improve the color, etc. See the screenshot showing the file details. After applying the edits, I wanted to output the project to an MPEG file that I could use in MyDVD. However, there is no preset output option that will retain the original resolution of 720x540. This seems a bit unusual since 720x540 seems to be a common resolution on non-commercial DVD's. That being said, I selected "Same as Original" for the Video Quality setting. See screenshot. Fortunately the output MPEG file had a resolution of 720x540 at a bitrate of 3000kbps - same as the source! But creating a DVD using MyDVD and retaining the video properties is not possible. After creating my menu and adding the MPEG file output from VideoWave, I selected File/Project Settings and discovered there is no option to select a resolution of 720x540 at a bitrate of 3000kbps. The best I could do to keep a 4:3 Aspect Ratio was to select the options as shown below and reduce the resolution to 352x240: Does anyone of the Creator gurus have any advice on the subject? Let me add it is pretty embarrassing to have to resort to Windows DVD Maker to create a 4:3 DVD! Regards, Jerry