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  1. ive had this roxio for a long time and its work perfectly the whole time until yesterday, something happend to make it not be the right size in my obs and so i deactivated the roxio and reactivated it but it didnt fix it(like it usally does) so i figured i have to uninstall and reinstall to my pc but now it wont fully install and rolls back. i recently bought a new pc a few months ago and it doesnt have a cd drive(cyberpower pc pre built) so i downloaded the software from roxio and it was working fine but now since last night i cant re install it. ive looked at the forums and tried some stuff but idk how to read the log files. ive never had to deal with log files or this kind of stuff so any help would be appreciated LogFile 21-05-11 23-47.zip
  2. Hi, I hope this is the right thread, I'm new here. I've managed to use my Roxio HD last year without any problems so I know it does work, however it's been a while and I am having struggle setting it up again. Basically, I have input HDMI to the console (Wii U), output HDMI to the TV, and output USB to my PC. I am getting an image on my TV screen, but not on my PC screen. Instead, the screen is black and the status says "no signal" in green. The source, input, and settings are all blank and don't have any options to choose from. I have attached a screenshot of the Roxio Capture software. Would appreciate any help, thanks in advance!
  4. Ok so I have a Roxio HD Pro and I use it with my PS4 to record and live stream. I put my HDMI from my PS4, to my Roxio, then HDMI from Roxio, to my monitor. My problem is that the quality is not good compared to just HDMI from PS4 to monitor. I go to my video settings on PS4 and choose 1080p, but next to it it says "1080p(Unsupported)" It says that for every video option. On my PC, I go to the Roxio application and make it 1080p with the bitrate at 15000 and .mp4 format My PC specs are the following : i5 6600k @ 4.4GHZ 16GB DDR4 2800MHZ GTX 770 Samsung 850 PRO 256GB SSD 1TB Seagate HDD If someone could help me out with this issue, it would be much appreciated! Thanks!
  5. Okay so my game capture hd pro status is ready and its fine but the preview window quality looks blurry and terrible... I have tried repair and un installing but its not working please help. also my tv is on "unsupported mode" so if you need pictures let me know !
  6. I have myself a Roxio HD Pro and i can record but i cant live stream i enabled it on my youtube and it says on my youtube account im verified but roxio allways gives me an error saying i need to be verified? Some pictures Can anyone help me on this mather plz?
  7. Roughly 2 years ago, I got a Roxio HD Pro to use with my 360. Shortly after that, I got an HDTV so I could record in HD. All was going well, and I eventually moved on to recording my PC with the Roxio (connecting my laptop to the input and the TV to the output). This worked perfectly, but I did stop doing this for quite awhile. Fast forward to now, and I've decided to try recording some PC gameplay once again. I perform the same setup (with the same TV, laptop, Roxio, and cables as before), only to be met with this on my TV screen: "This TV does not support the output format, video resolution, and/or refresh rate being sent by the connected device." This perplexes me, because I can connect the TV straight to my laptop and it will display just fine. It's only when I'm trying to feed through the Roxio that I get this issue. Could it be due to an update that the Roxio has received? I haven't used it to try to record PC footage in over a year and a half, so I may have very well not seen some of these updates come to pass.
  8. I have recently lost my Cd that held my Recording software and my streaming software for my roxio hd pro recording device is there a link or something i can do to get my stuff back or am i out of luck? any help would be appreciated.
  9. So i recently bought the HD Pro and found out it didnt come with anything i needed, besides the usb to computer cord, that wasent a issue since i have a monitor instead of a tv, so i bought all the items i needed, Component cables, Little accessories that convert a HDMI cable to component, and 2 things for the back of my screen that convert hdmi to DVI then VGA, i got it all setup and it does work, except the fact that i cant see my xbox on the screen, Since i use the same screen for my computer and xbox, it doesnt come up at all except on the Roxio Capture. So does it just not work with the same screen? or are you SOPPOSED to play it on the Roxio Capture cause theres a #$^@ 2 second delay, A'int Nobody got time for that. So please help, if you would like photos, i could send some of the setup.
  10. Hi. So I recorded my PS4 Farcry 4 last night using some pretty good hdmi cables. I noticed that once I started recording, that there were sporadic video pixel glitches showing up in the preview. Thought nothing of it. But I went to my video folder to look at it and the glitches are there! Audio is perfectly fine tho. What am I doing wrong? Do I need to change some settings? If so, to what? Plz, if there is a solution, show me. I record stuff for my channel. I also have the HDCP disabled. Otherwise it wont record. Thx for the help in advance!
  11. Here are some things that need to be fixed with the roxio hd pro. First off I use a roxio hd pro and have grown very fond of it, its just that this capture card software needs alot of work. Here are my reason that the roxio hd pro gives me a headache: Reason 1: No mic recording feature while using the capture feature, This is usually available in all high grade capture card softwares like the elgato. THIS IS THE REASON MOST PEOPLE DONT LIKE THIS CAPTURE CARD. Reason 2: The software can be very glitchy while stopping a recording, staring a recording, and also starting and stopping livestreams. Reason 3: No option to record livestreams. Reason 5: No option to use a camera in livestreams and while recording. These features need to be added because they give me and probably most people a headache and make us want to switch to a different capture card so PLEASE FIX THESE!!!
  12. Hey Roxio Team or Roxio Staff. I am just wondering if you can get sponsored for recording videos using your product the Roxio HD Pro. I see some youtubers and they get sponsored by Elgato. Im just wondering if theres any possible way of getting a intro supporting you guys. Like all the others do for show.
  13. Hello, The Roxio Hd Pro is hooked up correctly and has worked before. Recently I got a new TV but when I tried to record new stuff I got a red no signal message on the status bar. I looked up some post on here and elsewhere. They all said to do a repair. So I did... Three times but with no results. I'm also not getting any signal to my TV. Thanks, Nifty
  14. Hello I got a Roxio HD Pro for Christmas and a brand new laptop. I set it all up and it worked perfectly. this was on windows 8. when i updated to windows 8.1 my preview screen went to a solid purple/black screen. i messed around with my xbox 360 and software settings and found out that it will display the preview screen when i set it to 480p on both the xbox 360 and my software. i do not like the way the quality is and so want it to be 1080i resolution on both systems. Computer Specs: HP Pavilion TouchSmart 14 SleekBook Model: 14-b109wm Display: 14.0" Diagonal HD BrightView LED Hard Drive: 500GB Ram: 4096MB DDR3 SDRAM Processor: Intel Celeron Processor 877 (1.4GHz) OS: Windows 8 (Updated to windows 8.1) I feel it is the lack of Roxio to recognize the issue, fix it, and submit an update to everyone. I have looked online about how people change their processor settings around to make it work and i find that to be a waste of time, im not going to mess things up for other applications on my computer so that i can make this work. So if you can find out a way to help me that would be great. (and i have already set my processor to default ) My screen Please if anybody can help me out!!
  15. I have had my Roxio for about a year and I have been searching for a solution but I don't think I have found anything. so what is happening is that when I set up my game capture the screen in the capture window shows the stuff on my xbox but it is cut in half the bottom half on top and the top half on the bottom. there is also a no signal even though it shows up even though its messed up, and if it matters the no signal is red, and I know I have everything plugged in right, I also recently switched to hdmi, also im not a guy who knows a ton about computers so please try to explain things simply. thank you
  16. Hello, I have a Roxio GameCap HD Pro that I got for Christmas. I understand that many people were having a problem using the software on Windows 8 but so far to my knowledge I under stand that the Windows 8 problems were fixed and I was using the product with great results and no problems at first. I am using an Xbox 360, I am setup using HDMI cables, and I have a Gateway Laptop running Windows 8. This is not the problem since it was working with this setup. My problem is a blank, purple preview window using the recording software. Like I said above the software was working and has now stopped. I can record videos still but I have no preview so I don't know if everything is the way I want it or if I need to adjust anything like the quality or the brightness. I still hear game sound coming from the software just no video preview. When this problem first occurred I noticed that my input changed from HDMI to component and when I set it back to HDMI it was working until I pressed Start Capture. After that it kept happening so I changed the input from HDMI to component and back to HDMI and that worked for a little while but now that doesn't even work. I tried uninstalling and re-installing the software but that did nothing. Does anyone have a solution? If anyone needs any other information that I did not already provide please say so and I will fill you in on the missing details.
  17. So I just got the Roxio HD pro about 3 days ago. I setup everything properly, with the ps3. Now the problem is that there is a green " no signal " sign. Also the drop box for the source is not showing up. Its just a black box. Please someone reply
  18. Hi Guys! I have a problem with my Roxio HD Pro. When I pull up the capture screen, my scheme changes to Windows Basic, and has the status in red: capture device. I believe it is because of Window 7 changing to Basic, but I am not sure. If anyone could give me a solution, I would appreciate it immensely.
  19. Okay, so the topic title should give you a good idea of what's going on, but let me explain: I have tried to connect both my Nintendo Gamecube, and Wii to the capture card. I haven't had the desired result; being the TV displaying the proper video/audio input, and the card capturing the desired footage. My results have either been, both having grey scale video displayed, one having color (usually the TV) while the other has grey scale (usually the card). The other being the capture card just doesn't find the signal. The following are the connections settings I used and that failed (keep in mind I am working with a flat-screen projector-box-type Mitsubishi TV): Wii - HD composite converter cables - Roxio - HD Composite Cables/USB Cable - TV/PC Wii/GC - Analog Composite (RWY) - Roxio - HDCC/USB - TV/PC Wii/GC - Analog - Roxio - Analog/USB - TV/PC Wii - HDCC - Roxio - Analog/USB - TVPC Wii/GC - Analog - TV Analog Input - TV Analog Monitor Out - Analog - Roxio - HDCC/USB - TV composite Input/PC None gave me what I need, which is color caputre on the Roxio and Color display on the TV. If anyone has any advice, I would be very appreciative. Thank you, Khenpoe
  20. I posted a thread a week ago or so, and It kinda just died. But I think it is FPS I am having problems with. When I do a video I record the video and record my commentary in Audacity at the same time. When i go into editting, I just match them up correctly in the panels. I do use Videowave. But for soem reason, and this has been happening for about a week now, towards the end of my video I notice that my commentary is WAY ahead of the video. It starts off right where it needs to be, and by the end of teh video my commentary is up like 7-10 seconds. My PC: Acer AspireM3470G Processor: AMD A6-3620 APU with Radeon Graphics 2.20 Ghz 4GB RAM 64 Bit OS w/ Windows 7 What I have done to try and fix it myself: - "repaired" the software about 7 times using my Roxio disk - Re-installed the software twice - Switched from Hardware to software in the editting options - made sure I was in 720p while recording, as well as my Xbox to match - tried doing commentary once I am in videowave rather than a live one. I have tried both Audacity and videwave recordings. To say the least I am aggrevated. I am trying to be patient, and learn more about my problem before I just give up and MAYBE buy a different product. Honeslty I don't want to give up, I have been at this for days now. I hope someone knows whats going on!!!! Example here on my YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RoM01gN0IZ0
  21. Okay so i just recieved my roxio hd pro yesterday off of ebay. I plugged everything in correctly and it worked fine. I go to use the program today and on the display screen there are 7 colored lines. I had to download the software from a website because the CD the guy sent me from ebay was broken. I don't know what to do and this is very frustrating. I hope you can help and if you can thank you very much! ..P.S.... i am using a ps3 with component cables( no hdmi).
  22. SET UP - I am using the capture card for a slightly different purpose. I am trying to capture and record a security camera and stream the results. I have a separate monitor to view said security channels, and another that feeds into my computer. I have an HDMI cable coming from my security system feeding into the HDMI input on the capture card. I have the PC output going into the usb on my computer. Then I have a VGA output from the computer to the computer monitor. Then I have the HDMI output heading into my second monitor so I can monitor just the cameras on that screen. PROBLEM - I have moved the inputs and outputs to every logical reconfiguration and I have never been able to get the separate monitor to show anything. The most success I have had is getting the channels to show up on the computer capture software, but the channels are being displayed in no numerical order. Channel 1, 7, 17, 4 are coming through, but only 1, 2, 3, 4 have cameras running. So my conclusion is that for some reason the card is losing input data and displaying random output on the computer monitor. Again nothing I have done has been able to show the security channels on the separate monitor. I have set this up and have used the same setup with gaming and I have had no problems with the split screen nor capturing my gameplay. I am using the exact same cables and connections, but nothing seems to work. I have tried everything I can possibly think of. Has anyone ever tried using the roxio to capture and stream security systems before? Does the channel output confuse the inputs even tho I am using HDMI on both input and output? Can someone give me a hug? My brain hurts
  23. I just got my Roxio HD PRO yesterday and the thing won't work. I had another one before that worked fine until I broke it lol. But the purple light comes on when I plug it in but the pass-through won't work and a green no signal light comes on. It does not show up in my device manager at all. Here are some screen caps of my device manager and capture window with the RGC plugged in to the computer.
  24. Hi, I was wondering how long it takes to upload a video using both the roxio standard and the roxio HD. Im curious because I need to know how long I should start uploading before 6 which is when I want the video to be up.
  25. Howdy, I'm having trouble with a faulty HDMI output port on the Roxio HD Pro. The RHDP will connecl to my laptop, capture and do its job. The output will not show on my TV regardless of settings, different cables, etc I just get 'no signal' on the TV screen when set to the appropriate HDMI port. I don't have a set of component cables to try and see if that works although really the HDMI port should be working. It's probably the port as I have had a replacement RHDP that works fine with the same wires and settings etc. I've also stalked this forum, youtube, google etc and can't get a clear answer. Long story short, I now have two RHDP's and want to fix the port on the faulty one, if that's even possible. Either a repair or even replacing the HDMI port itself? It could also be that the RHDP is not even outputting at all, I had taken that into account. Can anyone here help please? Cheers
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