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Found 4 results

  1. Gamerevolution

    Roxio Game Cap Hd Pro "red No Signal" Help

    So i purchase a Roxio Game Cap HD Pro 2 days ago but I am getting a RED NO SIGNAL details as follows I have a 2.8 gig pc running 620gt nvidia card and windows 8 strong pc The software installed no problem and I can click on capture & edit video no problem there I have a hdmi lead running from the output of the roxio to a 24" hd tv and the xbox 360 shows up on the TV so no problem there I have a hdmi lead running from a slim xbox 360 to the input of the roxio I plug in the roxio to the USB port on front of my pc it lights up blue so no problem with the roxio it also shows up in hardware, sound etc so roxio is ok. I turn on the xbox 360 it appears on the tv no problem so the out put to Tv is fine so my conclusion is that the roxio is not recognizing the xbox 360 signal no the hdmi lead works because i use it all the time to play my xbox on a 47 inch 3d tv no problem so i assume it may be xbox 360 settings any help would be appreciated checked loads of youtube videos no joy
  2. FootballGamer17

    Red No Signal Greyd Out Buttons

    As the title says i have the red no signal eaven though it is plugged in. Although it says i am getting no signal i do see the display on my tv. I have tried to repair many times. what is next ? what do i do to fix?
  3. Hello everyone! So I am new to the whole game capture thing and I was told that if I wanted to start off basic and simple, that I should buy a Roxio. Well, my experience has been nothing remotely close to simple. Sadly. The first day I got it, it was really laggy and the picture was bad on it. There was lines through it and there was a lot of static. Well I researched for a week to see if there was any solutions so I finally found one. When I went to go fix it, it pops up with a red "No Signal". I see partial of my TV screen on the computer but not the whole thing, and it also is laggy, when I plug the HDMI into my TV it doesn't show anything on my TV but a blue screen. A lot of people told me to use the component cables and I can't because I have the newer Xbox and I only have it's component cable that came with it. If you guys could let me know how to fix this that would be awesome, and I could credit you when I finally get to upload to YouTube! Which has been my goal since I bought this #$^@ thing. Any help/comments help! If you could walk me through it on Xbox that would be even better. My gamertag is: vH3llOnHeels
  4. THIS IS SOLVED Hello. Whenever I Open LaunchPad It Works Fine. Then, I Press The Blue 'Capture' Button. After That It Just Stays Like This (When The USB Isn't Plugged In) : (When The USB Is Plugged In) : I've tried the new update, I've tried not using the new update, I've tried re-plugging in all of the cables, I've tried using a different USB port. I've Used Roxio And It's Worked Before, But It Just Randomly Started To Do This. PLEASE HELP!