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Found 5 results

  1. VHS to DVD 3 Plus I have done comprehensive testing of this product. Here are my observations: 1) Using the S-Connector and "average quality" VHS tapes, this product absolutely requires a TBC (Time Base Corrector) connected to the VCR playback deck in order to obtain a usable DVD. 2) Even with a TBC, a usable DVD can only be obtained using the "BEST" recording mode. Any lower recording mode results in an unusable DVD. Way too much "video noise" (ie: visual artifacts). 3) Even with a TBC and recording a 30-minute tape in the "BEST" mode, the resulting DVD has more "video noise" than a DVD that is created using standard practices. By standard practices, I mean capturing video to a DV-AVI file (using a program like Adobe Premiere) and then encoding and outputting a DVD at 6.6 Mbps (CBR) I returned the product for a full refund. Myron Achtman Calgary, AB
  2. ct2193

    Toast 12 Pro (Distribution Issues)

    On October 2, 2014 I placed an order for Toast 12 Pro (Physical) rather than a download. As of today (November 5, 2014) I still do not have the product, no proof of shipping, and multiple calls in to the company to which they tell me the order is in processing, but has not shipped. Initially, they also told me they could not refund the order because it was already in processing. Today I received email telling me that the "free warranty support" on this product was about to expire. At this time I DO NOT have the physical copy I ordered, nor have they provided me with the ability to download it. First they offer that I can download it from my order login then they tell me that they cannot provide a download link because I paid for a physical copy. When I purchased it, the Pro version was listed as $99 on their homepage. It is of course now $149. Later in the day after placing my order, I offered the FRIENDS10 discount code to our corporate IT staff and my office ordered a copy of Toast 12 Pro as well. That order is experiencing the same non-shipment, non-helpful interaction. Multiple times, I called in and multiple times, according to Roxio Toast support, I was assured that they show plenty of physical copies in stock. After a few separate calls, I asked if they could cancel the non-shipping order and create a new order with the same $99 pricing so it would actually ship. The request was denied. I asked for some form of compensation for the absurd delay and aggravating lack of information. The request was again denied. 1) When people pay for your products, you have an obligation to your customers. 2) When people inquire about standard requests (Shipping, Billing, Serial Numbers, etc.) people expect an answer, even if you put them on hold to collect that answer. Either way, it should happen within the FIRST phone call. 3) When people request regular status updates to be sent to them because no answers were provided on the phone, people need someone to actually email or call them back. 4) If you use a 3rd party shipper, you are still responsible for your customer interactions. 5) When you use a 3rd party support desk, you are still responsible for you customer interactions. 6) When a failure happens on your end, you need to make it right. Credits are customary. I'm not posting this to start a bunch of name calling. I want to be heard and this is just one of many forums and blogs that this topic will be presented to.
  3. Nick Boot

    I Give Up With Creator Nxt Pro

    I have had the software for 2 weeks; having upgraded as suggested from 2012pro as my 2 year old Sony HDD camera would no longer talk to the 2012 software????? Anyway I have just received the new uptodate USB connector from the states (yes ive downloaded the driver)- and the whole lot togther now crashes. despite different combinations of reinstalls etc.etc. Im fed up of navigating through self help, customer unhelp and the no help without paying scenarios so have applied to day for a full refund. Running w7 as W8 should be described as a health hazard. and am throuroughly fed up. to put it mildly. If anyone has a cure that doesnt involve reinstalling it all or calling the £££££££ helpdesk Id be grateful. Or maybe i should buy Pinnacle instead. Yours in close to apoplexy Nick
  4. Okay so I bought this device because I was in the market for an HD Capture card and I saw the price compared to its competitors.I bought this card last Friday and when I recieved it on Monday. I was dissapointed.The card is great don't get me wrong I would love it if it worked.Let me get this started by saying I play on a monitor.A gaming monitor I should say.It only has a DVI input.So tell me why I can't use an Amazon Basics HDMI to DVI cable with this card? It works fine with my PC and my Xbox.But when I plug it into the card it does not work!Before you say connect the HDMI to a TV.NO.I choose to play on a monitor because of the smoothness and no lag.Now the software is another thing.IT SUCKS! Freezes 9/10 times! The livestream feature is awesome....if it worked! Oh and I can't use this with Xsplit,which is my preferable streaming software.All I'm asking for is a refund.I'm utterly dissapointed in Roxio at this point.
  5. First of all sorry for my bad english^^ I need help from you guys! I ordered the roxio game cap hd from the official italian website. The total ammount on the bill they gave to me was 360,00 Euros, but when the package arrived the postal service ask for more 100,00 Euros due to the internacional parcels. There was in no way sayed this in the bill or whatever so i refuse the package. Now i want apply for a refound(i bought this 2 weeks ago) but i cant find the form to apply the refund or a valid number to call,i wrote an email to: refounds@roxio.com but Hotmail says they cant send the mail for unknowed reason. Can someone HELP me to solve this problem??? Ill really appreciate your help,me and my friends,save our money for months to buy this,at least we want our money back and buy the roxio from ebay or so. Thanks hope you can help me,have a nice day,and good luck on BO2!!! Gio