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Found 14 results

  1. Worldly

    Crash On Save?

    Hey everyone, I just installed my roxio software less than a week ago and my friend and I tried recording and editing some gameplay videos. As the title suggests, the software would crash when I tried to save a production. The only reason I can think of it doing this is that I'm running Windows 10. Does anyone have suggestions for what else could be the problem? Thanks.
  2. Unfortunately, the Roxio Game Capture Pad software that is a part of the Roxio GameCAP series of video capture devices is currently incompatible with the Windows 10 Insider Preview and will not function as intended, regardless of any settings applied to the software using the Windows Compatibility Mode subsystem. Furthermore, certain versions of third-party game capture utilities such as Xsplit 2.0 or later may permanently default to component input settings - even if you are using HDMI cables - thereby breaking compatibility with Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles, or any other console that requires an HDCP-compliant input such as HDMI or DVI under federal copyright regulations such as those provided under the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA). As a workaround for the issue, you will need to reinstall the latest service pack using the downloadable update files by using the patch installer's repair feature. Please note that because the update process requires the use of the Windows TEMP folder cache, you cannot perform the repair directly from Windows Settings or Programs and Features. You MUST redownload the patcher from the Roxio website and run the patch repair process from within the patcher itself. Alternatively, you can simply roll back to Windows 7/8.x in order to restore functionality without requiring a patch repair.
  3. Ok, I got a Roxio Game Cap HD Pro the other day, got it all installed but the lag and delay is unavoidable! I have used youtube to find any kind of tips or tricks to fix it, nothing it is always about 2 to 3 seconds behind button presses regardless. Why is it so? Did I waste my money on an inferior product or is it my computer? Thanks
  4. officialredcore

    Halp! Halp!

    Hello there. I am experiencing an issue with my Roxio GameCAP HD PRO. Let me describe my setup with cables and that: I have two monitors and two PC's. Yes, that's right, I am not going to stream gameplay from a console but from my gaming PC. I have a DVI Cable from my gaming monitor to my gaming PC the same thing between the streaming monitor and streaming/recording pc. The gamecapture is in the middle of the pc's, with the USB connected to the streaming PC, and two HDMI cables connected to my gaming pc and monitor. Input to Gaming PC and Output to Gaming monitor. The trouble I am having is that basically, half the stuff I do on the gaming PC actually shows on my Gaming monitor. The other half of the programs I have open is shown in the little preview box in my Roxio software in the streaming PC. When I push my mouse to the very right on my gaming monitor, I control the mouse in the preview box, nowhere else. To make it clear: If I have my webbrowser(Google Chrome) up on my Gaming PC, I cannot see this in the preview box at the game capture software in my streaming pc. And programs that I can see in the preview box, Spotify for example, is not shown on my Gaming monitor. It does not work to click it up or anything, its like the computer is split in half. So what is the problem here? I have no idea. Please guys help me out here! /Redcore
  5. I had bought a Roxio Game Capture HD Pro and I wanted to see what was going on on the screen of my xBox 360 on my computer screen! But when I connected the HDMI cable in the Roxio GAME Capture HD Pro program, it said that it was ready to register, but now video was shown on the screen! Just a blue/black scree! What should I do? I had already reinstalled it many times and it never work! I have no idea on what to do! Please help me!
  6. TheRhysWyrill

    Any Help Would Be Appreciated.

    Okay, so I've had the Roxio Gamecap HD Pro for a little over a year now, i would say it's worked perfectly for that duration but that would be a lie, I've looked all over for a solution to my problem but no matter how hard i look i just can't find anything to help, basically my problem is that i record using the Roxio (For my gameplay) and use Audacity (For commentary). I start my commentary audio as soon as i see the button turn red (So usually about 1 second difference between the 2) although when i end the video & commentary audio, the video is somehow longer (Varying from 20 seconds to 2/3 minutes depending on how long I've recorded for) but what i don't understand is that i record & end them only seconds within each other. When recording, both seem to work fine & i know my computer is capable of handling this software, i just have no idea what it could be, I've tried literally everything with next to no success, if anyone can help then it would greatly appreciated, Thanks.
  7. Hello! I was wondering if at ANY time soon we will be able to hook this "livestreaming option" on Twitch, Youtube, and Justin.tv. I do most of my recording on Youtube. And alot of times do a lot of streaming on Youtube. In the next update of the software. I'm thinking that if you are NOT a partner. The software will detect that and allow you to register for a partner. You are able to choose 1 or 2 live streaming options. Depending on the specifications of your computer/internet. You will be able to record all 3 at the same time! So I am wondering. Will this be available soon?
  8. I just recently got my Roxio Gamecapture HD Pro and when I properly installed the software and made my setup right. After doing all this I tried to record but noticed that the preview screen previewed the video as different colors than what I saw on my moniter.The feed was coming clearly through to my moniter but was being recorded in different colors, please help.
  9. So, I'm having a problem when I am capturing with my Roxio Gamecap HD pro; when there is a loading screen in my game: Lego city undercover. Whenever the game fades to black just before a loading screen, the capture glitches up for a little bit. It's a bit difficult to explain, but I've found someone else with EXACTLY the same problem, which I've pasted here: "I have a huge problem that is happening to me when I edit or upload my recorded video. So when I record New Super Mario Bros Wii and New Super Mario Bros U, whenever the game transitions to another screen, (going through a pipe mainly), the recording kind of stutters a bit. Here's when the problem really begins: When I put the video in Windows Movie Maker to edit it, it doesn't work right. The problem will keep freezing when I choose to go to a different art of the video, and the screen will stay black after I go through a pipe in the video. Yet if I skip over me going in the pipe, I can watch later parts of the video... So pretty much, when the game loads or if the screen turns completely black for a second, it gets screwy with Windows Movie Maker. So I tried seeing if I could upload it without editing it and get no problem. But after it was uploaded, the whole video was just a black screen. And every once in awhile it would stuttter, but there would be no picture. What else is weird, is that when I view the footage on Windows Media Player, it's completely fine. The only problem is that it will do like a half a second stutter sometimes when the game is loading. But it is very minimal and it's completely watchable. So can someone please explain to me: What the HECK is going on? Why does it do this during loading screens, and what can I do to fix the problem? This is the weirdest glitch/problem I have ever experienced. I am not liking this capture card so far, and I am thinking about selling it if I don't get a solution soon. I just bought this thing recently, and it can't even record without giving me problems. I have a Youtube channel, and I haven't uploaded in the past couple of weeks because of this. I have viewers who are waiting for new videos, and I need a solution as fast as possible. Thanks you in advance to all of you who try to help me. I would really appreciate it if you would reply to this if you even have ANY clue on how to fix the problem. Thanks again." This describes my problem EXACTLY. It's not just Windows Movie Make that does this though, I use Adobe Premiere and that doesn't work either. In fact, I've tried Windows Movie Maker, Windows Live Movie Maker and Adobe Premiere and there is always a problem. I don't want to use Roxio VideWave (the editing software that comes with the Capture Card) because there are things that it can't do and I can only do on Adobe Premiere (don't worry about that, it's besides the point), I only tested the other movie editors to see if I'd get the same problem. You can see the full page for that quote here: http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/86796-roxio-game-capture-hd-pro-editing-problem/ - Dafster
  10. SiLeNT_F1NISH

    Invalid Format For Tv

    Hello, I tried connecting my brand new fresh out of the box Roxio GameCap HD Pro Capture card, and my TV is just saying "Invalid format", I know that this issue has probably been solved hundreds of times but I've looked everywhere and nothing is helping me out. I am trying to connect it to my xbox with Cheetah HDMI High Speed w/ Ethernet Braided Cables. The xbox cable going into the input and the tv cable in the output, the HDMI light on the Roxio GameCap HD Pro is on, and I can see the picture on the pc screen when I am about to capture. But, it doesn't show on the TV screen, I tried plugging the HDMI cable directly from the console to the screen and it works fine. So, I know this is a issue with the Roxio Capture card. The invalid format is not green or red, and I've triple checked all the cables are plugged in the right slot. Please help, I've been doing this for hours! I have also tried changing the settings on xbox to 480p, 720p, 1080p, 1080i,and optimal resolution
  11. Agent Xander

    Hot Keys Not Working.

    I'm having some issues using the hot keys to Start and Stop capture on the GameCap HD Pro software. Pressing the hot keys doesn't do anything 90% of the time. Sometimes, I can go in to the options and change the hot keys and the start hot key will work but then the stop hot key won't. And then if I stop it manually on the interface and try to use the start hot key again, it doesn't work again. I checked and my Roxio software is up to date and my keyboard drivers are up to date as well. Here are my specs: Manufacturer: Hewlett-Packard Model: HP G62 Notebook PC Processor: AMD Phenom II P650, Dual-Core Processor, 2.60 GHz RAM: 4.00 GB System Type: 64-bit OS Graphics Card: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4200 Series Keyboard: In device manager it says "Standard PS/2 Keyboard" Let me know if you need any more information.
  12. So this thing has been working great but I've tried rendering this video 6 times already and each time they have no game sound. The game I was recording was Dead Space 3 in 1080i video is 39 minutes long. Anyways the only audio I hear after I Render it is my commentary and absolutely no Game sound from dead space. I cant figure it out can someone give me an easy solution.
  13. Hello, Recently i have just gotten the roxio gamecap hd pro that i've wanted for christmas. Everything was going fine until i wanted to render the video. heres what i did, i clicked the "Export as" button. chose purpose "all" and clicked "both", and made the video file quality "Same as Original" and clicked "create Video file". then my display driver turns off for a second and says "an error occured during rendering" What the heck is happening and how do i fix it so it renders!? PLEASE HELP
  14. Remav1c

    Issues, Issues, Issues.

    Hey all, After a wave of issues with this device I came to the conclusion that I want my money back for the Roxio GameCap HD Pro. I bought the device like 15 days ago. I mailed Roxio alot of times and they were replying in the beginning, but now they are not replying... What do I do now, please help!!!! Thanks!