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Found 5 results

  1. I havent messed with my roxio in a while, but when i installed it on to my laptop, it had updates all the way to 3.0. I installed all of them. The roxio is working perfectly fine. Thing is. I have two different sets of audio outputs now. 1 is my normal one. The second one is DEMO TDA19978 (AMD High Definition Audio....) which i have figured out is basically the audio going to the capture card. But, when i have that selected, i cant hear my pc game audio. Or ANY pc audio. And if i switch it to my usual audio output so that I CAn hear, then the video capture has no audio. So, how can i set this up to where i can hear my pc audio AND still have audio in my capture? Cuz i even tried plug in headsets and that dosent help either.
  2. Ive ran into tons and tons of issues, ive gotten a 4k screen (the software does NOT work well with my screen but i manage) And now im getting a blue screen of death ive done all the steps ive uninstalled and reinstalled and didn't plug in the roxio until it was complete. Im getting a kernel issue, and sometimes other things its been happening more and more now,Any help would be great every time i start up the software it makes my alienware lights fade on and off ( im aware of the issues with alienware and roxio) it seems like everytime the usb is connected to quickly and disconnects while its still in the system makes it crash. Please help me out im tired of hearing crap from my buddies who use Elgatos! I stick up for Roxio!
  3. Hi, apologies if my problem has been resolved before however I'd had a search through the forum and the only threads about it have either gone unanswered because the author never responded to a question or the resolution hasn't worked for me. What has happened is that I was recommended by Windows Support to do a Clean Boot to help fix problems I was having with Windows Media Player however when I tried to use my Roxio Game Capture later on, I clicked the big 'Capture' button and instead of opening the capture software, the orange loading pop-up appeared for less than a second and disappeared and nothing happened. I tried restarting my laptop a couple of times, running capture as an administrator and even going through the repair process but it still isn't opening. I don't know whether the Clean Boot had anything to do with the software not working however it's been working fine since March of this year so it would be odd for it not of been from it. Thanks!
  4. I was trying to setup my Roxio Game Capture Pro HD, and the software is getting the signal, but the TV is not. I've tried new cables, what's going on?
  5. Hello everyone. I've been browsing the forum for weeks trying to figure out what might be wrong with the device, but to no avail I've finally decided to ask you guys, and post my own topic. Okay, so I've had my device for a few months now, and it's not until fairly recently it's stopped working. Whenever I open the software and click "capture" I'm only left with a black screen, and the start capture button, live stream, and options button are all unavailable. Although their is nothing on the screen initially, if I move the quality bar up, a flickering jumbled screen shows up, and the red signal turns green, and the options, start capture, and the other options become available. However clicking on the options, or the start capture button results in the software crashing. It'll say "Roxio Media Capture" has stopped working. I've looked at the solutions from rebooting my PC, to the most common issue which is the "transcoder" thing showing up in the device manager. Regardless I'll post pictures and provide as much information as possible. It'd be great if I could get this device working again. The first picture is what looks like when first opening the video capture. The second picture is what it looks like with the slider all the way up. For some reason however when I PRTSC the recording screen shows up as black when in reality it's flickering, and you can barely make out what's there. The third picture is what happens after clicking "options" The fourth picture shows where the software is in the device manager. The last picture shows any additional information.
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