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  1. Title says it all really. There Xbox is displaying fine on my TV but I'm not getting any visuals on the Roxio Game Capture software. I have installed the Elgato software using the CD but starting up the video capture software asks me to connect an elgato device (it''s already connected but the software doesn't recognize it). I can't change any of the settings on the left, can't select source. Not sure what to do. As far as I'm aware HDCP is disabled.
  2. Hey guys. So frustrating...i bought my game capture on amazon a 2 weeks ago. Installed it and everything on my laptop. Heres the situation: My mate and i are swapping PC and laptop. But my mom came into my room while i was away and threw away the whole box which had the CD key im not even lying and im really upset because im pretty sure there is nothing i can do. I also did not register online stupidly. So could i possible move the whole folder onto my harddrive and just place it in the other PC? I have the CD, Game capture device and the cables. I can even send proof of payment and photos of my device and CD. Please is there anyway of getting another serial code Thanks ​josh
  3. So let me tell you the hardware and setup I am using when trying to use my Roxio Game Capture HD Pro, and then I will explain my problem: Hardware: -playstation 4 -Roxio Game Capture HD Pro -Roxio Game Capture HD Pro software - Dell P2213 Professional 22'' LED-Backlit LCD Monitor, Black Link: https://www.amazon.com/Dell-P2213-Professional-LED-Backlit-Monitor/dp/B008RIH5NW/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1485661907&sr=8-1&keywords=dell+monitor+p2213 -2 HDMI cords Setup: -1 hdmi cord connects to the ps4 and goes into the input hdmi slot on the roxio game capture hd pro device. -The 2nd hdmi cord goes into the output hdmi slot on the roxio game capture hd pro device and goes into my hdmi monitor. -The USB cord connects to my pc from the roxio game capture hd pro device. will i need a HDMI splitter Black Screen When Trying To Use Roxio Game Capture Hd Pro With My xbox one
  4. So let me tell you the hardware and setup I am using when trying to use my Roxio Game Capture HD Pro, and then I will explain my problem: Hardware: -playstation 4 -Roxio Game Capture HD Pro -Roxio Game Capture HD Pro software -ASUS VS228H-P 22-Inch Full-HD 5ms LED-Lit LCD Monitor Link: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005BZNDOO/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o09_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 -2 HDMI cords Setup: -1 hdmi cord connects to the ps4 and goes into the input hdmi slot on the roxio game capture hd pro device. -The 2nd hdmi cord goes into the output hdmi slot on the roxio game capture hd pro device and goes into my hdmi monitor. -The USB cord connects to my pc from the roxio game capture hd pro device. -I disabled HDCP from my ps4 as shown from the roxio youtube channel: Problem: -When I turn my ps4 on, my screen is just black. -when I go to the roxio game capture recording software while my ps4 is on and connected, the input is set to hdmi and the status says Ready in green text. -But when i look at the preview screen, its just black. -When i just hook the hdmi cord from the ps4 directly into my monitor, i can see picture from the ps4 and play my games normally. So what can I do to actually see picture instead of a black screen so i can finally start recording? Please help as soon as possible! Thanks!
  5. I just got the RGC HD Pro for my Xbox One and Could not Get it to work. I got one HDMI and plugged it into the "Video Input" Side and Plugged the other End of the HDMI into the "Out to TV" HDMI Slot on the Xbox One itself. Then, on the Video Output side, I put the other HDMI Cable on and on the TV. I plug the USB into my Laptop, Get the other end and put it in the Roxio. The Purple Light Flashes but then Goes away in an instant and never comes back. NO signal on TV and a green "No signal" Text on the Capture Program itself. Note that I do all the stuff while the Xbox is turned off and then proceed to turn it on after. Any Help with this or Is my Card Busted?
  6. I have bought the Roxio Game capture (not HD) and it only worked once! Now it doesnt work i try re installing it, repairing it, and cleaning out the registry. Then When i trouble shooted it, it said i was missing a driver so i download the driver then i get Error Code 10 this device cannot start and now i am here i want to record gameplay but i cant hope this can be fixed so i dont feel like i wasted $49.99! Please help :angry2: :( Oh yea and when i plug it in it just flashes or flickers saying that its plugged in then unplugged when i am doing nothing to it?
  7. For some reason the disk wont download the drivers meant for the capture card. I need help!
  8. Hey, I have the Roxio Game Capture and i want to install the software but i cant as my laptop does not have an optical drive. I have my product registered and my CD Key. So is there an install file that i can download? Thanks ReeceF
  9. So i bought a new laptop(HP Stream) and roxio game capture. everything is installed but it wont record for longer than about 15 seconds before it reads (capture device lost). ive tried re installing software and shutting off both xbox and Pc but niether works.
  10. I cant click the capture button or the edit and share button please help also since I have swapped the component cables with the scart lead so now I have the component cables in instead on the scart I cannot hear anything out of m TV help please
  11. Hi, I bought the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro a few months ago and have recently started using it. Yesterday it was working fine and since then I have changed no settings on tv or game capture, or unplugged anything. But when i turned it on today my TV displays nothing, the software says "no signal" in red and I get no audio. I use HDMI cables. I have tried uninstalling and then reinstalling, restarting my computer, unplugging the RGC and then plugging it back in. When I open the software it is just a black screen with 2 blue squares at the side. In my device manager when I open sound, video and game controllers, "Roxio Game CAP HD Pro" is there. Please help, I've been trying to fix this for hours because i'm desperate to start recording! Also, I'm don't know that much about computers so please keep the help simple and easy to understand! haha, thanks!
  12. I had a problem earlier today with the Videowave program and the easiest fix I could find was to reinstall the program. After I did it and load up VideoWave the preview controls under the video are missing. How can I fix this?
  13. Until today, I have been able to run the program just fine. Suddenly it won't start. I have tried repairing, uninstalling and reinstalling, restarting, scanning, and just about everything else I can think of. I'm not experiencing this issue with any other program on my computer and searching has thus far provided no solution. Please help.
  14. My installation keeps on failing sadly. My Net. Framework version is 4.5 and my DirectX version is up to date with roxio software. My PC also runs the program very well, as I've had it installed before.. I have tried lots of methods that have been posted on this forum. It tends to just say Net. framework 4.0 then says Installing Roxio Game Capture HD Pro. It then doesn't say anything else, so i have a feeling its the framework thingy. Help is greatly appreciated thanks. Edit: I did a bit of looking in the log files myself and noticed it was reading all kinds of other net. framework versions except the 4.0, its reading 4.5 3.5 and 3 I believe, I think this may be a problem since it tries to download version 4.0 at the installation, if anyone has a link I can download 4.0 that would be great as I can't find one.. BreezyPTG.zip
  15. Hello. I noticed in a few videos of mine that the audio was a little low. The audio levels for the recordings were super low in comparison to what I was actually hearing when playing the game. When I go to adjust the volume slider on the recording screen, I noticed that it automatically goes back down to the default level, because I check it a few seconds after. Here's a screenshot: http://gyazo.com/d26ebc39a88a29bd417f16151a590234 The volume level in the picture is the default level that it automatically goes down (or up) to after I adjust it. Is there a fix for this, or am I going to have to rely on remembering to adjust the sound in editing?
  16. Hi i have lost the CD of my roxio game cap device and i cant install the program at my new computer also my support code has been expired please help!!! i dont know what to do...
  17. everytime i open the software it has no sound option, i used to be able to turn volume up down or off but this time it doesnt, it wont even record sound when i record! please help
  18. hey everyone. i have recently purchased the roxio game capture. i have set it up how it is meant to be set up. i think the device works itself as my PlayStation is connected to my TV through the roxio game capture and that works fine. what doesn't work is that when i plug the roxio game capture into my laptop, it says 'usb device not recognized'. i have installed the roxio game capture form the cd it came with but my laptop doesnt recognize it. help please.
  19. I was wondering is there a way to download the Roxio Game capture standard software with out a CD? i'm trying to install it onto my laptop which doesn't have a Disk drive
  20. The game capture wont work even if I've tried multiple cables and computers and even consoles it just wont work!
  21. Hi When i open up my roxio captur program i hit capture and it says loading then just exits. I allready tryed re downloading what do i do?
  22. I've been recording with Roxio Game Capture for two months and uploading on YouTube. Some people have asked for videos in either 720p or 1080p. So I looked up how to record in that and apparently by using DIVX I can accomplish this. However when I go to settings I can only choose from WMV, AVI and MP4. So can someone tell me how to get DIVX as an option. Is it something to do with my computer or TV. I appreciate any help, thanks!
  23. I have just received my new roxio game capture hd pro today and i have performed a clean setup of the software and everything else and here is my problem. i open up the launch pad with the 2 options of Capture and the other of Edit and Share. The edit and share works perfectly fine but when i click on the blue button to open up the game capture software there is a brief moment of where it tries to open up the software and then it just stops working and promts me to close down the program. i am very confused to why it is doing this. i have got the previous roxio game capture device and that one works fine. i can capture and edit everything. i am going to put in my pc specs below just encase there is a problem there. - 6GB RAM - DirectX - 11 Intel I5 Processor - Windows 8.1 64-bit - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti i am also going to attach an image so that you can see that the editing software works and in front of that is the game capture software which states it is not working. i would be very grateful if someone can help me to fix this because if i cannot fix this it is nearly £90 pound wasted and i really want to use this device.
  24. Hi, I couldn't find the regular Game capture forum so I came to the HD Pro one. I have my Roxio Game Capture setup perfectly; Console component cable into PS3 and YPbPr in and Audio LR in, and the include cables going into my tv. The audio is going through my Turtle Beach cables too. The USB is going into my laptop, which ha the disc installed. Firstly, MY PS3 IS SHOWING UP DISCOLORED IN YPBPR. I don't know why, everything is setup fine; compared to YouTube. I have no component channel, so I used YPbPr, and tried on two different TVs. The issue is sill there. (See attached images) Secondly, THE CAPTURE SOFTWARE WILL NOT DETECT MY CARD Updated, everything, and it still says no signal and will not detect the card. Please help me if you can.
  25. Hello. I have been trying for around 3 hours to correctly set up my brand new Roxio Game Capture with my Xbox 360. I have watched many set up videos and many settings videos but I still can not find a fix. Any help would be greatly appreciated. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_KPVhSP8xw
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