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Found 7 results

  1. voraciousvegan

    Toast - Blu-Ray Inaccurate File Sizes

    I'm trying to burn 4-5gb .mov files (about 2 hrs long each) to 25gb blu-ray discs. At first, I put about 18gb of files onto one project and Toast showed remaining space. It encoded for hours, then gave me an error that the project didn't fit by a few megabytes... So I removed the files off the project one by one, until I had ONE file that was taking up 16gb on the disc. Why is Toast blowing up a 4gb file to 16gb? I thought a 4gb file should take up exactly 4gb of space on the disc.
  2. BDSolomon

    Size Of Blu-Ray Versus Dvd

    I upgraded to Creator NXT 2 from Creator 2011 in part because apparently the version I bought with my Dell PC with Blu-Ray drive did not support Blu-Ray drives. (For that I blame Dell, not Roxio). In any case, I was finding that captured video from VHS tapes, which was taking maybe 3G/hour, was not able to fit all that much on a DVD. (I captured it using a DVR function of a HAVA remote viewing device, since I failed miserably with TWO different direct capture devices). I’m not sure if that size sounds high for the quality of the video, but that’s just what it is. I created DVDs… I could fit around 3 hours on a DVD, using either “as original recorded” or EP. I got some blu-ray disks and the new program. Right off the bat, it tells me that using EP, before even putting in a movie, I can only save a little under 6 and a half hours. AND when I tried the same videos, it pretty much confirmed that. I’m confused. This is 5x the size disks, and it only stores 2x as much video? This is off 6-8 hour VHS tape, so it is far from high quality, so I don’t see a reason to make it hi def. Is everything burned on Blu-Ray necessarily high def? Is it a program option to burn it to the same resolution as would be burned on DVD that would fit more hours on a disk? Or would a standard player not recognize and play it if it didn’t take all that much extra space (2-3 times as much space as the same video burned on DVD)? Is it a clue that I don’t seem to be able to select the aspect ratio, on an empty blu-ray project or on a recorded video (in MyDVD)? It only shows 16:9. I went back to DVD and I DID have that option, although changing that didn’t change the time remaining in an empty project.
  3. Why does a 2.4 GB MP4 "expand' during authoring that it will NOT fit on a 4.33 GB DVD+R sl The DVD is 4.5 rated but when it is ready to burn to it shows only 2.33 Available? Any Ideas about what is going on? I just cannot imagine...
  4. Dear Roxio forums. I'm a happy owner of Toast 11, and I have a movie file on my mac that I want to convert to a wii compatible format. But I'm having a issue when trying to convert the file. It is possible for me to convert the file in Toast without any problems, but when i examine the file size of the converted file, the file size is multiplied by a factor around x10 - x15. For example my original file has a file size of 117,4MB and the converted file has a file size of 1,77GB (wii best) or 1,09 GB (wii standard)!?! What is going wrong? I hope that you can answer my question since I really like Toast, and I don't want to find a new program to convert video files in. Sincerely Simon P.S. The file that I want to convert has the following specifications (according to Finder): Type: MPEG-4-movie Size: 177,4MB Resolution: 1280 x 720 Codecs: H.264, AAC Length: 15:44
  5. I am creating DVDs using Roxio Creator NXT Pro selecting the High Quality option in order to maintain same as original. When I want to burn the size of the videos comes to 11GB. I need to use 1x 8.5 GB and 1x 4.7GB discs to maintain high quality. Please tell me how to go about burning on two discs. If there are any other ways to maintain high quality please tell me. Naidu Jay
  6. I'm trying to burn a photoshow with 137 pictures and 3 songs. When I burn a dvd, it goes through the whole process and I get a notification that it was successful. When I play in the dvd player, it only plays 3/4 through and stops. It plays a little longer in my laptop. When I check the dvd in the computer, it shows that the disc is full at 547MB but the disc capacity is 8.5GB. What am I doing wrong.
  7. Sagero

    Duration / Size

    Anyone know if it's possible to make the creation of the dvd, based on size rather than the Time/Duration of the files? As I have like 6 files with the total 3.9GB size but 90 Minutes Duration and therefor can't use all in with the menu. Any help would be helpfull. I think 1 hour max is a bit wierd after the Menu it self is completed, but i might missed something or done something wrong