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  1. hello to all from downunder australia i have a problem that i have been putting up with for many months now. on roxio 2010 in sound editor when i select record audio to record a sound on the internet, the left channel and the right channel already have some green in the bars before i actuall click start. is this to do with my sound card. also will this roxio 2010 be compatabile with windows 10 home oem version. at moment is is on windows 7 ultimate service pack 1 64-bit with envy 24 audio 32-bit i hope someone can help me with this problem. no worries if no one can it has been doing it for months.
  2. Darnedest problem with converting LPs to Digital: although I've used Roxio previously, since upgrading to NXT 5 I get no "live" monitoring when attempting to capture audio. My connections are good. Plenty of horsepower under Win 10. I can actually see the meters in operation picking up the signals... just no audio through my headphones. Aside: I've just had to refresh my Win 10 OS. Any possible link there? I'll appreciate any and all help you may provide. Thanks
  3. Rah87


    I am getting background sound and I dont want it from the uploaded video, how do I mute it for quiet playback? I want to add my own music and when i do you can still here the background. Thx
  4. We have captured films from the digital camera to videowave. The files immediately are backed up on the computer and all video scenes have sound. However, we cannot get any sound on videowave. This is before any editing is started, there is just no sound. This has also been the case with this new software, which is Roxio Creator NXT Pro 2, when we have put all our films from 2013 onto dvd and whilst there is sound on the film, it doesn't transfer once its edited through My DVD. I have been well used to Roxio now for some years and have had no problem until we recently upgraded to this new software. Any suggestions please? Many thanks
  5. Hi, When a recorded video is exported -using compression MPEG2/saving to the computer- there is no sound when the exported file is played. Anyone have an idea why? The original file have sound during playback though. Also exporting the recording as a WMV file works. __
  6. Hi all, According to this thread: http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/120254-crash-when-click-stop-capture/ I was advised to stop capturing to mp4 file. Allright, I changed it to mt2s, but there's a teeny problem. It does not have any sound! The videos is useless! I now have to replay most of a game for new videos that I can actually use - but first I need to solve this problem. Running win 10 laptop, i5 core, nvidia graphics card. What am I doing wrong? And if you tell me it's just a bug happening from time to time, I'm down to frikking luck if I get a video I can use?
  7. So im thinking of getting roxio game capture hd pro and was wondering if I am able to record my voice and also record my friends voice who is in the party aswell as record game volume so my main question is can I record game sound , my voice and my friends voice from the party on the xbox one if there is a way to do this can u plz link me to a web page or a youtube video or explain to me urself in the answer also im on xbox one
  8. So when i record the sound comes and goes for some reason heres one of my video to show you what happens. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wObGTe2pm9s
  9. Hi! My problem is- i connect rgc hd pro with my ps4 (HDCP disabled) and my resolution set up automatically to 480p and there's no sound. I try do everything and the problem still exist. I have no idea what to do...when i set 1080i in my ps4 resolution is fine but still no sound and i don't know what's going on, it's look like enabled hdcp but as i say it's disabled. ps,, sorry for my english
  10. I have set up my game capture correctly, and I'm trying to record my 360 footage. When I record, the fps drops drastically, and there is a few seconds delay from when it happens on the xbox to on the computer. when I play it back, the visuals go at 20 times speed, but the audio plays only t about 1.5. Help?
  11. I just installed the program and am not able to record or hear any sound. I tried turning off the anti-virus, re-installing the program ("repair"), and re-booting but no change. Where do I go from here? I am using Windows 7.
  12. Hi everyone, My USB capture device is not capturing the right (red) audio channel. I've tried a variety of fixes (including different audio source/cables with a different computer), and nothing seems to work. When setting up on another computer with different cables and a different source, I know the source is sending stereo output, but I only receive the left channel. Not sure what I can do to fix this. Is it possible to use third party capturing devices with the Easy VHS to DVD software? I was browsing on Amazon but wasn't sure if it'd work. Or does anyone have experience mono-summing the channels after the video has been captured? I thought about looking for some freeware that would do this. It'd be nice to have a stereo recording, but I'd settle for dual channel mono. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks!
  13. I've been trying to capture a VHS tape to my computer but after it is done capturing, I play it back and notice that sometimes the sound changes to high pitch or low pitch. The display on some tapes is choppy and unsteady. The strange thing is that when I watch these tapes on a tv, there are no issues at all. I'm thinking the issue might be based on the video capture usb or maybe my computer itself. Any suggestions?
  14. Help I have a problem with the recording of the game capture roxio (the normal one) First I am going to tell you the settings that I use and then the problem (Just in case I have the settings wrong). Origing :Roxio GAMECAP capture Options... Source:480P/560P/720P/1080I TvSource:Pal720P/1080I Aspect16:4 Tv source out conected (NOT marked) Configuration:MP4 Ajust Lenght(NOT marked) Entrance: 480P/560P/720P/1080I Status: Ready. SO thats all the configuration I use. Now Its records ok i guess and when i stop recording and I enter videowave and put the video so I can edit it the video goes like x4 times more fast and the audio goes x2 times fast and i dont know how to change that I would be very gratefull that u can solve me this problem as fast as you can and i hope I translated this text as well as posible to English because Im spanish
  15. everytime i open the software it has no sound option, i used to be able to turn volume up down or off but this time it doesnt, it wont even record sound when i record! please help
  16. Hey, I have been having a problem with my capture card, it keeps speeding up the sound and video when I am recording. I know most people say that the problem is the computer your recording on, but its not. My computer has 8GB of ram and a 1TB hard drive. It is also brand new. Could anyone please help me? Thankfully I am a trained editor in TV, but the last thing I want to do is spend hours on end adjusting the speed of the video and the pitch of the sound.
  17. I upgraded from Creator 2011 pro to Creator NXT2 and used the same sound - video capture - tried it on 1 desktop computer and 3 laptops with same happening. Video is picked up....the sound does not capture without a lot of crackling noise that makes the sound unable to listen to. I put the 2011 pro back on after deleting the NXT2 program and it works well. I bought a second capture device and the same result occurred...video fine, audio crap. Is there a capture device that works with BXT2? I disabled the other sound devices but no difference (One computer would not recognize that a capture device for sound was even there. Very disappointed in my upgrade at this point.
  18. Lately i've received a Blue Yeti USB microphone. The problem that i am having is that when i have the microphone plugged into my PC, no game audio is captured whatsoever. I am only playing Minecraft, Starbound, etc. and i can record my voice audio perfectly, but no game audio. Thanks if you can help
  19. Hello, I have been experiencing issues with my game recording software lately. The quality of the videos are fantastic, and the audio is great, although the audio is ten seconds behind. So I've looked up the problem and no one seems to have the same problem. Also I do gameplay and in the beginning it's seems fine and then everything goes bad, like in the beginning is fine and then let's say I'm play call of duty or something like that and I shoot my gun and the animation will be shown but the sound of the gun comes a couple seconds later. I really car about the quality of my videos I provide to my viewers and would really love some help, Thank You.
  20. My video transfers from the DVD-R from my Canon camera to my computer. But I cannot hear any sound when it plays. The error message says I need to upgrade to AC3. What is that? Also when I tried to copy it to disc, I put in a fresh disc, but it keeps telling me to put in a fresh disc. What is going on? Can anyone help?
  21. I use a Sony HD Camcorder to take my videos. There is no sound when I try to edit it in Video Wave. I purchased Any Video Converter I put the same specs into that program as comes from my Camcorder. It does come up in Roxio NXT Pro but the video is not good. I have Windows 8 Pro OEM. It worked in Windows 7 Pro OEM. Any suggestions as how to get sound?
  22. Hey all, I am trying to make a simple Audio DVD. I put in all of my audio, and I used a custom setting to max out the bit rate. I have tried both using and not using the dynamic range compression. But no matter what I do the Audio stream ends up with a buzzing noise that accompanies the Audio (it's spoken word audio). My copies are fine, I have tried different audio's to see if that would change things, but nothing. Help me please, I would really appreciate any help on this. Thanks, John
  23. well heres the rigged up way to get your audio to play while using the roxio hd pro live stream feature. as we all know you cant hear anything after clicking livestream. well this method fixes all that. and it very cheap to do. $3-4 max. follow the steps i did in the video and you will be fine. Please click the like button as it will help my channel grow and encourage me to make better fix videos for you all.
  24. Whenever I convert a vhs tape, there are some parts of the video where the audio sounds to deep in pitch. For example, if someone was talking on the video there voice sounds deeper for some reason. PLEASE HELP! I am using roxio creator 2011.
  25. When I record using the roxio pc game capture software there is no gameplay audio when i play it back ive looked for solutions on the box and disk and cant find anything its on a disk for the computer anybody know how to solve it.
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