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Found 8 results

  1. Over many years I successfully used Spin Doctor to collect music. The version with which I started was included with Toast 7, Spin Doctor, after a series of Roxio upgrades. The Mac operating system used at the time was 10.6. Now Mac is 10.10. When I attempt to open a music file, .aiff format, using Spin Doctor, the file starts to open; I can read the titles of the few songs visible in the window at the bottom of the view while the waveform is being regenerated. When the horizontal blue action line reaches the end of its "generation" line, Spin Doctor crashes and I get a long, detailed error report that I don't know how to use to correct the crash. Apparently Mac 10.10 has a conflict. I have an old Mac with 10.6. Using File Sharing, I installed Toast/Spin Doctor and a one of the .aiff music files. When I try to open the file, rather than seeing the song tiles while the waveform is being regenerated, for some reason the metadata/metafiles are not transfered; Spin Doctor generates a new waveform with no preservation of the individual intervals of songs, just one 2 hour long music file. Some place on my main Mac the waveforms and song titles exist. They seem not to transfer to the 10.6 Mac, however. I bought a newer version of Spin Doctor, version 6 years ago following discussion with Roxio but version 6 didn't recognize the waveforms or songs either. I could buy Toast 12 but I'm fear that backwards compatibility has been lost. Suggestions please of how to resurrect the song titles from my hard drive. Problem Report attached. CD Spin Doctor_2015-01-26-104326_Anthony-Bryhans-Computer.pdf
  2. Hi, I recently bought a new iMac and updated my Toast 7 to Toast 15. On my old Mac I could record LPs and cassettes on Spin Doctor with the help of Griffin iMic Audio interface. But now that does not work well..... actually it does not work at all. The sound into the computer seems ok. On Toast Audio Assistant I can see "iMic USB audio system" under Devices. But there is no sign of life when I try to record. Nowhere to find anything to adjust the volume in. Did I miss something in settings in my Mac or in the software? I am grateful for any help. Spin Doctor was great and I do hope to make this work as well.
  3. I use Spin Doctor in Toast 10. Ever since I upgraded to Snow Leopard, song tracks I have edited do NOT go over to iTunes correctly. Any ideas?
  4. Bob59

    Spin Doctor Problem

    I bought a new mac minni in 2011 to replace my old 2005 mac mini but my spin doctor (version 2 it came with my ADS, Instant Music setup) was not compatible with the Lion OS on the new one so kept using the old mac minni for digitalizing my old vinyl records and burning on CDs. Then my old mac crashed and died so bought a refurbished old mac mini that is just a little bit more advanced than the old one (the old 2005 minni was Tiger OS, the new one is Snow Leopard 10.6.8). The old Spin Doctor (version 2) downloaded OK onto the new (used) mini and opened alright and recorded from the Instant Music hardware but when I play back what I have recorded the audio is not smooth and accurate but has skips and "hiccups" in the music. Sometimes that happened on my old Mac too but usually when I sent the recording to i tunes and played it back and played it back there the "hiccups" and skips were gone. Now they are still there even in the final recording after transferring to i tunes and so not usable. Anyone know what I might be able to do to fix this? Is there some other program on my new (used) mac that could be causing a conflict or is there a slightly new version of Spin Doctor that might work better (since my operating system is newer used mac)? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks...
  5. I am huge fan of the last version of the Roxio Spin Doctor product. So when I updated my computer and updated to the new Toast 11 & Spin Doctor X, I was mildly impressed with the facelift but I'm running into some issues. Am I missing something? - When I encode a record using my USB turntable it sounds great, looks great then when I import it to itunes it lops off the first 10 to 20 seconds... when I got back to the source its fine. I can save the source as an AIFF and import it in to iTunes manually and it sounds great so what gives am I doing something wrong? - Also there is a wicked delay now that I'm having to adjust for. From the time the sound passes from the stylus to when I hear it. At first I thought it was a system thing so I restarted the computer, ran the permissions and defraged the computer and still acts all funky. - None of the Filters are stored so I have to retweek each track Any insite to these issues would be awesome thanks
  6. I have been using CD spin doctor for several years and haven't had problem one until now. After capturing the music, identifying the tracks, etc. When I send them over to iTunes only a select few of them get converted to a mpeg format. Near as I can tell there is no telling which tracks will make it. I found a "back door" sort of, save the tracks individually as a mpeg then drag and drop into iTunes. Any suggestions?
  7. I have just bought Toast 11.1 and installed it on my iMac (MacOs 10.8.2). When I open Spin Doctor and try to "Record what you hear" the machine crashes to a gray screen, I get a message that the machine has crashed and it reboots. I have also tried to install it on my MacBook Air at home with the same result. Is this a bug in the program, or is there a problem with Os 10.8.2? Any one else having similar problems?
  8. contessakitty

    Spin Doctor

    I just got Toast 11 in a bundle and I am confused as hell about how to use Spin Doctor. When I went to "help" I get a message saying that there is no help. Is it supposed to auto capture or do I hit record? When does it autodefine? What settings do I use? Having no help is very frustrating. Am I going to have to call Roxio tomorrow to figure all this out? It doesn't seem to work the same way as CD Spin Doctor and I'm ready to tear my hair out.
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