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Found 6 results

  1. When I tried to burn a Blu-Ray disk with Toast 11, I can't find the option for blu-ray disk... I don't know what happen but does someone can tell me what is the name of the plugin file I should search in my backup files to recover this option?
  2. I am unable to get Toast 11 to work on my machines after upgrading to Yosemite. Are there any plans to upgrade 11 for Yosemite support? Thanks
  3. As a newcomer to Toast, purchased in a bundle through another forum group, I've found it difficult to work with and cannot figure out how it works because my experience and what I see and happens on-screen bears little resemblance to the tutorials. Please bear with my ignorance but perhaps my brain doesn't work in accordance with the conventions used by Toast's developers. Sorry, but that's what is. First question: How do I ascertain the version of Toast that I have, please? I think I have Toast Titanium 11 and I have updated it but beyond that I have no knowledge. Opening the app and clicking on the Toast Titanium title in the menu bar produces no result as the "About Toast" menu item is greyed out. Second question: How do I get the copy function to work, please? Following the instructions in the Toast Titanium User Guide​ is practically useless to me because when I follow the prescription for a single drive machine nothing happens apart from a few clicks and whirrs. No ejection of disk after copying; no prompt to insert blank disk; nothing. Perhaps I'm impatient but waiting for several minutes after the whirring and clicking have stopped seems like far too long for an i7 CPU machine operating normally otherwise. My experience of similar Window-based products usually keep the user informed if a process takes some time with messages like "Reading Disk" etc. Nothing appears on my screen to tell me what's happening. Also, the link to the copying dvd tutorial given in the support page appears to refer to an earlier version of Toast; it bears no relationship to the version that opens on my screen. I'm (not) using Toast Titanium on a 15" mid-2012 MacBook Pro with OSX 10.8.5. All suggestions gratefully received, because Toast is not, so far, living up to its reputation.
  4. Hi, I use iMovie '13 (latest), Yosemite and Toast '11 I used to burn HD-DVD with Toast 11 from iMovie output (1080p25, played perfect on Harman Kardon Blu Ray player. I want to burn Blu Ray (have Asus BD burner now). The output from iMovie is 1080p25, MP4 Questions: 1. Can I burn a Blu Ray with Toast 11 using this iMovie output; I read somewhere that 1080p25 is not a valid Blu Ray format, and I do not want to end up spending hours of rendering and throwing away BD-discs 2. what Toast settings would be advised Sincerely
  5. I have a couple of 1080p MP4 files with are "old" films, so they are 4:3 aspect ratio. The native resolution of the MP4s is 1236 x 928 pixels. When I play the MP4 files in a video player (like QuickTime Player), they are displayed pillarboxed in a 16:9 (the proper 4:3 video is in the middle with black bars on the side). I wanted to burn them onto a blu-ray disc, so I did the "drag-n-drop" into the "video" window (with "blu-ray video" selected). There were absolutely no options/buttons to allow me to specify an aspect ratio, but I assumed that Toast would give me a disc with the same thing I saw in the QuickTime player. Imagine my surprise, then, when I put the finished disc into my blu-ray player and instead of pillarboxed video (which is what I should have), I instead get a disc where the original 4:3 video has been artificially stretched to fill the full 16:9 frame! Can somebody explain why Toast is doing this? I do not like it and I see no options within toast to force it to respect the original aspect ratio for blu-ray. Going back to the Toast window, If I click on the "edit" button and look at the video file in the 'player' (where you can set the button picture), the image is still properly pillarboxed in the frame, so it 'looks' right there, it just doesn't turn out right when Toast does the actual encoding/burning. On the right side of the edit window, it shows JVT/AVC Coding, 1440x1080, 23.98fps, MPEG-4 Audio. I know 1440x1080 is the full 16:9 canvas, so maybe it's something in the encoding that is stripping out the pillarboxes (or not correctly adding them)? If there's no way to fix this in Toast, is there some sort of program I can download for the Mac that can "force" pillarboxes onto these titles before burning in Toast? I don't want to waste any more valuable BD-R discs on this, and if there's no fix, I feel really stupid for buying the blu-ray plug-in when I could have gone and bought a different BD authoring program instead. I've attached photos showing the correct pillarboxed image (from Toast's "edit" window), and the incorrect stretched image from the burnt blu-ray.
  6. BD Baby

    Bd Burn Speed

    Have a Mac with an LG 16x Blu-ray Writer and a Verbatim 6x Blu-ray disc and yet it's only writing at 1x speed. Is there some setting that can be changed or does it (Toast) automatically decide what speed to write at ?
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