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Found 11 results

  1. Hello, today I found tutorial how to uninstall Toast Titanium 14. My problem is, soundflower is still installed in my macbook. How can I remove it please?
  2. Can anyone tell me if there is a way to uninstall Titanium 14? When I installed it, it changed preferences in some of my other programs, Audacity and Soundflowre for example, and I am thinking to uninstall it and then try to selectively install Toast and nothing else. For example, the Audio Assistant does not have the features of some of the programs that the install has changed. thank you.
  3. Last March (2015) I decided to upgrade from Creator10 to NXT3. In June (2015), I upgraded to Win10. It quickly became obvious that there was a compatibility issue. I tried uninstalling/reinstalling I checked online and discovered that the issue was not unique. I also discovered that in order to uninstall I needed to work in the REGISTER. This became annoying and a royal pain I contacted CS, they had me uninstall/reinstall, download a fresh version, download an uninstaller which worked no better. THEY HAD ME WASTE HOURS AND HOURS doing all this crap. IN THE END, THEY ADMITTED THAT THEY WERE AWARE THAT THERE WAS AN ISSUE. The solution I was given today when I requested a free upgrade was NO. I could purchase the program at a discount from their website. Thanks Roxio for a total waste of time and money, this is no way to treat customers.
  4. Whenever i try to start Videowave it comes up saying 'The program cant start because d3dx9_33.dill is missing from your computer.Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.' I've tried to reinstall it about 3 times I've even deleted it and reinstalled but every time i try to start it,it just comes up with the same thing.However i can still capture stuff so i don't know what the problem is.
  5. HI I just installed a new hard drive to a better laptop that would support my game capture device. I uninstalled it from my old computer hoping that would allow to install on my newer one I was wrong it say product key is invalid. is there a way can do it??? thanks
  6. I recently purchased the Roxio Video Capture USB device and downloaded the Windows Driver from the associated “Download Now” link on Oct 25. I installed the driver on my pc (Windows 8.1), connected the capture device, started Roxio NXT software and was able to import some old analog video without any problem. The next day however my pc no longer recognized the Video Capture USB device. Under “ Device Manager” there is an exclamation in front of the Roxio Video Capture Device. Looking up the properties for the device tells me that there is no driver installed for the device! Under “Programs and Features” I could see the Roxio Video Capture Device. I uninstalled it, restarted my pc, reinstalled the driver from the previously downloaded (and saved) file and reconnected the capture device. Incidentally, in the process of reinstalling the driver, I received a conflicting message telling me that a driver was already installed. Anway, reinstalling the driver did not solve the problem . The capture device does not seem to be recognized and Device Manager tell me there is no driver installed for the device. Need help solving this problem. Thanks.
  7. NXT Pro was hanging in most of its application, on my Dell M1710, with 4GB of memory and 60 GB of free space on the 320 GBHD. So I uninstalled it using the Add/Remove applet in Control panel. Partway through the install the blue screen of death came up, and I have not been able to reboot my laptop. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. I have been trying to install the Roxio software onto my new PC, but my the computer won't read the disc. I don't even think it spins the disc either. I have tried other discs and they work perfectly fine. I had the software installed on my old laptop and used the disc to uninstall it from my old laptop. Someone please help me.
  9. Hi, First, my apologies if this post already exists - I couldn't find anything related. When I open my Pics and Video on my Dell XPS400 pc, I am getting a small window that 'Sonic Cineplayer Decoder Pack' is trying to install. It goes through several menus before it finally gives up. The problem is, it completely zaps the memory nearly freezing everything up when it opens...every single time I open a pic or video. I started with Creator 9 and moved to 11 and since I uninstalled 9, this problem has been occuring. I've gone into Control Panel to remove it but all I see is Creator 11. I tried going into C:Program Files myself. I see Creator 11 and another folder called Roxio. I tried deleting Roxio folder but I get a message that I don't have permission to delete a file called 'AS_Storage_w32.dll.' How can I prevent 'Sonic Cineplayer Decoder Pack' from making me want to throw my computer with great force? Thanks!
  10. I've googled and couldn't find much of anything. I'm trying to automate the uninstall for reclamation purposes at an enterprise level. Are there any switches or options available to automate the entire install and uninstall? e.g. /qn /qb! -silent -verysilent etc. etc. The uninstall string I'm seeing is C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Uninstall\{AAB42DD0-9551-4E30-A3E4-F87D4A4E1C52}\setup.exe /x {AAB42DD0-9551-4E30-A3E4-F87D4A4E1C52} {lang}=ENU Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks, Tim
  11. I'm using Roxio Creator Pro 2012 with Windows 7 Ulitimate, 64 bit. I want to unintstall Roxio so I can re-install it. I recall having to use a special utility when I uninstalled Roxio Creator 2009 to clean out the registry. Is this necessary with Roxio 2012? If so, where can I get the utility or a list of registry entries to delete. Thank you in advance. Atreyu
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