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Found 8 results

  1. Just finished setting it up I go to capture and get unknown capture error over and over, what do I do
  2. Yeah, it appears as though for some reason my Roxio Game Capture Pro HD is now deciding to go ghost on me, which is weird because I haven't had any problems with it back when I last used it in September. Here are the problems. Whenever I start up the program, I always get the unknown capture error sign. So right off the bat I am unable to do anything, and it appears as though there are no input options available for some strange reason. The second problem I am facing is that sound is no longer coming out of my TV, despite there being visual. Here's the weird thing though, this problem only seems to be effecting whenever I hook up the Wii U, as the other systems that use HDMI seem to be working fine. Any idea what is causing these problems?
  3. Hey guys i am wondering why am i getting a UNKNOWN CAPTURE ERROR? I never had this problem but i switched laptops to windows 8.1 and i wanna use my headphones to record my voice on my game but it gives me that error i dont know why. Please help me and pic of my pc spec
  4. First off, my laptop is at least a couple of years old now and it's entirely possible that I'm simply not running powerful enough hardware. However, I've compared my specs with the minimum requirements for the Game Capture HD Pro and I believe I meet those. My processor is an i3-2330M CPU @ 2.20 GHz, and I have 4.0 GB RAM. Hard drive space is not an issue, I still have more than 200 GB worth of hard drive space to access. This is the error I see upon start up: It does not detect any input, and additionally gives me an "Unknown capture error." In this case I am attempting to record video from my Wii U, which I have currently set to 480p in an attempt to see if the video resolution was a problem. The component cable pass-through works, as I have output from the capture device going into my TV with audio and video displaying properly. Additionally, the light on the capture device is lit up, and I have not had any issues with these component cables before. Initially when I tried to install the software, I didn't realize the disc was inside the cardboard packaging (doh!) and attempted to allow Windows to install the drivers for me. When that didn't work, I downloaded the software from Roxio's support website and it successfully installed. That was when I first encountered this error, and I tried various combinations of repairing the software, updating the software, uninstalling the software and drivers and reinstalling from the disc, etc. I have also looked on here for potential solutions and all of the ones I have attempted have not worked for me. At this point I'm beginning to wonder if my laptop simply isn't going to cut it. I am looking into upgrading to something beefier so I can run PC games, so I'll hang on to my capture device for the time being, but I won't be able to upgrade anytime soon and I really would like to use it with my current hardware, even if it means recording in non-HD resolutions.
  5. Okay, will admit when I 1st bought this, I did not know anything about computers. But today will be a shame of the younger me when I 1st bought this computer I had and this roxio card capture for my 360. But that's a different long sad story later haha. Computer specs Windows 7 home / 64 bit Intel i5-3210m 2.5 GHz Intel HD 4000 Graphics Card. now when I bought this capture card, it was working fair, with my new laptop it was slight improvements. that was months ago because I bought this around PFD (Alaska) Now for the past 2 months, this is just...-sigh- The video stream is working fine, but the audio and trying to record with DIVX is just pilling up more problems out of my knowledge from before and would love some help. Had to look around my computer to see where I can fix it because I kept getting a unkown capture error now it doesn't say it, just stops recording. I know AVI would work since it's just raw recording or something, almost something like fraps right? but needs compressed and rendering still I think lol not sure. But now, there this problem which is my main problem and don't know where to look and start. Any help or solution?
  6. Hi I Recently Purchased the Roxio Game Capture (For Consoles) from Maplin for £79.99 I have hardly any problems until now i was recording some Game play on My Xbox 360 i looked over at my PC and noticed the screen was all pixelated and the color was all over the place so i stopped the Recording and then i revived the error Message Unknown Capture Device so i Closed Roxio Game Capture then re-opened it and got the same error as soon as it finished Loading i have tried Uninstalling with no success so i have written this post to see if any of you could shine some light on the situation as it is really frustrating me Here is the Message i am receiving when i try to load roxio game capture Also Here is my system info Thanks Jordan
  7. it was working fine but i restored my system to an earlier time and now its unusable now. i tried uninstalling and re installing it but it still gives me and the same problem. i also tried repairing and nothing. how do i fix this? thanks in advance
  8. I have Creator 2012 Pro. Yesterday, I was capturing footage from my Panasonic DVX 100 (which is a MiniDv tape camera). I was capturing with the Roxio Capture USB device utilizing an S-video cable feed. I captured footage succesfully for 6-7 hours. Took a break, came back and tried to continue capturing footage. Nothing changed. Nothing got moved, unplugged. But now, when I try to capture footage... it just stops capturing as soon as I hit the "Capture Now" button. It gives me a message: UNKNOWN CAPTURE ERROR. I have tried the following: Rebooting. Replugging the USB capture device to a different port. Changing from S-Video cable to composite. Nothing helps. It just keeps refusing to capture and keeps comming back with the same message: UNKNOWN CAPTURE ERROR. I have a DELL XPS L702X Laptop with several hundred GBs of hard drive space available. I not running concurrent programs and I am disconnected from the internet while capturing. ANY IDEAS? Why would it capture sucessfully for 7 hours and then, without changing anything, suddenly stop capturing? Thanks for your input!! WADE
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